10-Minute “Action Hero” Pump-Up Routine REVEALED!


Use This Whenever You Want to Look Bigger (Like Before a Date)…

Have you ever seen an action star in a movie and thought, “There’s no way I can ever look that jacked. That guy must be ‘roided out of his mind!”?

While sometimes that’s the case, in reality these guys are using a simple trick that you can put to good use before a date:

The art of the Pre-Date Pump-Up Routine.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. There are a ton of “get ripped quick” articles online, and none of them deliver on what they promise.

But this is a proven technique designed for short-term gains, to make you look bigger, and designed by our Health and Fitness

What is a Pump-Up?

A “pump-up” is a quick 10-minute routine that will really make your muscles pop.

“This is basically what actors do on movie sets before they’re about to go film a shot,” certified personal trainer William Feuerbacher of SpeedplaySTL.com says. “We’re seeing all these superhero movies where these guys look bigger than they possibly should, and the way you do that is by increasing the blood flow to the muscles that you’re working on that you want to show off.”

Essentially, the increased blood flow to your muscles makes them larger and better defined, if only for a little while. This isn’t going to build muscle for the long term, or burn a lot of fat, but If you target the right areas, she’ll notice.

What Does a Pre-Date Pump Up Do For You (Aside From Bulking Up a Bit)?

After a long day at work, a pre-date pump up is going to be “great, because your energy levels are being taxed, and you’re going to come back to your normal heart rate,” Feuerbacher says. “Your lungs, breathing, all of that’ll improve. Over time, you might burn a little fat. And you’re going to look bigger. Like aesthetically, you’re going to be more appealing.”

Low-Weight High Reps? Or High-Weight Low Reps?

Surprisingly, Feuerbacher says it doesn’t really matter. “It’s all about volume, so it can be the number of reps, or it can be the weight. Both of those things will increase volume, depending on more reps less weight, or less reps more weight.”

Which Muscle Groups Should You Target?

“You’re not really going to be doing anything heavy enough to build muscle mass. There’s just not enough weight, not enough time.

Feuerbacher suggests focusing on muscles that will stand out, even through your shirt: chest, biceps, triceps, and forearms above everything else, and he’s incorporated those muscles into the routine below.

Gym vs. Home?

Is it worth going to the gym for a pre-date pump up? “Honestly, if going to the gym is so far out of your way, it’s such a complicated thing because you have so many people there, whatever, I would skip it,” Feuerbacher says. “If we’re just talking about a 5, 10 minute pump up before going out, do that at home. Do it where you can minimize the number of things to slow you down.”

What if you don’t have weights at home? Feuerbacher recommends anything that weighs between 5-20 pounds or so: a loaded backpack, a heavy chair, even a jug of milk can work depending on the exercise.

What Do You Mean By “Failure?”

To me, failure is until you can’t do a single rep more,” William says. “Lots of people stop at pretty round numbers. Forget that. Keep going until you can’t do any more.”

With all of that in mind, set a timer for 10 minutes and let’s get to the routine:

1) Set of Push-Ups to Failure

pre date pump up routine
pre date pump up routine

When in doubt, “drop down and knock out pushups” is Feuerbacher’s advice. “Change your grips on your pushups. The closer you bring your hands in, almost like a diamond push-up, the more you’re going to work your triceps. The further your hands are out, the more you’re going to work your chest. Those are the big muscles we think girls like, right?”

Indeed they are!

Some keys to these: make sure your butt isn’t too high in the air, and get low enough so that your chest actually touches the ground. Keep count and try to do at least one more than you did the last time you went through this routine.

2) A Set of Bicep Curls to Failure

pre-date pump up routine

Feuerbacher recommends around 20 pounds or so in each hand. If you don’t have time to go to the gym, he suggests finding a household object of similar weight (like a loaded backpack), and single-arm curling that to failure.

Keep your back straight and try not to move your elbow. Posture is important. Don’t “jerk” the weight up using your whole body either. You’re trying to isolate your biceps.

3) Single-Arm Skullcrushers to Failure

pre-date pump up routine
pre-date pump up routine skullcrushers 2

Using the same weight or household item you used for your biceps, you can find a regular old bench or long surface without a back that can support your weight comfortably.

Start with the weight raised over you, arm straight, then bend your elbows so that the weight comes down just over your head. Then extend it back out. Repeat until failure, then switch to the other arm and repeat until failure. This will really pump up your triceps, “One of my favorite tricep movements,” Feuerbacher adds.

4) Overhand Wrist Curls to Failure

pre date pump up routine overhand wrist curls

“Whenever women are asked about the most attractive muscles on guys, the forearms are always up there,” Feuerbacher says. Plus, your forearms are more likely to be on display during a date than almost any other muscle group, so they should warrant some special attention.

For this exercise, you’re going to want something that’s kind of heavy and “stick-like.” William thinks a sledgehammer, heavy broom, or wet mop might do the trick. If you have light weights (5-10 pound barbells), those are ideal.

Start by holding the stick in one hand with an overhand grip. Curl your wrist like you’re revving a motorcycle on the handle.

Do this until you can’t perform another rep, then switch arms. Your forearms will be good-to-go for a while.

5) (Optional) Step Calf Raises Until Failure

pre date pump up routine calf raises

If it’s nice out and you’re wearing shorts on your date, “you could do calf raises on a step,” Feuerbacher says. Strong calves make you seem solid, and like you have a strong foundation or base.

So Feuerbacher suggests some simple step calf raises if they’re going to be on display. Stand on a step so that the balls of your feet are barely hanging on the edge, and your heels are hanging off. Slowly lower your heels down “below” the step’s level, then push up with the balls of your feet. Repeat until you can’t do any more.

Repeat Until the Timer Runs Out

If there’s still time left, start at the top again with push-ups until failure, and go on down the list. You probably won’t be able to get as many sets this time around, according to Feuerbacher, but these are the muscle groups you should focus on. “Honestly, if your shirt is covering up the muscle, I wouldn’t even worry about it.”

10-Minute "Action Hero" Pump-Up Routine REVEALED!

Mid-Date Pump-Up?

“Keep in mind, this pump up is going to wear off, too,” Feuerbacher says. “So if you’re super concerned about it, and you’re getting lucky as the night goes on, you might be dropping down and doing pushups in the bathroom, or something, where she’s not around.”

Two Things to be Conscious of When Trying a Mid-Date Pump-Up

1) Don’t take too long (you don’t want her starting to wonder), and

2) Use bodyweight exercises. You don’t want to be trying to do pull-ups on her shower curtain rod and bring the whole thing down.

Other than that, if you want that “action hero-ripped” look on your next date, follow William’s routine above. And now that you’re sporting a new, “more ripped” look, what does that mean for her attraction to you?

Read on…

How to Use Your New Physique to Your Advantage…

Now that your muscles are popping a bit… you may notice some things go “differently” on this date than other dates.

She might seem a little more “bubbly” when the date starts… or you might notice her eyes go wide for a second or two when she meets you.

It’s an instant jolt of confidence… and it can give you a real “head start” with a lot of girls.

It’s not that she’ll necessarily swoon like this:

hot reporter swoons over guys muscles

But you’ll probably find that she’s quite a bit “warmer” to you… and she’ll be friendlier and more open with you on the date from the start.

So that gives you the perfect opening to do something most guys don’t do on a first date… something that’ll almost certainly drop her panties:

Touch Her.

I can see why I guess: since most guys don’t know the right ways to touch hot girls to turn them on… they figure best not to even try at all.

But do that at your peril…

Because if you like having faster sex with hotter women… this is by far the easiest way to make it happen.

And combined with the “Action Hero” pump-up routine above… once you do touch her here, using these specific techniquesshe probably won’t be able to keep her hands off of you.

That means more sex for you… and as you get more comfortable using these touch techniques, it’ll be with hotter girls.

There’s a short free video below showing you exactly how to touch a girl for fast sex…

Just click the link below to get these quick, easy “touch techniques” you can break out on your next first date to make her dripping wet… uncontrollably horny… and drop her panties that first night:

3 Easy “Touch Tricks” That Drop Hot Girls’ Panties On the First Date…

10-Minute "Action Hero" Pump-Up Routine REVEALED!

P.S. – Have you ever heard of the Swedish slide? It works like freakin’ magic on hot, busty blonde women if that sounds good to you? It’s in the video too–you can click here to check it out.

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