Montezuma’s Secret: Two Week Check-in

Montezuma's Secret: Two Week Check-in

I Took this Supplement Every Day for 2 Weeks, And Boy, Did It Help….

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As a guy in his early fifties, I still have plenty of sex drive. 

As I've aged, though, there have been a few (but thankfully not many!) times, when I couldn't seem to… well, rise to the occasion. 

Oh, my partners were always sweet and understanding, and like cranking the cord on an old outboard motor (or sucking on a lollipop), we were always able to eventually get things going again. 

But I was definitely not amused.

What may be even worse is that I still occasionally worry about it. If I don't seem to be responding as quickly or in the way that I would like to be, I wonder if the “penis problem” may be returning…

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This, in turn, can be a self-fulfilling prophecy because, frankly, worrying about a limp d*ck is not exactly a sexy thought. 

So, then I have to try not to think about it, which again, makes me think about what I'm not thinking about. Etc…

Anyway, as I said, it's not a frequent occurrence, so I don't think anything is necessarily wrong with me from a medical standpoint (at least not down there), but it definitely has whittled away some of my sexual confidence. 

At the same time, something like Viagra or Cialis would be going too far in the other direction…

Plus, expensive, and potentially VERY dangerous.

So I started wondering if there was anything natural and simple I could do…

Montezuma's Secret: Two Week Check-in

That’s When I Discovered Montezuma’s Secret…

What I am interested in, though, is something that I can do without a visit to the doctor, a prescription, and that doesn't take a lot of thought. 

Something will just help improve my overall functions down there, so that anytime I'm with a lady friend, I won't worry about my performance—and we both can get off with confidence.

As it happens, a few weeks ago, I came across Montezuma's Secret Advanced from Supernatural Man. 

I did some quick half-assed research, and in spite of its kind of silly name (a little close to Montezuma's revenge, if you ask me), I decided to give it a try…

Montezuma's Secret: Two Week Check-in

About This Product…

Montezuma's Secret is not a medication or a device or anything like that. It's a supplement that you take only once a day—so it checked all my boxes: no doctor, no prescription, and little to no thought.

One of the first things that appealed to me about Montezuma's Secret is that it's made with all-natural, plant-based ingredients. 

And most of the ingredients, like panax ginseng, maca root, cacao, and epimedium aerial plant (horny goat weed), have long been used in herbal remedies. 

The ingredients were, therefore, easy to look up and research online. (See below…) They all tend to have some effect or another on circulation and bloodflow—and given what we're hoping to accomplish here, that made sense to me.

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There were no unfamiliar compounds or chemicals and no alarm bells. What's more, Montezuma's Secret is compounded and inspected at a lab here in the U.S., so I don't have to worry about dicey additives or unlisted ingredients getting slipped into the supplements.

According to its promotional materials, Montezuma's Secret would “transform my dead limp manhood into a rock-hard bedroom soldier.”

That seemed a little extreme to me, since my manhood is still soldiering on pretty well.

The label, on the other hand, takes a more measured approach, saying that Montezuma's Secret promotes “healthy bloodflow, enhanced performance, and increased endurance.” 

That sounded pretty much like what I was looking for, so I ordered a bottle.

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That Ingredient List…

Proprietary Firming Flavonoid Blend — Since this is a proprietary blend, specific ingredients are not listed, but the promise of all-natural and plant based is reassuring. The label specifies that this is a group of plant metabolites that provide health benefits through cells signaling new pathways and creating antioxidants.

Panax Ginseng Extract — Panax ginseng can keep you from getting sick, help you feel healthy and stay virile. That’s the key part. It is also used in loads of supplements to support your immune system. [1]

Pine Bark Extract — This extract increases bloodflow, which helps you think faster. That’s why it is used in many mind enhancing supplements. It also increases bloodflow, which is the primary benefit in the bedroom. [2]

Japanese Knotweed Root — Builds and maintains a healthy cardiovascular system. You need healthy cardio if you’re planning on lasting more than a few minutes… [3]

Maca Root — Maca is an edible plant from South America that you can find in almost every smoothie bar. It’s a great source of fiber and also increases libido and makes men more fertile. It is also considered a mood booster and is believed to help reduce prostate size. [4]

Organic Cacao Bean — Who doesn’t love cacao? Densely packed with calcium, magnesium, iron and antioxidants. Everyone knows it can help with depression and low energy, but did you also know it’s great for keeping up sexual energy? [5]

Epimedium Aerial Plant — (AKA “horny goat weed”) This is a natural aphrodisiac that has been used for centuries. You can find it in most sexual health products. [6]

Bilberry Leaf — Reduces swelling and inflammation.  As a side benefit, it’s also believed to help lower cholesterol. [7]

Cabbage Leaf — Reduces inflammation and boosts vitamin C. [8]

The Concoction of 5 Fruits — This is where most of the power behind this supplement comes from. It’s the 5 fruits in combination with each other that make this worth taking. They produce more sperm for you and help you get hard erections… [9]

Montezuma's Secret: Two Week Check-in

How Do All These Ingredients Work?

All of these ingredients are stacked one on top of the other to promote healthy bloodflow. Getting your bloodflow up is the key to maintaining erections.

Because your body is now working around the clock and blood is flowing, you have more energy. 

Your body goes into overdrive producing testosterone and producing more sperm than usual. (I can attest to that…)

All of this gives you a magnetizing sexual energy.

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My Baseline… And “Research Assistants”

One bottle of 90 capsules is a 90-day supply of the supplement. I figured that I'd be able to tell if it's working after a few weeks.

While I was waiting for the Montezuma's Secret to arrive, I started paying closer attention to what was going on with the little man downstairs. 

I took particular note of how easily I got hard, how hard I felt, how long I could last (or until I was told to stop it and come already), and how quickly I recovered. 

I also let a couple of my partners know what I'm up to, and they agreed to help me, in the name of science, of course, monitor the results. 

I've been taking Montezuma's Secret for two weeks, now, and here's where we are.

Leading up to the week I started the supplement, I didn't have any trouble staying hard during sex. I did drop to half-mast once during a position change, but I recovered, and my “lab assistant” didn't even notice the droop…

In terms of post-ejaculation recovery, I clocked in at 20 to 30 minutes before I was ready to go again. My assistants and I decided we wouldn't do any actual measurements of hardness or girth but instead, would just rely on the look and feel of my erection…

Montezuma's Secret: Two Week Check-in

The Results… So Far

Over the last couple weeks, I haven't noticed a whole lot of difference, but there are a few positives that could be attributed to Montezuma's Revenge:

  • My boners seem harder. When I get hard, it seems like I can feel more swelling and tightness in my penis. In my own inspections with my hand, my cock feels harder to me; my lab assistants, who used other methods and body parts to assess, concur.
  • Recovery time optimism. During one session in the last two weeks, I came while my lab assistant was in cowgirl position. She kept riding for another minute or two, and I was back in business for another round. While this only happened once in the last two weeks, it's something that usually only occurs a few times a year. So, the fact that I got a twofer shortly after I started Montezuma's Revenge seems like a very positive sign.
  • Day boners. It also seems that since I started the Montezuma's Revenge regimen, I'm getting more random boners while doing things like sitting at my desk and working than I did before. It would seem, then, that since I started on the supplement, more blood is flowing in and around the subject area.

It's possible that it's coincidence that such things happened during my first two weeks of taking Montezuma's Revenge. But, they did happen, I'm going to keep taking the supplement and see what (and who) comes next…

I’ll keep you posted…

How to Get Your Hands on Montezuma’s Secret For Yourself…

There’s only one real “drawback” I can think of when it comes to Montezuma’s Secret:

It gets sold out pretty quickly.

Since it comes directly from the manufacturer… and the ingredients they use are high-quality and in short supply…

Montezuma’s Secret can sell out from time-to-time.

So to watch a short video on how it works… the ingredients in it… the doctor’s research behind it… and how to get it while supplies last… click the link below now:

Click Here Now to Watch the Video & Save Your Place In Line for Montezuma’s Secret…

P.S. – Oh yeah–I didn’t mention that when you start the video… it also saves your place in line to get Montezuma’s Secret. If the video lets you click to play it… that means there is still availability… so click here, click the video, and it’ll show you how to get Montezuma’s Secret while supplies still last

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