How a Popular TV Show Taught Me the Easiest Way to Avoid “Bad” Body Language

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How to Avoid Negative Body Language With the Woman You Want–Will You Win Her Over?

For years, I focused on finding the body language that attracts women… the “dominant” or “masculine” kind of body language.

But until recently, I never really thought about what kind of body language turns women off.

In fact, it wasn’t until I was watching an episode of Mad Men that I realized it.

Don Draper, the lead character, takes home a lot of women — however, he’s not always likable.

And in the moments he’s unlikable, it’s his body language that gives him away. It’s what really seals the deal.

So in today’s video, with the help of my female friend, I’m going to show you how to use dominant body language to capture any woman’s interest…

Even if you think she’s just not that into you.

Watch the video above to find out…

negative body language

In this video, my female friend reveals the easiest way to avoid “bad” body language, plus:

  • A step-by-step method to show her attractive body language the “right” way …
  • The single easiest way to attract a woman without coming off as cocky or “creepy”…
  • Why a “Don Draper” vibe could be killing your chances with her
  • The bizarre response that sends her running for the hills (83% of men miss this!)
  • How to use this new “Animation” technique to attract a high-quality woman FAST


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