From Single to Sexually In-Demand: How To Find & Date Your “Perfect Woman”

perfect woman
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Hey, it's David–in my last article, we talked about the value of setting goals and not giving up.

And today I want to take that one step further.

I want to talk about my coaching process, and the difference between guys who are successful and guys who aren't.

Because here's the truth:

No matter how long you've been out of the game, there's still hope for you.

The key is to take baby steps. Make small, incremental improvements, and stay motivated.

That's how I help guys ultimately find their “perfect woman”–and trust me, if experience proves true, there is one for you out there too.

So today I'm going to show you how to take those next steps in a way that brings your perfect woman to you quickly & naturally.

Let's start with making a plan:

Your #1 Resource That Can Help You Get the Woman You Want…

Before you can make a “big picture” plan, let's talk small steps.

It's like going to the gym if you've gained a lot of weight from not doing much of anything except living your “normal” life. It can make you feel like you don't have a hope in Hades.

Nonetheless, you can do it. I know you can.

We're going to start with small steps, and eventually this will turn into real progress with women.

I'm also going to ask very little from you in terms of time.

In fact, I’m going to have an incredibly knowledgeable partner work with me to tailor a highly customized plan for you.

(That's right–I may be an expert dating coach, but I don't know everything.)

Depending on where you are in your journey, you're going to need particular adjustments to your plan.

Let's say, for example, that you are also wrestling with the demons of regret, guilt, and self-doubt–if that's on top of being inexperienced, it can be a tough pill to swallow.

How am I, as a coach–whether I understand your situation fully or not–going to cater my advice specifically to you?

Well, I'm not.

For that job, I have a talented partner, and an absolute expert in the subject matter:


Is There an Easy Way to Tell Which Tips & Tricks Will Work For You?

You’re the partner–the expert who can help me get you your perfect woman.

(Note: most guys miss opportunities to meet their “perfect woman” every day. In fact, there may be women out there who are interested in you sexually right now. Click here to see how to spot them.)

You know yourself in a way I can’t. Sure, you’ve maybe been screwing up for a while, but perhaps I don’t look at it the way you do.

From my vantage point, you’ve been studying my client (you) in an up-close and personal way that not even I have the time, talent or dedication to match.

You’ve studied my client’s motivations…

His fears…


And importantly, his deal-breakers.

You’ve heard all his excuses–you know the illusions that fuel his dreams, and you even know his blind spots.

You know exactly the type–physically–that makes him lose his mind.

You also know the personality that would make him forget the years of drought in minutes.

You know the kind of girl he’d starve for, and the kind of girl he’d cook for.

So, thank you for joining me on this journey. I’m not too proud to say I’ve really needed your help.

For myself as a coach, and for you as an expert and a goal-setter, we both have different areas of expertise. So if it’s OK, here’s the working relationship I forsee:

How To Make REAL Progress With Your Sex & Dating Life…

I’ll handle coming up with exercises, explanations, strategies and even actual words.

I’ll need you to sift through the stuff I’m giving you and see how they feel. Select the ideas that seem most workable for you.

That doesn’t mean you have authority to just veto things right off the bat.

Sometimes my client (you) will think an idea just seems stupid from the moment he hears it.

“Nope. Not that one.”

Well, here, I’ll need my partner (also you) to plead on my behalf.

You know my client. You know what makes his decisions, and you especially know, deep down, if he’s rejecting an idea because it’s truly unworkable or if it’s just fear.

Maybe he can see no way this opener is going to work for him. You can’t sell it to him–so I certainly can’t.

Well, let him use some of the other ideas that make him feel a bit more, “that’s more like it,” but meanwhile, keep thinking of ways you can introduce the rejected ideas to him.

That’s Not All…

There’s nothing that’s right for everyone–some things don’t match your state, some things don’t match your personality or your energy or your image or your bank account…

Nevertheless, don’t let him make that call.

Get him to try out every idea–in his mind first, just imagining trying it out several times and then adjusting the words, style, delivery or the actions–until it feels like something he can do.

Once he’s tried it a few times in his mind and then a couple times in his body… then if it still doesn't work, fine.

Just let him give it the old college try.

Now, in case I’ve gone too deep with this metaphor–I can sometimes take it too far–let me clarify:

YOU are my client and YOU are my talented subject-matter expert. I’m telling YOU to help me work with YOU.

So now that that's out of the way, here's the first exercise I have for you–both as the expert and the man going after his perfect woman.

There's no skin in this game yet, so it shouldn't be too tough to do:

My Exercise That Brings You One Step Closer to Finding Your “Perfect Woman”…

Don’t let the fact that this is a “low-pressure” exercise fool you. This is one of the most powerful exercises you’ll get:

Imagine meeting the type of woman who really excites you.

Basically, set the stage–this is a movie you’re writing, and you’re in a movie theatre watching it on the screen while you’re writing it.

See yourself going into a place that you know. Not the most challenging club or bar that makes you nervous, but not a supermarket either.

(Somewhere sort of middle-of-the-road neutral is probably best.)

See yourself going in, and there is a heavenly creature–the EXACT ideal type for you. She has what you like physically and probably (you’ll know when you imagine talking to this angel) what you like emotionally and mentally, too–and she’s in your line of sight.

An interaction starts. How is up to you–you’re the writer and director here, even if I’m the producer. (And I want my credit, by the way!)

Maybe it starts a bit slow, but the interaction goes well. See it going well.

She’s laughing and you are smiling–calm, relaxed, leaned back with great posture.

She’s perfect, and perfectly happy meeting you.

This exercise is the first step to finding & dating your perfect woman. Visualize it, and you can make it happen.

Next, I want to show you an exercise that will bring you one step closer to finding her:

perfect woman

In All My Years of Coaching Guys to Get Their Dream Girl…

… there’s one piece of advice that’s never changed:

Don’t settle.

Because at the end of the day, you don’t want an “OK” girl next to you in bed every night… where things are just “lukewarm”…

… you want a woman who turns you on more than anyone else… a sexual dynamo who fulfills your every need… a woman who is truly interested in you as a man.

And so right now, you have two options:

1) If you can imagine your perfect woman, but you don’t know where she is…

… every time you go out, try looking for these 3 subtle signs a woman is interested in you.

Because let’s face it… you never know where you’re going to find your perfect woman!

She could be in a coffee shop… at a movie theater… or even in the doctor’s office…

… and these signs will help you find her, by revealing the women who are already naturally attracted to you.

(These are the women who are most likely stay loyal to you for years to come… the women who will likely do anything to please you, both sexually and in life.)

After seeing these signs, most guys find that there are WAY more interested women out there than they first realized… click here to see what they are.

2) If you found your perfect woman, but she’s not yours (yet)…

Whether she’s single or taken… whether she likes you right now or doesn’t seem interested at all…

… the best resource I’ve found to flip that switch & make her yours… is this video by my buddy and fellow expert, Magic.

In it, he shows you his proven method to turn things sexual with a girl if you’re in the “friend zone”… or even if she’s repeatedly told you “no” in the past.

And in fact, Magic personally used this method to get his current wife (who’s 12 years younger than he is by the way).

When he first met her, she took one look at his turban… heard his weird accent… and saw his pudgy belly… and pretty much said, “NO WAY!” (This is what he told me.)

Though after months of trying & failing to get her in bed… and attempting to win her over with expensive gifts and $$$ dinners… he realized that the key to making her his long-term committed girlfriend, and eventually his wife, was much simpler…

… and you can see exactly what it is right here:

How To Flip the Switch & Make Her Yours (Even If She Wants to Be “Just Friends” Or Has Told You “No” in The Past)…

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