3 Techniques That Will Make Her Squirt Like A Firehose, And Make Her More Loyal Than A Golden Retriever

3 Techniques That Will Make Her Squirt Like A Firehose, And Make Her More Loyal Than A Golden Retriever

(Don’t worry, you don’t need a king kong big dong to make it happen. You already have all the tools you need to make her squirt and come harder than she ever has, and I’m gonna show you how to use these tools)

Here’s something you may not know…

Practically all girls are capable of squirting, most of them just don’t know it.

As a matter of fact, most women I’ve encountered believe they just aren’t capable of squirting… and many of these women who believed this were utterly SHOCKED when I was able to make it happen.

My current f-buddy didn’t think it was possible for her to squirt…

Of course… she was wrong.

The first time she told me she was confident that it was absolutely impossible for her to squirt, and told me no matter how good I am in bed that it’s not going to happen.

Well I made it happen!

And after I did, I thought I’d have to call an ambulance, because she was spasming so hard that she completely lost control of her body… temporarily went mute… and flooded my sheets with her juices.

Needless to say, it was one of the most intense orgasms she’s had in years.

How did I do it?

Well there are 3 very simple techniques you can use… and actually it’s really important to use all 3 at the same time if you consistently want to make a hot girl gush like a firehose for you.

3 Techniques That Will Make Her Squirt Like A Firehose, And Make Her More Loyal Than A Golden Retriever

1) The Blindfold, Dirty Talk, And Clit Combo

An old mentor once told me the most powerful tool you have in the bedroom is your voice, and he’s 100% right.

So what I like to do with women I’ve just met is use my voice to help them reach orgasm…

First I blindfold them (I actually use my temperpedic sleep mask, it’s way more comfortable than a regular blind fold, and doesn’t allow light to enter).

I use a small bullet vibrator on her clitoris.

(Really any vibrator would do, BUT if you can get one where you can manage the settings and make it more intense over time, that would be ideal. )

If you REALLY want to make sure this happens, then try this:

When she’s close to climax… stop… don’t let her finish…

…give her a few seconds to cool down and then bring her close to orgasm again.

Do this a few times before you let her get there – this is called edging, and girls get really turned on by it.

While you’re stimulating her clit you also want to be talking to her.

Tell her how sexy you think she is.

Tell her how hard this is making you.

Tell her how much pleasure you’re getting out of watching her squirm in ecstasy.

And most importantly when you’re done teasing her, and you decide you’re going to let her orgasm, tell her to push.

If she listens, and you’ve turned her on enough… then she will squirt, and she will squirt like a geyser.

That being said… she’s not necessarily going to squirt the first time you try this technique… and many times women need all 3 of these techniques to properly achieve “full release” and squirt like Old Faithful.

BUT the more comfortable she gets listening to you in the middle of sex, the more she’s going to comply in the future, and eventually she will squirt.

Just be prepared, have some towels laid out, and make sure you’re not wearing anything you want to get dirty.

If she doesn’t squirt here (and it can be rare that it happens the first, second, or even third time you try it)… then take a break, and use this next technique.

3 Techniques That Will Make Her Squirt Like A Firehose, And Make Her More Loyal Than A Golden Retriever

2) The “Deep Spot” Technique

It’s no secret… most women don’t experience vaginal orgasms.

According to a nationwide poll taken in 2016 of over 2,000 American couples, 60% of women experience orgasms with their partners, via clitoral stimulation.

That same poll concluded that only 12% of women orgasm via vaginal stimulation.

It’s uncommon knowledge that orgasms through vaginal stimulation are MUCH more powerful than clitoral stimulation, and can often lead women to having intense full body orgasms, multiple orgasms, AND squirting orgasms. 

(The squirting orgasms are much easier to achieve if you implement some of the dirty talk tricks mentioned above – definitely combine what you’re about to learn, with those dirty talk techniques). 

The problem is that most guys don’t know how to finger a woman properly, and that’s why I’m going to teach you the Deep Spot technique.

Here’s how it’s done…

1) Insert your middle finger in the woman’s vagina, palm up, with the rest of your fingers pointing downward.

2) Towards the back of her vagina you will feel a smooth area, and with your middle finger you’re going to make a “come hither” motion, and stimulate that smooth patch. 

If your fingers can’t reach, then you can put a pillow underneath the woman’s butt, and/or have her mount her legs on your shoulders. 

3) Start slow, use your voice as a tool while you do this, slowly ramp up the stimulation, and incorporate edging (mentioned in tip number one above). 

Like I mentioned above you want to use this technique to bring her close to climax, and then stop and let her cool down for a few seconds.

I like to use the deep spot method to bring a woman close to climax three times, before I allow her to come.

When you finally do decide to let this woman orgasm, again, tell her to push.

Unlike a clitoral orgasm, these orgasms are so intense that the chances of her squirting are much much higher.

But to have the best chance of making her squirt… and doing it right away, the first time you try it… I’d highly recommend this third tip I’m about to share with you:

3 Techniques That Will Make Her Squirt Like A Firehose, And Make Her More Loyal Than A Golden Retriever

3) Stay Harder & Last Longer For “Legendary” Orgasms (For You AND Her)

This last method will give your woman the most intense orgasm she’s EVER had… all you have to do is stay hard, and last around 20 minutes… which is a lot easier said than done. 

And let’s be honest: I’m not exactly a “marathon man” in the sack naturally.

So when I need help with something… I go to the absolute best experts I can to find the answer.

And in this case… my research led me to a pretty controversial and shocking place:

I saw this video about the “Legendary Dick” of King Montezuma II of the Aztecs.

Montezuma definitely didn’t have the biggest penis in the world–in fact, many of the invading Spaniards who saw him in a loincloth made special note that the few times they saw him soft… his dong was actually on the smaller side…

The key there though is “the few times they saw him soft.”

Montezuma was absolutely legendary for his hardness. He walked around hard all the time… and often when negotiating with Spanish conquistadors, he’d be finishing up with a couple of hot Aztec maidens…

…talk with the Conquistadors, totally erect…

…and then once it was over, he’d grab another new hot girl and start going at it with her!

So a super hard dong… AND incredible stamina.

I know–pretty amazing right?

And it’s not like he was some genetic freak either–he was shorter than we are… kinda pudgy… and nothing great to look at…

But he did have one “Secret Weapon” in his arsenal that kept him at attention like a freakin’ flagpole constantly.

It’s a combination of 5 “Firming Flavanoids” from fruits available in the Yucatan.

(In fact, that’s one reason why the Aztecs expanded their empire that far–to have a reliable source of these 5 fruits that Montezuma needed to keep his penis in “Legendary shape.”)

But like I said… I found this video one night… watched it for the exact formula Montezuma used…

And once I used it… not only did I get as hard as Chinese algebra…

I was able to last a whole lot longer–often up to 45 minutes or an hour, even after I had shot my load.

This stuff was life-changing for me. It gave me harder hard-ons… a sex drive like a horny teenager at prom… and the stamina to last a long time…

So if you really want to hit the woman you’re with’s deep spot… and not only make her squirt… but consistently give her multiple mind-blowing orgasms… (and for sex to feel better for YOU too)… click the button below now, you’ll thank me later:

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