How To Pick Up Hot Women This Holiday Season (Using Only Your Phone)

picking up women during the holidays

Discover Everything You Need to Know About Picking Up Women During The Holidays–Do You Know How Easy it Can Be?

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The holidays are a great time to talk to single women.

After all, most of them are spending more time with family… wishing they had someone special to spend the holiday season with…

So why shouldn't that “someone special” be you?

I know, you may be wondering:

“Where should I be picking up women during the holidays…?”

“How do I do it…?”

“What should I say…?”

Don't worry–I've got you!

Just watch this video and I'll show you exactly what to do, step-by-step, to get some of the hottest women around this holiday season:

 My 3-Step System to Meet Hot Women During the Holidays

Today I'm going to give you two brilliant techniques to meet women during the holiday season–and how you can do it without rejection in a manner that gives you all the power and makes women come to you.

Step 1: Go to a Busy Market Square & Look For THESE Women…

The first thing you need to do is you need to go to a place, which is a busy market square, and you are looking for women who work for charity organizations.

You see, during the holiday season the charity organizations, they end up hiring good-looking women to stand on these busy market squares and have people give them money for charity.

What you are doing is you are actually going after these girls.

The reason it works so great is most men, like a sucker, just give them their money. The majority of men don't approach them–and the ones who approach them have no game.

So you'll be the only one, you'll be the real guy who will actually intrigue and get her to talk to you.

2 Easy “No Rejection” Ways to Get Dates With These Stunners

So let's get into it, how we're going to do it. There are two ways of doing this.

The first method is, when you try to intrigue her, you try to create some interest in you, and then make her approach you. This is very brilliant, because here you're not approaching her.

You're not the one chasing after her, you're making her chase. It gives you all the power, it makes her come to you.

So what you do is basically, you go to a place where you find these women, and then you pull a camera out of your pocket. It doesn't matter whether it's your iPhone or a Handicam, anything.

You start taking photos of interesting things around you. It doesn't matter what it is, it could be a rock on the road. It could be trees, birds, buildings, people. I don't know.

Just start shooting, and make sure that she can see you taking photos for the next five or 10 minutes.

Now what happens is, she's used to all these guys who are either giving her money, or shopping, or approaching her, or being weird and awkward.

Then she sees this very different, interesting guy, who's actually busy taking photos of things.

Now she's wondering who is this guy, what is he taking photos of? That curiosity makes her come to you.

I discovered this accidentally, a long time back. I'm a photographer. I was actually in downtown, taking photos, the girls start coming and approaching me. It was crazy.

So this works brilliantly. You just have to keep taking photos, and then she'll come and ask you what's going on. From there on, you can pick up the conversation.

The second way of engaging her is, let's say if she doesn't come to you, you could then casually ask her, “So, what are you guys working for, what charity are you supporting?”

That's one way of approaching her, but you're not approaching her to be with her. You're just a guy there, hanging out, taking photos of something. In the process, you're kind of curious what she is doing.

What To Say to Make a Date With Her Way More Likely…

Once you've engaged her, whether she has engaged you, now comes the flirting part.

What you need to do again, in this situation is, you need to ask her what charity she is supporting.

No matter what the cause is, try to disagree with her.

Tell her, “I don't agree with your cause.” Have a little bit of discussion with her.

Once again, what happens is, almost every guy who goes to her says, “Oh that's so great, it's so nice that you work for this organization. Oh that's so nice that you support this cause.”

Whereas you're a guy who says, “No, I don't support this cause.”

All of a sudden, it separates you from others guys. All of a sudden, you become a challenge. Every other guy gives her money because she's good-looking, you're the guy who says, “Wait, this makes no sense.”

Here's A Real-Life Example of How This Gets Her to Chase You…

I'll give you an example. One time I was with a woman, you know I met a woman.

She was supporting this cause of giving money to poor children in third world countries. I said, “Why would you do that? Don't you think that those kids can't make on their own? Why do you think that you need to be the one who goes and defends them? They're going to feel bad when they feel that somebody thinks they need charity.”

Now of course it makes no sense, but what I was trying to do was, I was trying to tell her that I'm a challenge. I'm not easy.

So now, she is having a very different experience than most of the guys that she's used to in the last few days. That makes you very interesting. That makes you a challenge. Now she wants you.

And honestly, you can use this technique at any other time of year as well. Just disagree with a woman in a playful way.

Then I would just keep talking to her. “So you know what? Convince me, and I'll make a donation.”

How To Go From Flirting With Her to A Date…

We'll have this conversation for 15, 20 minutes–during this time I'm also using my tease moves. I'm making eye contact, I'm teasing her, I'm touching her, I'm playing with her.

Then I'll say, “You know what? I need to go, right. But how about this, I'll give another chance. Let's meet up again in the evening, and then you can sit, and then you can try and convince me again. If you convince me, I'll make you a donation.” Then I set up a time to see her again that evening.

You know, 99% of the time, they will come and meet you only for that one reason. You're so different, this hasn't happened to them.

All they've seen of you, already as an interesting guy who is different, who is taking photos.

That curiosity makes them want to come to you. I tell you this is one of the easiest ways to meet a girl.

Once you meet her, once you start touching her, use your tease moves, general sexual tension. There is just no way she's not going to be interested in you.

And don't worry–I'm going to show you exactly how to tease her and touch her right here:

How To “Seal the Deal” With Her…

Once she’s out on a date with you, she’s dying for one thing more than anything else:

For you to touch her.

Though not just any old way–after all, especially right now, you have to be kind of careful. One wrong touch or even the right touch at the wrong time and you could get in BIG TROUBLE.

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5 “Touch Tricks” That Prime Her For “Same Night Sex”…

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