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play hard to get
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Playing hard to get is not just a women’s game…

It might be the first thing you think of… a flirty woman, whose lips say no, while her eyes (and wet panties) say yes…

It can frustrate and confuse men when women use this tactic, and make you think you hate “playing hard to get…”

But what if YOU got to play hard to get?

Because you should…

Playing hard to get is all about the thrill of the chase.

And women want what we can’t have, even more than men. 

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According to psychology, playing hard to get is effective because, as humans, we want someone who makes us work harder for their attention

Think about it, if someone gives themselves up to us right away, the game is over and the fun is lost. 


Plus, if something is easy to get, is it worth having?

Long-term relationships are built on the mystery and the chase of playing hard to get… because it holds our interest, and being hard to get gives it more intrinsic value.

Here’s the thing most men don’t know: women like a bit of a challenge, as well. 

It’s actually hardwired into us, biologically.

That’s why today I want to talk to you about how to play hard to get successfully and make a woman so interested in landing you, she’ll actually be the one to make the first move.

But be careful, because if you use it in the wrong time or place, it will actually backfire, and drive her away…

All By Myself… (Why it’s Sexy to Be Aloof…)

Being a loner is not a bad thing. Actually, it can be a real turn-on to a lot of women, especially if you do it with confidence. 

Women want someone who is stable, well-rounded, and able to handle their own sh*t. 

Men who constantly seek attention from their partners or suitors can be seen as immature, which is a super unattractive quality to women…at least, the smart, beautiful, and independent women you WANT to attract. 

Tap into your self-reliance and really get to be comfortable being alone with yourself. 

play hard to get
These are great tips on how to play hard to get…

This is great for shy guys, because you don’t have to have confidence around women at all.  You just have to be confident that you like yourself, and when you are alone, it will shine outwards…

Hot women will notice that, and be drawn like a moth to a flame, without you ever saying a word to her…

Weird “Secret” Makes Her Want To Have Sex With You

Talk to People, Lots of People (ANY People…)

Ok, so I’m not saying string a bunch of women along for your ego’s sake. 

What I’m saying is that you should talk to multiple people in order to attract the right person. 

You can talk to men, hot women, plain women.

This will make you seem confident and self assured to the women who are watching you.

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Also, talking to multiple people gives you perspective of what you want, as you get to know all kinds of different women.

But the best part of it is, it will make the women work harder for your attention, knowing they have competition. This is a game of “the best woman wins!”

And women love to win.

play hard to get

Step Up the Friendly Teasing 

Teasing in a flirty way is definitely a huge part of playing hard to get. 

Teasing rather than straight-up flirting is the best method for playing hard to get because it keeps it mysterious. She will be wondering how you really feel about her, which will get her mind racing with thoughts about you…and, isn’t that the goal?

It’s also less intimidating than flirting.  It doesn’t clearly say, “I’m interested.”

There’s no way to reject friendly teasing…

Friendly teasing can be done in a multitude of ways. 

Some easy examples are teasing her about her music taste or the silly way she twirls her hair, or obsessively checks her phone…

Just make sure to keep it light and friendly. You don’t want to come off as mean-spirited and you don’t want to insult something that she feels strongly about. 

Stay Busy (Then You're ACTUALLY Hard to Get, Not Playing…)

One of the biggest, most important parts of playing hard to get is staying busy. 

It is vital to this game that you are extremely hard to get hold of. Texts should not be answered right away all the time and it’s ok to let her calls go to voicemail. 

A postponed date or two is even acceptable, as long as you don’t string her along for too long. 

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But, here’s the key: instead of just pretending you are this super busy important man, BECOME a super busy important man. 

Fill your time with social events, friends, family, and work endeavors. 

Staying busy and creating a desirable persona for yourself will just make her want you even more…

But, Don’t Play TOO Hard… 

Every girl in this game needs to know that you are at least a little bit interested in her affection. 

If you outright reject a girl, she is not going to want to keep trying. 

Rejection hurts for everyone, even the hot ones. 

So, the key to this strategy is to stay interested but not too interested. 

Think of it as respond (encouragingly), but don’t pursue…

It’s really a fine balance… playing hard to get at first is sexy and attractive but after a while, it can get really annoying and disheartening

So, be sure to give her the clues she needs to keep trying to win your affection… like smiles and eye contact, responding positively.

Because once she thinks she can have you, it's time for the next step…

Weird “Secret” Makes Her Want To Have Sex With You

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