15 All Natural Foods for Getting Harder… And Staying Harder

natural foods to last longer in bed
Discover all of the natural foods to last longer in bed…

Can You Eat Natural Foods to Last Longer in Bed?  The Answer May Shock You…

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Guys, I’m going to be honest with you: the data is a little alarming…

According to experts, testosterone levels drop one to two percent each year after you turn 30

Meanwhile, erectile dysfunction is rampant, experienced by 40 percent of men by age 40 and 70 percent by age 70, according to current research.

Sure, there are expensive and potentially dangerous prescriptions… but there’s got to be a better solution. 

And there is: Food.

Many sexual health problems stem from blood flow issues, and these foods will help get you moving again…

Eating them also boosts testosterone, boosts your sperm count, and helps your sperm move better.

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There are 15 simple, natural, everyday foods you can eat that will help you last longer in bed.

Wait… natural?  Does that mean weird ingredients you can only get on the dusty shelves of the hippie health food store…

The one with the crazy lady working behind the counter, who won’t stop talking about “your aura…”  haha.

No way.  Most of these are foods you can find at a steakhouse.  Seriously.

You can wine and dine your date, all while eating your way to a rock hard erection that will leave her writhing and moaning in your bed at the end of the night…

Read on for the 15 foods you already love that will keep her satisfied and keep that erection going all night long:

You Are What You Eat

What you eat — that is, what you put in your body — DIRECTLY affects every system in your body, for better or worse. 

Eating well can, among other things, clear up your skin, improve blood flow (ahem) throughout the body, help you shed weight and gain muscle, resolve digestion issues, and have more energy. 

Loading up on fresh fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and high quality proteins can skyrocket your sexual performance. 

To the contrary, indulging in salty, sweet, fried, fatty, and processed foods can lead to a steady decline and even a full stop to sexual activity. 

But what exact foods can you eat to last longer in bed?

Below are the 15 foods you should be eating and WHY, because knowledge is power and your sex life is at stake… (Or steak?)

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1) Meat Matters

Intuitively, meat is an important piece of the sexual performance puzzle. Meat just screams masculinity, and it can indeed help men last longer in bed. 

Beef, chicken, and pork contain carnitine and L-arginine, which support bloodflow throughout the body. You know firsthand that bloodflow is everything when it comes to being rock hard, and these foods help make that happen. 

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These meats also include zinc, which likewise sends blood right into the sex organs, for men and women (so please enjoy a steak dinner with your partner sometime soon…). 

Plus, eating meat is going to help you build muscle, which enhances your sex appeal and energy levels. 

Meat is optimal, but if you’re vegetarian there are still options. You can opt for healthy whole grains, nuts, and dairy… 

2) Spice Things Up with Ginger

Ginger is an amazing food that can be a godsend for your sex life. It comes in many forms: root, powder, juice, syrup, pickled, candied, and more. 

Ginger is commonly sought after for its ability to aid digestion and ease nausea, but it just may be the best food you can eat to last longer in bed…

Ginger has been used as traditional medicine in India and China for centuries. It improves circulation and can reduce blood pressure (which can compromise bloodflow if it gets too high). Plus, it gives you a natural energy boost. 

This one is most effective if you eat it on a regular basis. Consider swapping out your afternoon coffee for a shot of ginger. Offer one to your partner too. 

You may be quite pleased with how it (instantly) makes you feel… 😉

natural foods to last longer in bed
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3) Red Wine Does More than Set the Mood

Red wine is the quintessential romantic drink of choice for good reason: it contains something called quercetin, which is believed to promote sexual arousal. 

It’s also just a sexy & sophisticated drink to enjoy together

Of course, if you indulge in more than two glasses, this drink is more likely to knock you out than to rev up your engine. 

So slowly savor the taste as you sip with your lover and be prepared to last way longer in bed. 

15 All Natural Foods for Getting Harder… And Staying Harder

4) Nuts and Seeds (Not Just for Birds…)

Nuts and seeds are the superheroes of health snacks.

 Anyone who has ever gone on a diet knows what it's like to long for the satisfyingly salty crunch of a potato chip… but nuts and seeds offer that same satisfying crunch, but with a whole lot of additional benefits. 

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Nuts and seeds offer high levels of magnesium, a natural source of energy and endurance that will improve your stamina. Plus, many contain an amino acid called L-arginine. This amino acid is necessary in your body’s production of nitric oxide, which helps in  maintaining erections. 

Meanwhile, nuts and seeds have healthy fats that help you reduce cholesterol, which improves circulation in the body. 

natural foods to last longer in bed

5) Bananas – Not Just a Phallic Symbol

If the shape of a banana makes you think about sex, you’re on the right track…

Actually, eating this natural food on a regular basis is a great way to last longer in bed. This fruit offers a really healthy way to get your simple carbs to boost your energy. 

Eat it as an alternative to sugary snacks and you won’t find yourself crashing when you should be gearing up for a romp in the bedroom. 

Beyond the energy boost, bananas are high in potassium, which helps relax your muscles and prevent cramps. Potassium can also help lower blood pressure which will enhance blood flow: jackpot. 

15 All Natural Foods for Getting Harder… And Staying Harder

6) Get Things Going with Garlic

Good news: garlic is one of the most delicious flavors on the planet, and it’s actually great for your health and can help you last longer in bed. 

Garlic is a blood thinner, which means that it helps your circulatory system to function at its best.

(Considering this, you would think that vampires would actually like it…  haha, but folklore doesn’t always get it right…)

You may feel wary of eating garlic on date night. If your partner hates garlic, you should definitely skip it, in the raw form, and try other natural foods for lasting longer in bed.

Or, you could try this all natural, non-stinky way to get your garlic, and 4 other potent boner boosting ingredients into your diet.

7) Smell Something Fishy?

Sardines may not be a typical part of your diet, but they sure can help your penis do its thing.

How? Just three ounces of sardines contains 28 percent of your daily vitamin D requirement.

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Vitamin D is an important vitamin that is associated with improved health in basically all areas — including maintaining healthy testosterone levels.

Try sardines on toast, or in place of tuna in tuna salad sandwich recipes. 

15 All Natural Foods for Getting Harder… And Staying Harder

8) Or Sub in Some Salmon

If you’re not a sardines kind of guy, try this delicious fish, which has loads of important nutrients, such as selenium, magnesium, and vitamin D. 

These are all crucial to maintaining healthy testosterone, as well as strong sperm production. 

natural foods to last longer in bed

9) Popeye’s Favorite Leafy Green

If you wanna have it going on like Popeye, you need to eat your spinach… 

This leafy green has loads of vitamins and minerals. 

One key component to spinach is magnesium, which is really important for testosterone levels. 

How do you think Popeye got those muscles?  Plus, he and Olive Oyl had a pretty hot sex life…

Spinach is easy to add to your diet, too. Throw some in your sandwich or whip up a salad. Keep a bag of frozen spinach in your freezer and toss some in your eggs every morning and you’ll find it easier to keep it up all night…

10) Oysters

Oysters: they’re not just for fancy people who live by the beach. Nope, oysters are for any guy who wants a functioning penis.


Just two oysters daily gives you all the zinc you need.

What’s so great about zinc? 

Zinc is crucial for healthy testosterone levels, and it also increases your sperm count and helps your sperm move better. 

15 All Natural Foods for Getting Harder… And Staying Harder

11) This “Magical” Fruit

Beans, beans, the magical fruit, the more you eat the more you—get laid?

Well, yes.

Beans might not seem like a super sexy food. Unlike slippery oysters, they’re kind of, well, basic. But beans are important to your sexual health in many ways.

Beans are a great way to get fiber, carbohydrates, and even protein—without all the fat that comes with other fatty proteins.

Including beans in your diet regularly helps you maintain healthy blood sugar levels, which is great for circulation and erection strength. 

12) Everybody’s Favorite Toast Topping

Who needs an excuse to eat more avocados? Well, here it is anyway. 

Avocados are great for your penis because they contain healthy fats, which can lower your cholesterol levels.  Lower cholesterol is great for healthy blood vessels and strong erections.

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Avocados also contain fiber, which benefits your overall health. Smear some on toast, put them in a sandwich, or even add them to a smoothie.

13) Sprouted Grain Bread

Just because something says it contains “grains” does not mean it’s healthy. (Looking at you, Whole Grain Cheetos…)

But something that says “sprouted whole grain” on the label is sure to help get your penis popping. 

Why? Sprouted whole grains help your body fight inflammation, a major cause of erectile dysfunction. 

Swap your daily white bread out for sprouted whole grain and enjoy the benefits. 

15 All Natural Foods for Getting Harder… And Staying Harder

14) This Cruciferous Asian Powerhouse

You might be familiar with this vegetable from Asian restaurants, but it’s a great one to eat at home, too.  

Bok choy (also broccoli and cabbage, which are in the same family) has a nutrient called glucobrassicin. This helps your body get rid of excess estrogen (the female sex hormone). 

And when you’re trying to perform, you don’t want too much estrogen swimming around…

Upping your bok choy intake can help up your sex drive.

15) Ginkgo Biloba, AKA “The Maidenhair Tree”

Did you know ginkgo biloba is one of the oldest living tree species?

Some scientists suggest it was around 350 MILLION years ago… and these days it’s used by some male pornstars to keep their own “wood” SUPER stiff for long porn shoots.

Well… that’s not entirely accurate… ginkgo is ONE of the foods these guys use to stay as stiff as a tree trunk…

And there’s a very easy way to get it into your diet (without a trip to that hippie granola store…)

15 All Natural Foods for Getting Harder… And Staying Harder

One Food No One Talks About Is Ginko!

Ginko has been used for A LONG time, like centuries, to help men’s performance in bed.

In fact, there are 5 exotic veggies like ginko that make you as hard as an iron post:

All of them start with a “G” too… (weird huh?)… and each one is scientifically proven to help with your bloodflow.

Which as you now know is really important for getting rock hard erections, whenever you want…

These 5 veggies are unique to the forests of SouthEast Asia, and don’t just help give you stronger erections on command…

but a raging libido and sex drive as well.

This is perfect if you want to give a lady the wild screaming orgasms she tells her friends about…

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