The Best Condoms of 2019: Exclusive New Data Reveals THIS Is the Condom Most Men Prefer…

The Best Condoms of 2019: Exclusive New Data Reveals THIS Is the Condom Most Men Prefer…

Which Condom Is the Best for Safe & Pleasurable Sex? Our New Exclusive Data Reveals The Surprising Truth…

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February is National Condom Month.

Why spend an entire month celebrating… well, condoms?

After all, a lot of guys have mixed feelings about condoms.

Condoms can be uncomfortable…

They’re not easy to remember all of the time…

And we’ve all heard that condoms can cause sex to be less pleasurable…

BUT… condoms are also very important for safe sex, and preventing pregnancy and unwanted STDs.

So to celebrate National Condom Month, we decided to perform a little experiment.

We wanted to find out, once and for all, the absolute best condom that allows for the safest, yet most pleasurable sex possible.

So we had real guys rate 5 of the nation’s leading condom brands…. and we also tested the condoms to make sure they live up to their claims too.

Here’s what we found:

What Makes a “Good” Condom?

According to most websites and condom companies, a good condom should, above all else:

1) Prevent disease transmission…

2) Prevent pregnancy… and:

3) Maintain sensation.

These are all important factors for a man’s pleasure and peace of mind.

When you put a condom on, of course you want to know that it’s keeping you safe. Even if you know the women you sleep with are safe, it never hurts to add an extra measure of protection.

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And even if the women you’re sleeping with are on the pill, or say they can’t get pregnant… you never know.

A condom helps with that too.

The biggest complaint that most guys have about condoms though?

They can numb your d*ck.

Whether or not this is true or simply an old wive’s tale (and therefore completely a placebo effect) has been debated for decades… but regardless, a man’s pleasure is important.

And when you put on a condom, you should know that it’s not going to make your sexual experience any less than it could be.

National Condom Month: 5 Ways The Government Tests Condoms For Durability, Usability & Safety

The government currently conducts what are called “empty condom tests” on most major condom brands.

These are tests they perform on the condoms when there isn’t anything in the condom, and they include:

1) The Electrical Conductance Test.

It’s a good thing the government conducts this test on the condoms when they’re empty… because it involves passing electricity through a condom to test for holes.

Basically, a good condom will not conduct electricity. If it does, that means sperm (or a virus) can potentially get through it.

The next tests are all destructive–a tested condom cannot be sold or used.

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2) The Water Leak Test.

This test is pretty much what it sounds like:

You fill a condom with 10 ounces of water and see if it leaks.

Straightforward, right?

3) The Tensile Test (AKA Stretch Test).

Have you ever put on a condom and felt like maybe you were “stretching” it out too much?

Well, the government conducts a test to see if this kind of stretching affects the quality of the condom.

Often, this test involves slicing off a sliver of the condom and stretching it until it breaks–and then measuring how far it was able to stretch.

4) The Airburst Test.

This test was only recently adopted in the U.S., though is common in many European countries and Canada.

The condom is inflated with air until it bursts, and the amount of air the condom can handle is used as a metric for its strength.

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5) The Simulated Age Test.

Have you ever had a condom in your wallet for what felt like *maybe* too long?

You’re not alone… but it’s not something a lot of guys talk about.

At what point does a condom go from being “just a little old”… to “completely unusable”?

Is it as simple as throwing it out after it’s expired?

It’s not always easy to know the answer!

So companies perform what’s called the “Simulated Aging Test” to address this.

They put the condoms in an oven at 70-degrees Celsius (158 Fahrenheit) for up to 7 full days, and then they test the condoms with water leak and tensile tests.

Other tests some companies perform that I haven’t mentioned include a package integrity test, and a lubricant test.

Whichever test is used, here’s what’s important about the science behind it:

The companies must test several condoms from a batch and calculate the fraction that pass the tests.

That way, the condoms tested are a sample of the rest of the batch. And as a result, if 5 or more condoms per 1,000 fail the test, then that batch of condoms cannot be sold in the United States.

So that’s what you need to know about how the government tests its condoms.

Here’s what we did with this information:

The Best Condoms of 2019: Exclusive New Data Reveals THIS Is the Condom Most Men Prefer…

We Conducted Our Own Condom Experiments And Here’s What We Found…

Which tests matter the most, and which tests can be easily performed at home?

We settled on these two:

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1) The water leak test… and:
2) A simulated aging test, followed by a water leak test.

We chose these two because above everything else, a condom should prevent things from leaking out and getting in (that’s where the water test comes in).

And the reality of the situation is, a lot of guys are walking around with condoms in their wallets that aren’t exactly “brand-new.”

So we wanted to perform a little aging test of our own, to find out exactly how much age affects an older condom's performance.

We chose 5 condoms to test, based on availability, ratings, and popularity:

1) Trojan Ultra Ribbed

2) Durex Extra Sensitive Premium Lubricated

3) Lifestyles Skyn Original

4) Nuvo Ultra Thin

5) Okamoto 004

And we put each of these condoms through the water leak test, a simulated aging test and another water leak test (multiple condoms from each brand were used for both tests).

So what?

Well, I've got good news and bad news.

The good news?

Every condom, both in new and aged form, performed without a single leak.

(Note: For the aging simulation, we weren't able to keep the condoms in a 70-degree Celsius oven for 7 days, so instead we submerged the condoms in a 70-degree Celsius controlled water bath for 12 hours.)

The bad news?

I don't really have a ton of exciting information to tell you about this, other than yeah, these condoms lived up to their claims.

However, I do have some interesting observations to share, that may affect your future condom choices.

First of all, Trojan condoms are very resistant to stretching. For both the new and aged versions, I was not able to fit all 10 ounces of water in the condom without at least some spilling out.

This tells me that Trojan condoms might fit a bit snugly if you're average or slightly above-average *down there*… and that also means you may notice you're wearing it more as a result.

Another strange thing?

While none of the condoms leaked, the older Okamoto condom was suspiciously stretchy. I'm talking about a scary-looking water balloon that you fear may burst at any second.

But, of course, it didn't burst (which is great).

One final and unexpected results of this experiment–I also now have a lot more respect for guys who use condoms on a regular basis.

Those things are tough to get out of the package!

How Real Men Rated 5 of the Nation's Leading Condoms…

We also asked real men to use each of the 5 condoms we settled on, and rate them on a number of factors.

But before I get into the numbers… some important caveats:

First, the participants were not blinded to the brands of condoms they used. This means that they knew which condom they were using when they were using it, and this may have influenced how they rated the condoms.

Second, our sample size was small, so drawing significant conclusions from this data would be difficult (and potentially inaccurate).

But these are real guys, giving real responses, and there’s no denying that consumers’ opinions do have value.

So with all that aside, let’s get down to the nitty gritty!

We asked the participants to rate the condoms on a variety of factors, including sensation, ease of use, and even how good it tasted (if their partner performed oral sex while the condom was on).

For most of these factors, we had the participants rate the condoms on a scale of 1-10.

We averaged their ratings, and organized all of the data by condom brand.

And here’s what the numbers had to tell us about the 5 condoms we tested:


How easy was it to put on? 8.75 / 10
Can you tell which side is the outside? 100% Yes
How well did it fit? 8 / 10
How good did the lube feel? 6.25 / 10
How noticeable was the condom during sex? 6 / 10 (where 10 is “did not notice it at all”)
How much do you want to use this condom again? 5.25 / 10
Did it stay on? 100% Yes

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How easy was it to put on? 5.5 / 10
Can you tell which side is the outside? 50% Yes
How well did it fit? 6.75 / 10
How good did the lube feel? 9 / 10
How noticeable was the condom during sex? 7 / 10 (where 10 is “did not notice it at all”)
How much do you want to use this condom again? 6 / 10
Did it stay on? 50% Yes


How easy was it to put on? 8.5 / 10
Can you tell which side is the outside? 50% Yes
How well did it fit? 8.75 / 10
How good did the lube feel? 5.25 / 10
How noticeable was the condom during sex? 6.75 / 10 (where 10 is “did not notice it at all”)
How much do you want to use this condom again? 6.25 / 10
Did it stay on? 75% Yes


How easy was it to put on? 7 / 10
Can you tell which side is the outside? 75% Yes
How well did it fit? 8.25 / 10
How good did the lube feel? 5.3 / 10
How noticeable was the condom during sex? 7.75 / 10 (where 10 is “did not notice it at all”)
How much do you want to use this condom again? 7.75 / 10
Did it stay on? 100% Yes


How easy was it to put on? 9.5 / 10
Can you tell which side is the outside? 100% Yes
How well did it fit? 8.75 / 10
How good did the lube feel? 7.25 / 10
How noticeable was the condom during sex? 7.75 / 10 (where 10 is “did not notice it at all”)
How much do you want to use this condom again? 8.25 / 10
Did it stay on? 100% Yes

And here are the winners for each condom by category:

Easiest condom to put on: Skyn

Best fit: Nuvo & Skyn tie

Most pleasurable lubrication: Durex

Least noticeable condom: Okamoto & Skyn tie

The condom consumers want to use again most: Skyn

The clear winner here?


But we all know condoms are not a “one-size fits all” matter.

The best thing you can do is to take these results as a jumping off point, and use them to conduct your own experiments at home. 😉

Different strokes for different folks, right?

Case in point–even though Skyn was by far the winner in this batch of condoms, one participant took the time to write about how much he enjoyed his experience with Durex:

I really liked the Durex condom the best out of the five. I was blown away by the feel. To be honest, I have not used a condom in a while and forgot how much condoms take away from the pleasure of sex. The Durex condom made me actually enjoy sex with protection.”

So Which Condom Is Best For You?

If you want to feel like you’re not wearing a condom, then according to our numbers… your best bet is going to be Skyn or Okamoto.

If you’re a lube guy, go for Durex.

And if you just want something that you know isn’t going to give you any trouble when you try and put it on, then stick with Skyn.

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One of the most surprising findings of this entire study, for me personally, was how well the Trojan condom didn’t perform.

It’s not that the participants rated it badly per se… but it wasn’t an all-out winner for any category.

This just goes to show how powerful marketing and advertisements can be. At the end of the day, your own experience, knowledge, and data are going to be the best judge of what’s right for you.

It's all in the name of using science to have better sex, right? 😉

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national condom month

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