Nick Sinclair

Nick Sinclair

Nick is an editor here at Gotham Club. He began his own journey of self-improvement 7 years ago, when his then-girlfriend cheated on him with one of his best friends, then dumped him. Probably because he wears those aviators even when it's cloudy.

Since then, he realized that if he wants to start attracting higher-quality women, he needed to become a higher quality man, and started devouring books and articles on game, making money, and lifestyle like a starved wolf released into a slaughterhouse.

Nick has covered an NFL franchise as a beat writer and reporter, as well as multiple Super Bowls, and even an (excruciatingly dull) Pro Bowl.

While he's a “guy's guy” who enjoys downing bourbon and beers with his buddies, he's also a wine snob who has been known to utter such effete monstrosities as “I simply cannot have another Chilean cabernetI won't suffer it!”

When he's not working on Gotham Club, Nick writes novels under a different name, and enjoys watching hilariously over-the-top action movies. You can email him directly with article ideas and tips at [email protected].


B.A. Dartmouth College (Cum Laude)

J.D. University of Virginia School of Law

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