7 Ways Fighting Can Make Your Relationship Stronger (And HOTTER)

Relationship Fights Can Make Your Relationship Sexier… (When You Know How to End Them With Make-Up Sex)

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If you’re an explosive, passionate person, like me, there is bound to be some fighting in your relationship…

And that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

As long as you don’t fight dirty.

Because dirty fighting does NOT end in a night of hot make-up sex…

But a good, emotional, healthy argument, handled in just the right way, can actually bring you closer together…

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Listen, I have been through years of relationships with hot younger women who are unreasonable. Their arguments are always super emotional: 

“I had a dream you cheated…” or “I feel like you're looking at other girls…” 

I have figured out how to handle all these fights, and more, and get on to the make-up sex (which according to Seinfeld is the greatest sex there is!)…

And that’s what we are going to talk about in today’s video.  Make sure you watch all the way to the end, because that’s when we get to the part where you make up… and have the hottest sex of your relationship:

7 Ways Fighting Can Make Your Relationship Stronger (And HOTTER)

Catch The Full Video Transcript Below…

If you get in a relationship, it's only natural that you will have fights from time to time. 

For some people, it's less. For some people, it's more.  But no one can avoid arguing at some point. 

In fact, it would be unnatural for a couple to never disagree, never fight from time to time. 

But there are a few general things to keep in mind:

Anytime you're in a fight, emotions are flying. 

Try to control your emotions, to a point. And make sure you don’t say something you can’t take back. 

So it's one thing to say, “I’m so angry and mad at you” — that’s just anger coming out. 

But if I get specific, and say, “I don't like you because you do this thing, and it’s a real personality flaw…”

That you can’t take back the next day when you’re not angry. She will think you’re not just angry about something, you’re angry about who she is.

Gradually, she will become convinced that you believe that all the time, and she will not see a future with you. And even if she did stay in the relationship, she will always feel insecure about it. 

Here are 7 ways to control your emotions, and fight fair and end up with a “happy ending”:

relationship fights
Keep reading to find out how relationship fights can actually bring you closer…

1) Make the Conflict LESS

Here’s a common example (we all hear these jokes all the time), about a guy being dirty and leaving his clothes everywhere. If it bothers her, and she lets you know, maybe you could do it a little bit less. 

Whatever that’s bothering her, you don’t have to change who you are, but you could do that one thing a little LESS.

You do have to be here, when you are in a relationship. 

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We both have to change our lifestyle and bring each other's comfort into account. 

So you don't have to change completely. You don't have to become completely organized all the time. But you can be a bit more thoughtful. 

Or you could just clean up the room every morning or evening. 

And likewise, you can tell her about the same thing, if something is bothering you.  Ask for it to be LESS, and it won’t escalate to a fight

You have turned it into a lesser conflict. 

2) Don’t Fight in Public

But if you do get to the point of an actual fight, don’t fight in public. And Don’t talk about your fight in public, after it happens.

It is nobody else's business. 

Don't fight in front of your friends and family. 

Sometimes it will happen you might get angry when people are around, but you have to stop at that point. Continue it later on, in private. 

7 Ways Fighting Can Make Your Relationship Stronger (And HOTTER)

3) Don’t Talk When You’re Angry

Now, if you're someone who's very short tempered, like I am when I get angry, you need to take a break. 

I usually tell my partner, “You know what, I'm really angry right now. Let's not have this conversation right now. Because right now, I'm just going to speak out of emotions. We won't have a rational discussion. Give me a few hours, and then we can talk.”

relationship fights

After a little while, some of the anger drains out. Now I can sit and have a rational, productive conversation. 

Because if I argue when I’m angry, I can cuss at her and make her feel bad. It might feel great in the moment. My anger will go up, I'll feel better. 

But the problem will still be there. The issue is still not resolved. And now she’s angry…

It's not very productive for us. So I’d rather get my anger out, and then once I calm down, I can have a productive, logical, rational conversation with her.

That’s how to find a solution to whatever it is that's creating a problem between the two of us. 

4) Don’t Go to Bed Angry

I've actually asked a lot of people who've been married for a long time for their advice. And one of the things they all say, is that none of them ever go to bed angry. 

I even know a family that says if we ever have a fight, even if it’s the kids who are unhappy and arguing, we all go out of the house, we'll have an ice cream or something, everybody will laugh, and then we will come back. 

We never go to bed angry. 

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If we have something to be resolved, we will continue to talk about that and resolve it and then go to bed, because we don't want our fight to linger on.

So I really like their policy to say look, we have issues, let's solve it, go to bed happy, move on, start a new day.

relationship fights

5) Learn to Apologize

If you say something you think was wrong, it was inappropriate, or if you should not have behaved in a certain fashion… no big deal. Just go back to them later on. And calmly apologize.

You need to be specific by saying, “It was not very nice of me to say something like that. Because that is not true. I want you to know I’m sorry. I shouldn't have said that. I was just angry. I wanted to hurt you. I was looking for something mean to say, and I didn’t mean it.”

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If you come up with a sincere apology and a rational explanation, then people feel good.   They really appreciate that. 

If you want her to apologize for something she said that you didn't appreciate, don’t just be mad. Explain it to her later, when you're both calmed down.  You can explained to her rationally why you feel that was wrong and why you think you deserve an apology. 

7 Ways Fighting Can Make Your Relationship Stronger (And HOTTER)

6) Never Get Physical

The bottom line is you are going to fight. 

But try to control it, and as much as you can, try to keep it civil. 

Never, ever, ever get physical. 

Even if the woman gets physical, you never get physical. I would say if one of you has the tendency to get physical, that is an unhealthy relationship. 

And don't break things…you're just gonna end up losing your own stuff. 🙂

relationship fights

7) How to Win the Argument (AND NOT Miss Out on the Makeup Sex…)

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