Is Your Testosterone Too Low? Here’s How to Tell…

normal testosterone levels
Discover if you have normal testosterone levels below…

This New Study Discovered a Range of Normal Testosterone Levels–Discover Where You Stand on The Spectrum (Plus How to Boost Your T Fast)…

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To a man, the word “testosterone” can carry with it a weight that women may not understand.

It's how you gauge your masculinity, and it's also linked to a bunch of other masculine characteristics.

Most importantly, it's linked to your sex drive. And according to many studies, it can have a negative impact if you fall below a certain level.

At least that's what most guys believe — manlier men get more sex, right? But what if your testosterone levels aren't “up to snuff”? And what if you want to boost testosterone?

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There hasn't been a way for you to figure out if your testosterone levels are “normal” or not. No test to compare yourself, and no formal way to figure it out…

Until now.

So today, I'm going to explain what it means to have “normal” testosterone levels, and what to do if you think your levels might be too low.

What Does It Mean to Have “Normal” Testosterone Levels?

The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism recently conducted a study to determine the “normal” range of testosterone.

It examined ranges for men between the ages of 19 and 39 years old. What they found is that the average range for men with “normal” testosterone is between 264 and 916 ng/dL. (That's nanograms per deciliter.)

Right off the bat, you may be saying, “Hey, this is a large range. Why is this so important?”

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Well, even with such a wide range, this is the first time in history that this span has even ever been discovered.

What exactly does that mean?

It means that, from here, you can get your testosterone levels tested. And from there, you can determine if you have “low” testosterone, and potentially get your sex drive back to where you want it.

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Are Your Testosterone Levels Really That Important?

While these numbers may not mean much to you, your testosterone levels can actually reveal a lot of information about yourself.

For example, if your testosterone levels are too low, it might mean you have hypogonadism — a condition that directly relates to your sexual functioning.

Hypogonadism is something that could affect you from birth, so if left undiagnosed, it could cause all sorts of problems that, until now, you were unable to explain away.

Like your hair — if you don't have a lot of body hair, or you have difficulty gaining muscle mass, these are two key signs you could be suffering from hypogonadism.

It doesn’t stop there, though.

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It even can affect the tone and timbre of your voice, which means say goodbye to that suave baritone you carry so well.

At the end of the day, this kind of information could help you right the ship in a lot of “masculine” categories.

If you’ve ever wondered why your body doesn’t resemble others who work out just as much as you or who follow the same diet as you, then it may be directly related to your testosterone levels and the side effects of hypogonadism.

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Why Low Testosterone Has a BIG Impact on Your Sex Life…

Low testosterone levels and hypogonadism don’t just have effects on your physical attributes.

For adults, symptoms can also show in your sexual functions, specifically causing erectile dysfunction or sterility.

On top of that, hypogonadism is a threat to your overall sex drive as well.

You may find yourself experiencing fatigue…

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A lack of concentration on your relationships…

And an all-around lower motivation to participate in sexual activity.

Believe me, this kind of stuff is important to get checked out.

So what can you do?

According to the Mayo Clinic, if any of these symptoms are happening to you, then it’s worth meeting with your doctor, or getting your levels tested at home (but more on that in a sec).

While it could be an imbalance found somewhere else in your body, keep in mind that you could be suffering from low testosterone.

So here's how to address it:

Is Your Testosterone Too Low? Here's How to Tell...
Keep scrolling to see the easiest (and hassle-free) way to find out if you have low-T onc & for all…

What To Do if You Think Your T-Levels Might Be Too Low…

It’s now medical knowledge that the normal testosterone range for a European or American male is 264 – 916 ng/dL.

(Curious about your testosterone levels? Click here right now to learn how to get your testosterone checked at home ← )

Research shows that in the last 40 years, healthy sperm counts have dropped by a whopping 50%[1]

… which is a big indicator of low testosterone… or a hormonal imbalance.

A low testosterone count (or T-Count) can REALLY f**k with your libido… and can kill your sex drive…

Your ability to get hard, rigid erections, and make you as soft as a wet noodle when it’s time to perform…

And it can even mess with other areas of your life outside of the bedroom…

...(if you’ve ever felt more tired than usual for “no reason”… or experience “brain fog” at work… a low T-Count may be the culprit)

Most experts would tell you there’s one solution: “go to the doctor and get tested!”

And while you CAN do that…

I’m excited to let you know there’s now an at-home method you can use to test your testosterone levels without even leaving your house.

Because I’m telling you man… if you have even an INKLING of a suspicion that you have low-T…

…. the biggest mistake you can make is to ignore it until it’s too late:

Click here right now and discover how you can get your testosterone levels measured at home… without getting way over charged by a doctor.

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