These 3 Simple Steps Will Get Any Girl To Jump Into Your Bed And Beg You For Sex (Even If She’s Not Interested Now)

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She'll Be On Top of You in Bed, Begging You for More in No Time…

Hey man it’s Craig…

One of the biggest tips I've discovered about women is the “two brain trick.”

It means that women have two different, distinct parts of their brain that control decision-making with regard to sex:

1) Her logical brain.. and:

2) Her emotional brain.

And while a woman’s logical brain handles decisions like, Do I have similar interests to this guy? Is he my “type”? Will my friends like him?

Her emotional brain, on the other hand, doesn't much care about logic.

Instead, it's about getting the maximum amount of pleasure in the minimum amount of time.

So a woman's emotional brain is driven by things like: Am I turned on right now? Do I desire this guy sexually? If he asks me to go home with him, would he f**k me good?

Basically, her logical brain offers up objections…

…but by appealing to her emotional brain, you can completely bypass those objections, and turn her on so that her emotional brain makes all of her decisions.

That means that she'll get turned on by you a lot quicker, and want to hop into bed with you a lot sooner.

And so I (rightly) thought if I could discover the easiest way to bypass a woman's logical brain… and communicate directly with her on an emotional level… it would turn her on really quickly.

Which would lead to faster sex, more often.

So I started trying everything to bypass a woman's logical brain, and start connecting with her emotional brain as fast as possible.

These 3 Simple Steps Will Get Any Girl To Jump Into Your Bed And Beg You For Sex (Even If She's Not Interested Now)

The Devastating Mistake That Sends Women Running For the Hills:

Yet when I started out trying to connect with women emotionally, I did things completely wrong.

At the time, I thought things like telling jokes (to appeal to her sense of humor), acting like an “alpha” male (to appeal to her need to feel protected), and even asking her mildly sexual questions (to get her emotional mind on sex)… would somehow magically connect with a woman's emotional brain.

And yet none of those tricks worked.

At the end of every single first date, it was always:

“I have an early meeting tomorrow…”

“I’m sooooo tired, maybe another time…”

“I have to go home and feed my cat…” (seriously!!!)

Women came up with all SORTS of objections not to go home with me… and after a while, I had had enough.

I decided to talk to some of the top attraction experts in the world about how to bypass these logical excuses, and start influencing her on a deep, emotional level quickly, without tons of dates, expensive dinners, and gifts.

And what these experts showed me shocked me–there was one consistent factor that emotionally influenced a woman more than any other thing (more on that in a second).

According to one study by the University of St. Andrews… a woman gets literally “hot & bothered” when a man does this… and in some cases, even a little bit of it can raise her body’s temperature by more than a full degree, indicating arousal.

Another study, conducted by Psychology Today, found that a woman’s emotions drive 80% of the choices she makes… while her logic only affects 20% of her decisions.

Study after study showed that doing 3 particular “physical techniques” on a woman could completely bypass her logical brain, and allow her to give into emotional impulses like “I want to sleep with this guy NOW!”

Now it's one thing to read about these “physical techniques” in dry academic study after academic study. They'd use all kinds of technical jargon and clinical terms that didn't make much sense in the real world.

So I looked for a mentor who already knew about these techniques and was putting them into practice. A guy who (I'm being completely honest) didn't really have much going for him so that I knew, for sure, that it was the techniques that were doing the work… and not a fat wallet or good looks.

That's when I met my mentor, Magic…


How to Use These 3 “Physical Techniques” to Sleep With Almost Any Woman

My luck really changed when I met my mentor, Magic Leone.

Magic is pudgy, balding, and he has a skin condition that makes most women recoil in horror when they first meet him.

Not only that, but he's Indian–he has an accent. And especially in a loud bar or club, most women couldn't understand him right away.

And yet time after time when we went out, he would go up to hot girls…

They'd say, “No way!” or “Eww!” or even just laugh at him when he started talking to them…

Yet he knew the 3 “Physical Techniques” I had uncovered from these studies. And better still, he had refined them until they were simple, easy-to-use on any girl, and repeatable.

By the end of the night, not only would he go home with one of the girls who had rejected him earlier…

On a couple occasions, he got a couple girls who were best friends to fight over him. I heard them whispering the depraved, kinky things each one offered to do to him to convince him that she was the right girl for him.

And sometimes, he was even able to swing threesomes out of this. Honestly I didn't mind because if he didn't get a threesome on any given night, I'd usually end up with the other girl just by copying exactly what Magic did, in the same order.

When I started going out on my own and using these same 3 “Physical Techniques,” I was shocked. I know I'm not like “top tier” looks or anything, and I don't have a ton of cash.

And yet I was able to get girls to put aside their “logical” objections and give into their emotional, sexual desires (which means getting banged all night long!)

Now because I always want to bring you my best tips, tricks, and techniques to get hot girls into bed…

Once I saw how well these 3 “Physical Techniques” worked to get girls into bed quickly… how easy they were to use… how simple they were to remember… and how they helped me get girls that I thought were way out of my league…

I knew I had to show them to you.

So I went to my mentor Magic, who’s really good at these techniques… and asked him to put together a short, free video to show you what all of this looks like in action.

He had a student follow him around and film Magic while he used the 3 “Physical Techniques” in action to get a hot stranger home really quickly–like in an hour.

Plus Magic and his student will show you what these 3 “Physical Techniques” are, how to use them, when to use them, and a whole lot more to get hot girls that you probably think are way out of your league right now. Or even girls who have said “no” to you in the past, or who think you're “just friends” right now.

So click the button below to watch this short, free video right now:

These 3 Simple Steps Will Get Any Girl To Jump Into Your Bed And Beg You For Sex (Even If She's Not Interested Now)

P.S. I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but Magic’s been in the news lately for this controversial new “game” he made… and because of all the media hype, I’ll probably have to take this video down soon. So if you wanna know how to use the “Physical Fast Track” to your advantage as soon as tonight, then just check out the video here, right now.

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