How This Mysterious Older Guy Turned Heads With a Hot Younger Girl (and You Can Too)

older men dating younger women on balcony

There Are Plenty of Older Men dating Younger Women

This afternoon I was shopping in Whole Foods for some lunch and while I was there I saw one of the sexiest women I’ve ever seen in my life.

If I had to guess her age, I would say she was about 22. She had long blonde hair, strikingly seductive blue-eyes and a body to die for.

I literally couldn’t stop staring at her. Her every move was mesmerizingly amazing.

As a matter of fact every single person in Whole Foods, both men and women, were admiring her beauty.

I thought to myself, Glenn go talk with this girl now!

This was the type of woman that I love to date. Nothing gets me more excited than to randomly see a woman this attractive and than walk up to her and get her phone number. And I was going to stop at nothing to get this girl.

So, I started walking over towards her. I got to within 5 feet of her, and a man walked up behind her, put his arms around her, slapped her butt, grabbed her by the back of her neck, kissed her softly and whisked her away!


I have to admit I was severely disappointed and I found myself getting very jealous of this man.

But I’m not here to write about this hot young pretty girl. What I am here to write about is the “guy” who so casually slapped her little perfect butt only to bring a smile of complete love and sexual arousal across her face.

Normally I would never write about a man that I encountered, but this man was different. This man was special.

What makes this man so special is that he must have been about at least 50-55 years old. I would bet my life that he was about twice her age!

What Exactly Did This Older Guy Have Going For Him?

Was he extremely handsome? Not really.

Was he rich? I have no idea.

Was he famous? Doubt it.

Was he dressed well? Yes.

Did he have grey hair? Yes.

Did he have a great body? Not really.

But none of that matters!

What he did have (besides the hottest girl in New York City) was charisma. I could tell exactly the type of man he was just by the way he looked at her and slapped her ass!

He was playful, bold, confident, and comfortable in his own skin, and walked with a real swagger that even I admired. I understood immediately why this woman was with him.

Besides his charisma, this man without doubt believed that he deserved and could have a woman so young in his life. He was completely unapologetic about his sexual desire for such a young, vibrant woman!

Not only that, but she was completely smitten with him! She clearly loved this man!

3 Questions That Probably Keep You Up At Night…

The most common questions I hear from older men are:

“Do you think it’s ok if there are older men dating younger women?”


“Do young women like older men?”


“Do you think it’s creepy for an older man to approach a really young woman?”

If I had a dollar for each time an older man asked me these questions, I’d be driving a Bentley!

What men need to remember and understand is that younger women not only love to be with older men, but desire to be with older men as well. They’ve dated and slept with “boys” only to be disappointed over and over again by their lack of experience and immaturity.

A woman wants a real man, and with older age comes the idea that he must be a real man. You’re a real man by default if you’re older in age because you've had life experiences that those “boys” can only dream of!

The Shocking Truth About Women's Most Aching Fantasies…

older men dating younger women fantasy

Women have very explicit fantasies about being with older men. Pick up any romance novel and usually it will be a love story about the woman being taken and dominated by an older man.

And these books sell in the millions! If women didn’t fantasize about older men these books would just sit on the shelves and collect dust.

Even in the popular book, 50 Shades Of Grey, the male character is older. The girl in that book completely submitted herself to the dominance of an older, more experienced man!

Women love the man who is experienced, self-assured, sexually assertive, confident, successful, etc. The older a man is, the more of these attributes she will think that he embodies, and the more he will actually embody.

Age and age alone in a man can convey attractive qualities that a young man cannot with women. Age is one of your biggest advantages!

Age + Experience is an aphrodisiac for women.

Just look at the works of many great psychologists. A woman is biologically hardwired to search for and date a man who is like a father figure to her.

Why do you think so many women marry or date men who remind them of their fathers and who are older in age? When I say “father figure,” it doesn’t always mean like her dad age-wise, but in most cases it does.

A father figure is a man who reminds them of their fathers on some level, either consciously or subconsciously.

Even if the girl grew up without a father, she will still eternally be on the hunt for a man that embodies the attributes of what her idea of father should be.

Why are men so confused?

Woman and mainstream media have played a cruel joke on us by trying to get older men to think and believe that there is something wrong when a man desires a younger woman.

They have tried to teach older men that dating a younger woman who is half their age is perverted.

They have tried to shame us for our innate sexual desires over and over again.

As much as they may try, they will not be able to change us that way.

Let's Flip the Script For a Minute to Get Some Perspective

Let’s take a quick look at the modern day trend of older women (MILF’S) dating younger men.

Older women are applauded for dating young men, and older men are shunned for doing the same!

When an older woman can date a young, sexy man it's lauded as a “symbol of beauty.” It totally plays to her vanity and it's accepted by all.

It’s “utter confirmation” that she is still considered to be of value to men and thus inflates her ego and self-worth. Women base their worth on their desirability to men.

But when the opposite happens, when a man of older age only dates or wants to primarily get with younger women a big ruckus ensues! Very hypocritical!

Something is wrong here, wouldn’t you agree? The only women perpetrating this fraud are “older women.”


Because older women are less dateable. As they mature in age they become less and less attractive to men. A woman’s beauty wanes with age while a man's overall “beauty” (both physical and non-physical) grows with age!

If all the “older” men are only dating younger women, then who will be left for the older single women to date?

If a man is attracted to young sexy women, then he may cheat on or divorce his older wife for the chance to be with younger women. This is why it is so shunned and looked down upon.

And even if a younger women agrees with the above, it is only so she can protect herself. She almost certainly realizes that one day she will be faced with the dilemma of being jealous of younger women and fearful that she will lose her man to them!

older men dating younger women old woman young woman

Men search for and are attracted to vitality in a woman. Nothing will ever change that. It’s just who we are. We love young beautiful woman.

Given the choice between a sexy woman in her 20’s and a sexy woman in her 40’s, men will almost always choose the girl in her 20’s. There is no need to be ashamed or worry about your desires.

Young women desire older, more experienced, mature men and nothing can change this as well! Your age is on your side!

Next time you’re out and about meeting women or have the opportunity to talk with a young woman, just remember that younger women love older men. Age is just a number. Don’t be afraid to give a younger woman the gift of meeting an amazing older man like yourself!

Here's What You Do Now…

Like I said above, a lot of times women say one thing, but either mean another or have no idea what they want in the first place!

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