How to Make “Same Night Sex” More Likely…

male grooming tips

 Discover the Importance of Male Grooming Tips–Do You Know This Little-Known Dealbreaker?

Wanna know something crazy?

Your senses don't actually work the way you probably think they do.

All of your senses have a second process before you experience them: Analysis. And for a woman, this is incredibly important.

But one sense is the most important — and in fact, it's perceived even before it's processed.

Which one is it?

The sense of smell.

How to Make "Same Night Sex" More Likely...

How a Woman's Strongest Sense Could Make or Break Your Chances With Her

Thanks to prehistoric days, when men and women could only rely on their sense of smell to check if meat was “fresh” or not, the sense of smell is a woman's strongest.

Smell-related information is instantly perceived, and therefore, can instantly be acted upon.

When you smell something that you know would result in digestive disaster, your impulse to push it away is immediate and irresistible.

It also results in a telltale crinkling up of the nose and sneer of the lips, which signals to yourself and others that you are displeased by the smell.

This is the universal expression of disgust, and that also explains its source and purpose.

There’s another place you’ll find it, and that’s what I’m here to talk about.

Too often — by which I mean “all the damn time” — women are telling me about guys they are seeing who sound to me like inhuman creatures… like Orcs or Dwarves from Middle Earth.

Perhaps you laugh about it, but aside from that, how does it make you feel? When you smell something bad, do you feel like eating?

Do you lick your lips?

Probably not, right?

So when a woman smells something bad, she immediately feels disgusted. She is repulsed.

This is obviously bad for men who smell bad — and in fact, it's the #1 reason a woman will leave your apartment after coming over.

She is grossed-out on the inside, and she can’t explain it away.

So today, I have a message for you, and men all over the world:

Gentlemen, let's clean it up.

Here are 4 easy ways to make sure your personal hygiene is in tip-top shape, so you can attract a high-quality woman, and make sure she wants to get closer to you as soon as physically possible.

Starting with number one:

How to Make "Same Night Sex" More Likely...

1) Handle Your Body Odor

If you wear underwear, change it daily. If you don’t wear underwear, you should probably start.

I would also recommend that you shower daily or every other day.

At the very least, shower before seeing a woman — whether or not she's new. Use soap. Use deodorant.

It seems obvious, right? But in the long run, these small steps make a huge difference.

After a shower, a tablespoon of fragrance oil in your palm can cover your whole body: While still wet, pour/squeeze a bit of oil into your palm.

Rub your hands together; oil your elbows, and then your knees.

Starting with your heels, quickly rub all the parts of your body, working your way up.

When you reach your knees, replenish the oil supply, and when you pass your waist, go to the elbows to do the same.

The whole thing takes less than 10 seconds and leaves your skin soft and attractive to the touch.

More importantly, the cologne you subsequently spray on (if you use that sort of thing) stays on longer because of the oil.

How to Make "Same Night Sex" More Likely...

2) Freshen Your Breath

Brush your teeth for two minutes — make sure it's two minutes, and not less.

Dentists say that Sonicare is the most effective toothbrush.


It beeps each 30 seconds to alert you to move from left to right and inside to out.

The effectiveness is not the actual brush, but because it encourages two minutes of brushing. You’re looking for that smooth feeling against the tongue.

You can also use gum or mints when you go out.

Bad breath on a date is like grammatical or spelling errors on a resume. It causes disgust. So it's best to take care of it.

How to Make "Same Night Sex" More Likely...

3) Take Care of Your Bathroom

There are two major problems in most men's bathrooms: Dirty clothes and urine.

Here are the solutions:

Get a hamper.

Dirty clothes stink — especially men’s (and more especially, active men’s).

Put it somewhere together, preferably in a place that closes. This also gets rid of the main source of messiness in a home.

This might sound a bit unorthodox, but I also highly recommend that you sit down to pee.

You probably don’t like that one, but men cannot help but get piss outside of the toilet bowl.

Here's the truth: Urine is basically ammonia combined with water, and when it dries it smells stronger and stronger. To a woman, it's extremely disgusting.

If you do not have a cleaning lady, you will probably need to clean the toilet and surrounding area often. The easy way to avoid this work is to sit to pee.

How to Make "Same Night Sex" More Likely...

4) And Don't Forget Your Kitchen

Always wash dishes before going to sleep.

If you're not a fan of washing your dishes, try listening to some music, an audiobook, or a podcast to help the time pass.

Two days' dishes are four times harder to wash than one day's dishes, so the more often you wash them, the better.

You could also get a cleaning lady to help out around the house.

If it’s not a ridiculous suggestion, $50-$100 per month can often get very good help eliminating most of your messes. It's a win/win situation.

When a woman visits a clean home — think hotel room — she feels like she’s on vacation and does not want to leave.

And once she's back at your place, impressed by your cleanliness, there's only one step left to prepare yourself for a night of amazing sex:

How to Make "Same Night Sex" More Likely...

Once She’s Back at Your Place–How to Seal the Deal For Good…

When the date is over, you want to be prepared for anything… especially if she’s coming back to your place.

Most of my older buddies rely on that “little blue pill” to impress the woman they’re with in bed… and some even resort to sketchy “drugs”…

But not me. I’m “all-natural” baby!

I just have my “sex snack.”

I discovered it on a trip to Asia… it’s a combination of 5 “supermarket” foods that are pretty basic…

And when I eat all of them in this one dish… I mean, I’m not 100% sure why it happens… but I notice I’m harder… and can go forever.

It definitely helps me keep up with hot younger girls who think I’m “too old” to sexually satisfy them… but hey, joke’s on her when she’s a puddle of babbling ecstasy after a marathon bedroom session. 😉

Check out the recipe–you’re gonna love it:

Discover the “Sex Snack” for Longer, Stronger Erections With the Next Woman You Take Home…

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