Former Broke & Lonely Bachelor Shares a Proven 3-Step Method to Overcome Almost Any Obstacle And Get Hot Girls In Bed

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Hey it’s Magic, one of Gotham Club’s experts. In this video today, I’m going to show you how to the key to overcoming obstacles, in a really quick and efficient way.

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Because the truth is, everyone has obstacles in their life.

You can’t escape them.

Your parents have them, your friends have them, the rich have them too.

And so today I’m taking a little break from the pure dating stuff (although this will help you with overcoming obstacles related to women too)… and let’s talk about life.

So let’s get started!

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This is hard for a lot of people to hear, but the outcome of your life depends on you.

The outcome of obstacles you face will reveal your true character.

And I’m not saying this to make you feel bad or to challenge you. 

I’m saying this because I have seen great people destroyed because they didn’t know how to handle obstacles.

And I have seen people rise from this too.

They succeeded beyond their wildest imaginations because they knew how to handle obstacles.

And now you might be thinking… “Why the hell is this guy talking about obstacles?”

I’m doing this because this is all one thing.

One key difference between men who are successful with women and men who struggle and fail… is that they handle obstacles differently.

That’s what it all boils down to.

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Nobody can control the amount of obstacles you will get in your life.

Some people are lucky, and they find the key to success right away.

Sometimes a lot of things are working in their favor, and they can just start succeeding.

But for many of us, it takes a very long time until we can make success happen.

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I fall into the second category. No matter what I do in life, it always takes me a very long time to get to where I want to be.

But I never give up. 

And as a result, I always succeed in my life. I always get what I want.

It’s never easy. It’s very painful–I don’t have to tell you.

When things are working against you, it’s extremely painful.

Every time you get a rejection, you feel you’re not good enough.

Every time it happens, you just feel like something is keeping you from enjoying your life.

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It’s a very bad place to be in. I don’t have to tell you, you know it. 

Now, when people face an obstacle for a long time, sometimes this is what happens when they are caught in that state.

Whether it’s about business, personal life, friendship, or dating–it doesn’t matter.

They start finding excuses:

For why they should not continue the journey…

Why they should give up…

And they come up with crazy stories. 

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Whatever it is–racism, capitalism, it could be anything–they’ve come up with some really amazing story to justify why they’re not getting what they want.

And they will tell that story to themselves, in addition to everyone around them.

They will get a lot of sympathy from the people around them.

People will understand that it’s true. 

They themselves start believing that story.

I know because I have made up stories to make myself feel better. 

And I started believing them. 

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I started getting respect from the people around me. Because that’s what happens, right?

Let’s say you’re in the dating world.

All your friends are dating. Everybody has a girlfriend.

You keep trying, and no woman’s dating you. Everyone’s laughing at you, right?

You can’t keep going on that way.

So you come up with an excuse for why you can’t date:

“I’m too busy…”

“I have to do this, I have to make up for this something or other…”

And like I said, you start believing that.

But from time to time, the truth shows up.

Because it’s in there, and you know you made this up.

And when it shows up, it will make you feel very bad.

So when you stay in this state for a long time, you start to really believe you’re not good enough. 

This crosses over and affects other areas of your life.

It Doesn’t End There…

And I’ll tell you in a minute why I’m telling this to you too. But I’m saying this because this is no way to live your life.

If you want something in your life, you don’t go after it. 

You make excuses why you shouldn’t go after it. 

You make excuses why you should quit.

I promise you, you will give up.

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You will quit in every area of your life that matters to you. And sooner or later, you will become a very unhappy, very frustrated person. 

And is that, my friend, a good way to live your life?

No way.

Don’t do that. 

Now, I don’t know who you are.

I don’t know what you want in your life.

And I don’t know how many obstacles you have between you and your goal.

If you set your heart to it, nobody can stop you.

Look, I do this weekend after weekend and so I see it with my own eyes.

Men come to me who haven’t been with a woman for 5 or 10 years, and they end up taking a woman home within a week after my workshop.

How does that happen?

Because until then they were victim to their mindset.

So I’m going to give you three things that you should use if you are in that bad state.

Use these three things, and success will come to you:

1) Always Persevere

The very first thing is never quit.

Perseverance is the number one thing that brings you success. 

Because here’s the thing:

If you give up, you’re going to feel bad for the rest of your life. You have no choice.

But if you keep going at it, sooner or later, you’re going to win. 

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And when you win, that victory will be 10 times sweeter, because you made it happen despite all obstacles, despite all the odds.

And that is an amazing place to be. It makes you feel amazing.

It increases your confidence 10 times, and you feel so superior because you made it happen.

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So don’t deprive yourself of that journey or of that experience. 

Always keep persevering, and keep going until you get what you want. 

2) Don’t Give Up Hope

The second thing?

Always focus on hope, not despair.

So when things don’t go right, what do we do?

We say, “Oh, I’m not good enough…

This is wrong…

It’ll never work this way…”

You just focus on everything that is wrong with your life.

Guess how you will feel the next day?

You’re going to feel like a f**king loser.

So when things go bad, always focus on hope. 

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Think of all the good times and all the good things that will happen to you. 

I always used to daydream of all the great things that would happen to me, and that would give me hope and motivation to keep persevering.

Keep going on that path, always focus on hope–and you will eventually reach your destination.

3) Adapt & Improvise

The final thing is to always keep learning, and always keep improvising.

That’s the key.

What do most people do? 

They take one approach, and they keep trying the same approach over and over and over. 

Don’t do that–experiment with five different things instead.

Because what you’re trying now may not be the thing that works for you.

So try to at least modify this approach, because there may be a version of this approach that works better for you.

This is exactly what I do in my workshops.

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I teach the same exact thing that I’m telling you right now.

There is no “secret knowledge.”

I just look at the person, and I look for things that are working or are not working when they talk to a woman.

And then I tweak it for them.

Now, I do have 20 years of experience under my belt.

I can look at someone and tell right away, “Oh, this is not working.”

So keep learning, and keep improvising…

Try different approaches…

And you will get where you want to be.

Here’s what I mean:

overcoming obstacles
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Here’s What I REALLY Mean When I Say “Try Different Approaches”…

Now, when I say things like “try different approaches”… and “keep learning and keep improvising”… I get it:

You might need a LITTLE more direction there haha.

So here’s what to do:

When I’m talking to a woman who says I’m “too short”… “too old”… “not well-read enough” or whatever…

I smile at her, because I know that means two things:

1) There’s a pretty good chance she’s interested (women who truly are not into you will not stick around and “test” you like this)

2) To get a girl like this in bed, all you have to do is use a few persuasive nonverbal techniques, that frame you as the “guy she wants to bang.”

I sometimes call this my “Change Her Mind Formula”… because it works REALLY well to get a girl who’s seemingly “rejected” you interested again…

And practically chasing you to the bedroom… almost like it’s HER idea.

(You’ll know it’s working if she keeps talking to you… and usually what happens is she’ll “forget” she ever insulted you in the first place, and will just start getting REALLY flirty and touchy with you a few minutes later… f’in crazy man!)

It’s a very powerful tool to sleep with pretty much any woman who seems cold, or who’s even flat-out told you “no” in the past…

So instead of writing it out for you here, where there’s room for misinterpretation… here’s a quick video tutorial of me showing you EXACTLY how to use it to bang more hot girls right away:

[VIDEO] Discover Magic’s “Change Her Mind Formula” to Beat Almost Any Woman’s “Tests” And Bang Her

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