Montezuma’s Secret Review: My First 2 Weeks

Montezumas Secret Review 2 weeks

I Took Montezuma’s Secret Supplement Every Day for 2 Weeks, And Here’s What I Discovered…

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I’m a guy who loves sex. Always have, always will.

And I’m hoping that I’ll be able to continue enjoying sex well after I hit retirement age.

So I was startled after when I got into my thirties and noticed a slight decline in my “prowess,” so to speak…

After a night of drinking I would struggle to keep it up for longer than five or ten minutes so that I could really pleasure my girl.

I had also started to experience a drain in my overall energy and stamina. The youthful vigor and endless supply of electric energy that I used to feel was started to be replaced by my desire for an afternoon nap.

I hadn’t changed anything significantly about my diet or sleep schedules. And while I do work a lot, I always have. So nothing new there… 

Something had to change.

But I didn’t feel that the issue was serious enough to go and see a doctor yet. 

I’m still relatively young (I’m in my 30s) and 95% of the time I don’t have any issues getting aroused or erect, so an over the counter drug would be total overkill. 

I just wanted that 5% back. I wanted to have sex like I was twenty-one years old again.

I decided to try Montezuma’s Secret. 

Here’s what I found.

Why Do Guys Take Montezuma’s Secret?

There are a few reasons listed on the promotional materials for why a guy might go about buying Montezuma’s Secret

The primary one is that this blend of all-natural roots, vegetables, fruits and extracts improve blood flow — meaning you’ll get better erections.

Taking a look at the ingredients will immediately put your mind at ease, as there aren’t any crazy medical-sounding ingredients like dihexohydroxyblast-7 or whatever. 

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It’s just good, all-natural stuff that I’ve heard about before and see on a weekly basis in the grocery store.

But this particular combination of simple ingredients is also taken by men to increase their sexual performance, endurance, and help them to last longer in bed and have stronger erections.

That’s what the promo materials said anyway, so did it actually work?

Montezuma’s Secret Review: My First 2 Weeks

All Natural Ingredients

Starting with the secret sauce:

The Concoction of 5 Fruits — These 5 fruits, with their specific amounts and in combination with each other, make this product worth taking. Yes, they’re extracts from all natural fruits, but to get the effects from eating the actual fruits, you’d pretty much have to sit around and eat fruit all day… Together, in this concentrated form, they work to produce more sperm for you and help you get hard erections… [1]

Proprietary Firming Flavonoid Blend — This is a selection of metabolites which provide health benefits through cells creating antioxidants and signaling new pathways.

And the rest:

Panax Ginseng Extract — Panax ginseng has long been used to support immune systems. While it can keep you from getting sick and help you feel healthy… the important part for this supplement is how it also helps you stay virile. [2]

Maca Root — You’ll see this more and more as a powder you can add to juices at smoothie bars… Maca is an edible plant from South America. It increases libido and makes men more fertile. As a side benefit, it is also a mood booster and reduces prostate size. And, the high fiber content helps keep you regular… [3]

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Pine Bark Extract — This bark extract increases bloodflow, which not only improves erection strength, it helps you think and react faster… which is never a bad thing. [4]

Cabbage Leaf — Widely used to reduce inflammation and boost vitamin C levels. [5]

Japanese Knotweed Root — This root builds and maintains a healthy cardiovascular system. And we all know strong cardio is key to increase stamina and have loads of energetic sex. [6]

Organic Cacao Bean — There’s a reason chocolate is good for you, especially when you strip out all the sugar and fats… the bean is densely packed with calcium, magnesium, iron and antioxidants. It is used to combat depression and low energy. [7]

Bilberry Leaf — Bilberry is commonly used to reduce swelling and inflammation, and well as controlling cholesterol. [8]

Epimedium Aerial Plant — (AKA “Horny Goat Weed”) This natural aphrodisiac has been around for centuries… by one name or another, you’ll find it in most sexual performance supplements. [9]

Montezuma’s Secret Review: My First 2 Weeks

My Results After Two Weeks 

I decided to give it a shot and bought the best deal available by getting a 90-day supply. 

I figured this would give me a large enough sample size to figure out if it works or not without just throwing in the towel if all my life’s problems weren’t solved after 15 minutes. 

Full disclosure: I will admit that I didn’t see any results after the first week, but I was advised prior to starting this supplement that noticeable results would take a little time.

Also, I had started with the minimum dosage of one capsule per day, and after a few days increased to the recommended serving size of 3 capsules. This also could have contributed to the lack of initial results.

So I stuck with it.

Montezuma’s Secret Review: My First 2 Weeks

And Then…Boo-Ya!

After about 7 or 8 days I started to notice two benefits.

First (and this was a pleasant surprise as it was an unadvertised benefit), I began to notice a boost in my energy levels and cognitive function.

I would describe it as something like having the energy from a Red Bull and the focused attention of a nootropic supplement that lasts all day.

I became more productive, creative, and energetic.

Again, this was a pleasant surprise.

Montezuma’s Secret Review: My First 2 Weeks

I Can Satisfy the Insatiable Woman…

The second (and advertised) benefit that I started to notice was an increase in my sexual appetite.

Let me back up for a moment to describe what I mean.

I’m a super lucky guy, because I found myself a pretty insatiable woman. This girl wants sex multiple times a day — every day. 

Before I started taking Montezuma’s Secret, I’ll be honest, I was totally content just having sex once in any given day. And she was always left wanting more… 

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But after I started taking it, she was the one shooing ME away! 

Practically 5 minutes after we would finish I would want to go another round. 

And even though she’s having trouble keeping up, she’s loving it because my new increased sexual appetite is making her feel sexier and more desired than she has in years. 

Everyone wins.

In terms of erectile strength, I haven’t noticed any significant improvements. 

Although I didn’t have any serious problems with that in the past, so it would be kind of like improving the ‘A’ student’s test scores… there’s only so much you can do, you know?

But I will say that my sexual appetite and energy levels have noticeably improved so I plan on continuing to take Montezuma’s Secret for the foreseeable future.

I would also recommend this product to friends or family members who are looking for a little extra oomph in the bedroom.

Montezuma’s Secret Review: My First 2 Weeks

Where to Buy Montezuma’s Secret (While Supplies Last)…

One of the best things about Montezuma’s Secret? 

You can only get it direct from the manufacturer.

This is great–especially for a supplement like this with high-quality ingredients–since it keeps the price down for you…

(i.e. there’s no “middleman markup” by a health store.)

Here’s the problem though…

Because Montezuma’s Secret is in such high demand… the manufacturer is having trouble keeping supply up…

So if you want to grab Montezuma’s Secret… here’s what you should do now:

1) Watch this short, free video (you can reload it and click the button to go directly to the cart)…

2) Click the button

3) See if Montezuma’s Secret is currently available (if you hit the cart… it is!)

4) Place your order.

It all starts with the video though–click here now to see if it’s still up:

Click here now to get Montezuma’s Secret (Reload the Page to Buy Right Away!)

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