Harvard Study Links Head Injuries to Weaker Erections, Lower Testosterone (Details Inside–Plus What You Can Do About It)

Harvard Study Links Head Injuries to Weaker Erections, Lower Testosterone (Details Inside--Plus What You Can Do About It)
Can a simple thunk on the head cause performance issues for you in bed? This new study suggests “yes”–discover what you can do about it below…

A Simple Concussion May Cause Performance Issues & Lower Testosterone, Study Finds–Discover How to Reverse These Effects Fast Below…

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It turns out a somewhat common event (that seems to have nothing to do with your man parts) can cause some serious problems with your sexual performance. 

According to new research, if you’ve ever suffered from a head injury–even a minor concussion–you may be at greater risk for weaker erections and lower testosterone levels.

So today I’m going to dive into the research that made this connection…

What it could potentially mean for you…

Plus some easy & scientifically proven ways to increase hardness and testosterone (naturally).

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Because believe it or not, even if you haven’t had any head injuries in your life… sexual dysfunction, and more specifically ED, affects about 10% of men per decade of age.

What does that mean?

For example, fifty percent of fifty-year-olds experience ED, sixty percent of sixty-year-olds, seventy percent of seventy-year-olds, etc.

So whether or not you’ve personally experienced it, one of the best steps you can take right away is to arm yourself with lots of information!

How A Study of 3,400 NFL Players Exposed The Shocking Link Between Head Injuries & Sexual Dysfunction…

In fact, according to new research, head injuries have been strongly linked to weaker erections and lower testosterone.

To find this out, Harvard University conducted a study of more than 3,400 NFL players.

These researchers found that head injuries made men more likely to experience sexual dysfunction.

These results were true for men regardless of their age. Both older and younger men were more likely to have sexual dysfunction if they had had a concussion or a similar injury to their head.

While one concussion could make a difference, lots of concussions definitely added up.

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Men who had the most head injuries were twice as likely as others to have Erectile Dysfunction!

Now, head injuries are really common in football, right?

Anyone who has ever played or watched it knows that!

You’re probably thinking: every dude in the NFL has got to be dealing with this problem!

So what does the science say?

It Doesn’t End There…

 Of the 3,400+ men surveyed, all of them were past or present NFL players.

Of these players, eighteen percent had low testosterone.

Close to twenty-three percent experience sexual dysfunction—that’s almost one dude out of every four!

A little under ten percent had both low testosterone AND sexual dysfunction—poor guys, a double whammy. (No pun intended.)

Unfortunately, these effects didn’t lessen with time. Men who hadn’t played football in twenty years still seemed to develop sexual dysfunction as a result of their younger sporting days.

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So, sexual problems are more common in people who are getting repeated injuries to the head.

But what does this mean for regular guys?

If you’re not regularly slamming your head into men the size of small dinosaurs, how can you use this info?

Well, the more science understands sexual dysfunction, the better we get at treating it.

For example, researchers who completed this study aren’t totally sure why concussions can lead to sexual dysfunction.

Is The Pituitary Gland To Blame? Here’s What Scientists Have To Say…

 But one of their theories is that the pituitary gland in the brain could be affected.

The pituitary gland is responsible for making and regulating hormones.

And hormones do more than let you grow a beard and give you annoying acne as a teenager. (Though they are to blame for those years of pizza face. Thanks, hormones.)

Scientists say that injuries to the pituitary gland in the brain could impact testosterone production and cause other changes that make sexual dysfunction more likely to occur.

This is an interesting reminder that hormones control everything!

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They control your appetite, your mood, your weight, your sleep, your hair/hair loss, and the aging process.

Basically, if you are a human being, hormones are in charge of you.

If you’ve ever had problems with your hormones, or if you experience sexual dysfunction, you might feel a bit like a puppet in the hands of a crazy puppeteer.

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But scientists are beginning to have a better understanding the relationship between the brain, sexual dysfunction, and your hormones.

And this is good news!

If you understand something, you can take action to control it.

Here’s What You Can Do About It (Whether Or Not You’ve Had a Head Injury)…

Whether or not you’ve experienced head trauma in your life, understanding the relationship between hormonal health and sexual dysfunction is a great tool. 

You can take action right away, at any age, to improve your hormone health.

So what can you do to help that good ol’ pituitary gland keep pumping?

Well, first of all, protect your head. Duh!

Wearing a helmet when you ride a bike or motorcycle is easy enough. And try to break that habit of ramming your head into the nearest wall when you get really mad.

Okay, maybe you already wear a helmet and aren’t exactly in the habit of head butting furniture.

In that case, eating a varied diet full of fresh food will give your hormones a boost.

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Avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol also helps.

Getting enough rest is essential, so your body has time to produce those important chemicals!

And maintaining a healthy weight through exercise and a good diet is also really important.

Taking simple steps can help you enjoy healthy hormones and a strong sex life for years to come.

Like this one for example, that another recent Harvard study found can increase hardness substantially right away:

Harvard Study Links Head Injuries to Weaker Erections, Lower Testosterone (Details Inside--Plus What You Can Do About It)
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Another Harvard Study Reveals an Easy Way to Keep Your Hard-Ons as Stiff as a Lead Pipe…

Whether you’re a retired NFL player or not… the fact of the matter is, as you get older… it’s gonna be more difficult to make your boners as hard as they used to be.

Most guys just accept this… like it's a “natural” part of getting older…

But the good news is… as science advances… that's no longer the case!

For example… another recent Harvard study has made an incredible discovery:

Apparently, just a few minutes of “light walking” a day can reduce your risk of going soft *down there* by up to 41%!

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And that's especially true when you combine light walking, with these two other somewhat regular habits… that are scientifically proven to increase firmness FAST.

Most men find that after doing these things a few times, over the course of 3-4 weeks… they can:

  • Get hard basically “on-command”…
  • Stay rock solid for longer periods of time… (and not blow their load the moment they stick it in)…
  • And this might be TMI… but some guys say this technique even gives them morning wood more often!

As a girl who kinda has a thing for older guys, I have to say… when an older man can REALLY get rock-hard for me… not only is it a huge turn-on…

… but it makes me want to keep coming back to him for more and more… because a guy who can get it up like that is just so “hard” to come by these days! 😉

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