3 Things Any Guy Can Do In Bed To Make Me Actually Come (Secrets from a Pornstar)

make her actually come
Discover how to make her actually come..

Make Her Actually Come Every Single Time… (She’ll Put You On Speed Dial For 2 AM Sex…)

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I’m going to let you in on a not-so-secret secret…

80% of women fake orgasms.

To be honest, I’ve faked it more than a few times myself, for different reasons.  

Sometimes, I’m tired, or thinking about other things… and it’s just hard to get in the mood…

But there a few times, there have been things that a guy has done, and no matter how tired… or not into it… or distracted I was…

He gave me EXPLOSIVE orgasms.

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When I was interviewing Dee Siren, a prolific star in the industry, she knew what I meant.  

Pornstars fake it pretty often… Sorry guys, there is no Santa Claus 🙁

They’re with guys all day long… some have six packs and hard bodies, and some are older, hairier guys with a paunch (think Ron Jeremy…). 

But none of that actually matters… sometimes the guy who looks least likely to rock your world is the one who makes you come the hardest…

And that’s the guy I keep going back to…that's the guy on speed dial when I’m horny in the middle of the night…  that is the man who makes me initiate sex with him…

I asked Dee Siren: 

“What are one or two things that ANY average guy can do right now to be better at sex?” 

Here’s what she said… 

Catch The Full Q&A Session Below…

Dee Siren: “Let me think of the average guy…

I guess the average guy definitely needs to pay attention to the girl. 

It's not about you. It's not about your orgasm. 

That's the key — it's not about you getting off. 

You can get yourself off much quicker and much easier than a girl can. I can get myself off much easier, much quicker than a guy can. 

I can go do that in about 10 seconds in the bathroom or right here… but the fact is that you chose to hook up with this girl or your wife or whoever. 

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You're choosing to spend that moment with her. So, make it about them.

Otherwise, what's the point? Really make it about them. 

Enjoy them. Enjoy the energy. Enjoy the experience. 

You're with that person for just that amount of time so really enjoy them. Be in the moment. 

Don't just make it about, ‘Here, let me just ram my… Ram, ram, ram, ram, ram. Okay, I came. I'm done. See you.’ 

make her actually come
Keep scrolling for the best way to make her actually come…

Because then the girl's just sitting there like, ‘Okay, that was great. That's fabulous.’ 

I can promise you it's just going to take her a bit longer to really get off than it is a guy. 

Guys are normally quicker and the girl can get herself off as quick as you guys can get yourself off, but when it comes to actual penetration, she's going to take longer because the penetration takes longer to get her off than clitoral stimulation. 

Clitoral stimulation, she can get it done in about 15 seconds. When it comes to penetration, it takes longer. 

Guys just need to realize that you need to just make it an amazing experience. 

Even if it's somebody you've been married to for 20 years, make it about an experience because it's just that moment in time and you're not going to get that moment in time again. 

Come back to earth, put your phone down, be there and have fun for that moment in time. 

And when it comes to the actual sex… you’ve got to really go deep and fill her…

You can do this no matter how big you are…”

3 Things Any Guy Can Do In Bed To Make Me Actually Come (Secrets from a Pornstar)

How to Go Deeper (Even If You’re “Not Big Down There”)

Even with these tips… a lot of guys I’ve been with are worried about size.

I mean I get it: that feeling of delicious fullness when a guy can really go deep… mmm… I’m getting turned on just thinking about it…

Thankfully, there are ways that guys can hit those deep spots… even if they’re only “modestly-endowed”…

Specifically, my favorite are these 3 “deep penetration” sex positions for guys with small penises.

They hit a very specific “secret spot” inside every woman… that was discovered by sexologists a few years ago. 

In fact, this “secret spot” isn’t widely known… and many are hailing it as “the key” to not only giving her that feeling of fullness we crave… but also powerful vaginal orgasms too.

Now… I’ve had a guy hit this spot before, and last time it happened I almost fainted… it was pretty intense… I even called my girlfriends to tell them about it…

I climaxed fast and hard… and now all I can do is think about the guy who was able to hit that spot… and whether or not he’ll be free if I text him at 1:30 am.

Normally getting this deep is reserved for guys who are hung like a horse…

But this guy was VERY average sized. 

In fact, these positions actually work a lot better with average sized guys because they can get REALLY deep without hurting us. 

Check this out, you’re really gonna love it if you’re the kind of guy who really likes pleasing his woman, and it might even make her addicted to your c**k. 😉

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