4 Reasons She Might Swipe Left When She Was About to Swipe Right (And How to Actually Get Laid On Tinder)

online dating mistakes

Discover The Unexpected Online Dating Mistakes That May Be Stopping You From Getting Laid–And How to Get More Matches & Fast Hookups on Tinder Right Away…

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No matter your age or experience level, online dating seems to be the way of the future.

I’m guessing you have lots of friends who met their significant others via online dating—you may even know some couples who got together online, and then got married!

And let’s face it–online dating can seem a lot less risky than playing the field in the real world.

I mean, rejection stinks. No one wants to buy a woman a drink at a bar, or start a friendly conversation in line at the grocery store, only to get an eye roll or a smirk.

As a man, there are a lot of expectations placed squarely on your shoulders—you’re usually expected to make the first move, right?

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That can be a lot of pressure! Who knows how many great dates you might have missed because it was scary to speak up.

Everyone goes through this, but online dating can make it a lot easier.

It’s a lot easier to swipe “yes” or send a short message than it is to approach a stranger in person, that’s for sure.

And if you end up meeting for a date, you already know the person might be interested in you romantically—you don’t have to wonder, or risk making a fool of yourself.

But online dating isn’t all fun and games, either. There are so many options, it can seem impossible to find the right match.

Also, it’s easy to mess up!

That’s right. Real women report that there are several common mistakes guys are making when it comes to online dating.

The dating world is already hard enough, so why make life more difficult for yourself?

Believe it or not, some women will swipe right on only one or two profiles out of 100.

How can you make sure you’re one of the lucky matches?

Read on to learn how to avoid the four most common online dating errors, and watch the matches roll in.

1) Do Your Photos Really Show Who You Are?

There are some basic rules of thumb here.

Don’t choose a picture of just your torso. No matter how awesome your muscles are, this can come across as pretty weird.

If you’re proud of your bod, sweet! Include a beach shot of you hanging out with your buddies. But make sure your profile picture isn’t just of your pecs.

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It’s also worth taking the time to choose a nice picture—one that’s in focus, and that clearly shows your face.

It’s even better if you’re smiling, or looking natural, happy, and at ease.

If you’re not sure about your profile picture, a good rule of thumb is to ask some female friends to help you choose!

2) Are You Using Your Bio to Your Best Advantage?

 If your bio is full of typos, or super boring, you’re probably not going to get loads of matches, no matter how great your profile pic is. 

I mean, your bio is the closest thing you’re going to have to a conversation until she meets you.

Get off on the right foot by writing with a friendly tone. Be honest. Describe your best qualities (modestly), and some of your charming quirks.

Something like: “I love to cook, even if I don’t love doing the dishes!” shares a bit of your personality as well as your hobbies.

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Last but not least, proofread!

Nothing tells a woman you know how to pay attention to detail like a well-written bio. Get rid of simple mistakes, like mixing up “to” and “too,” or—gasp—“your” and “you’re.”

If she sees you can represent yourself well in writing, she’s more likely to give you a shot in person.

3) Do You Have a “Go-To” First Message?

 Take it from me, boys. There’s nothing exciting about receiving a first message that says something like “Hi.” 

Or, “Nice boobs.”

Seriously, it’s easy to avoid this important mistake. Just talk to her like a real person, not a piece of meat or a robot, and watch the sparks fly.

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4) What Do You Really Know About the Women You Message?

This is probably already obvious, but women get a LOT of messages on online dating sites.

Most of those messages, even if they aren’t creepy or boring, still aren’t worth answering.


Because the guy sending the message clearly hasn’t read the woman’s profile.

Just put in a little bit of effort. You don’t have to compose a Shakespeare sonata.

Introduce yourself in a friendly way, and say something thoughtful about her profile, to show that you’ve read it.

For example, you could write: “Hi, I’m Sean! I see you like scuba diving. That’s awesome!”

Something like this isn’t creepy, doesn’t make you seem desperate, shows that you aren’t sending a generic message to 2000 women, and also makes it easy for her to respond.

You’ll put yourself ahead of the droves of dudes who send the same message to every single person, and you’ll be lots more likely to land a date.

And here's another really easy way to avoid the dreaded radio silence, and actually get laid on Tinder:

online dating mistakes

Here’s How Real Guys ACTUALLY Get Laid On Tinder…

I’m not afraid to admit it… when I’m talking to a guy online, even if I really like him… I can be a little reluctant to meet up with him in real life.

(Most of my girlfriends are the same way too)

However, in my experience… there’s one really easy way to get a girl you’re talking to on Tinder to meet up and hookup with you… WAY faster than she otherwise would:

Make her excited to see you face-to-face!

And in fact you can easily do this with your messages… and more specifically your phrasing.

For example:

Did you know guys who include this simple, yet clever 3-letter phrase in their first message get 28% more responses?

Which means more opportunities for fast, easy hookups…

More opportunities to get numbers, dates, and potentially find your next girlfriend…

And best of all… this phrase has NOTHING to do with offering her dinner, or taking her out somewhere fancy…

So if you want to just invite her over & hookup, you totally can. 😉

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