These “Innocent Touches” Turn Women On (Even in Public)

Find Out Which Innocent Touches That Turn Girls On You Can Do In Public… (Then She Will Drag You Off for Some Private Touching…)

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It’s a confusing time to be a guy.

Of course you need (and want) to get consent from a woman… but it can be a really tricky thing to navigate…  

You don’t want to kill the moment, or be a dorky 50s guy: “Hello, may I please hold your hand?”

But you also can’t just go right in for a kiss and be too forward…

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I’ve straight up had women tell me that if a guy asks, “May I kiss you?” it kills the mood, and she will always say “No.”

Women want men who take command and show their desire… 

I mean, if we always waited for women to make the first move, there would be a LOT less sex in the world…  🙂

They want the manly, take charge guy… but you can’t be too forward or pushy (that crosses the line from assertive and manly to creepy).

I want to talk today about how to walk that line, and give women exactly what they want…

I’m going to show you an easy, rejection free way to escalate… with touches that are so innocent you can do them all in public… 

But these touches will turn her on, get her wet, and then SHE will be the one to suggest that it’s time to go someplace more private… 

for a whole different kind of touching…

I have my friend Winifred with me today, and in this video, we will talk about getting consent (without being weird) and exactly which innocent touches in public lead to dirty touches in private:

Catch The Full Video Transcript Below…

Hey, Ruwando here on behalf of Gotham club and I'm here with my friend, Winifred. Today we're going to speak about how to touch in public (to lead to sex). 

This is the difference between a platonic interaction and one that can become physically intimate, and instead of me just talking about the difference, I asked Fred to be here, because she’s an actual woman who has been touched before…

The reason why touch is so important, touch is something directly connected to human intimacy.

It's very hard to have a sexual relationship if you haven’t been touched before.

Now in public, a lot of times breaking that barrier can be tricky, especially when you talk about: “Is it okay to touch your shoulder? Is it okay for us to kiss?”  

You can try out the 1950s kind of thing where you stretch and lean an arm around her… That kind of stuff doesn't work very well…

These “Innocent Touches” Turn Women On (Even in Public)
Keep scrolling for the secret innocent touches that turn girls on…

Sometimes Simple is Best (Actually, Always…)

But the reality is physical touch with someone, even someone you just met, can be really simple. 

And before I get into principles, I was curious Fred, if you had any thoughts on when you meet a guy for the first time, are there any dos or don'ts that you notice with men specifically touching you?

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Fred: I wouldn't say there are any specific don’ts unless they're very intentionally sexual touches, you know, like grabbing a girl’s ass. 

In general, touch, I think it's a thing where you work your way up. And so it's a general thing that I don't have set rules about…Unless it’s incredibly inappropriate. 

Like maybe putting a finger in someone's ear; or generally things that people don't do.

Break On Through to the Other (Sexual) Side…

Ruwando: Is there anything specific that you do like that? You notice like, oh, wow, that guy did that. 

Fred: Definitely. I like people who do subtle touches. 

Maybe you'd be talking to them and then they just put their hand on your shoulder, or they easily grab your hand to explain something. 

I definitely think touch is a really good way to bring your friendship to the next level, even if it's not romantic. 

I'm just like, Oh, we can actually be in the same physical space and not have to worry that it means something. And this makes me feel calmer, even if it doesn’t lead to something,

Ruwando: Fred just hit on a couple important points. If you want people to feel okay with even very platonic touch, it creates a level of comfort which is necessary. 

If sexuality were to occur at all, that kind of touch has to happen. It's kind of hard to progress in sexuality if you don't even feel comfortable casually touching each other.

Fred: It creates a level of breaking that boundary between friendship and the next thing…

Now For the Tricky Stuff… Consent

Ruwando: The other thing Fred just mentioned is that it breaks that boundary where if you're finding yourself getting stuck in the friend zone.

If you’re hoping something happens, and then she's like, “Oh, I thought we were just friends. I didn't see you that way,” It's probably because that boundary was never passed, so she's never going to re-categorize you as a potential sexual person.

Now one very important thing, especially in the current era of humanity, is consent. 

And you had some things to say on that. Right?

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Fred: It's a really good idea to open the conversation about what touches are ok, but also very often the touch is so minimal that it's not necessary. That’s the best kind of touch.

You know, just like coming across somebody that you like, and giving them a hug… 

Are we going to start asking whether we can give people hugs? I know some people are very keen on this, but I don’t think it’s really necessary.

Ruwando: So what would you say to guys today? I'm sure guys listening are wondering, okay, I want to be within consent, but I also don't want to ruin the moment by over asking for consent. 

Are there any guidelines you would offer?

Fred: It depends how sexual the intent is. 

I feel like maybe kissing requires consent, but I feel like you can read people’s body language and intent. 

Not really, like, we're gonna be here (sitting doing nothing) and we’re just suddenly gonna go for it.  Usually, there’s a lean and a step into it.

And then you can tell people like either pulling away… If you're not sure, that's a good time to ask for consent.

This is REALLY Important…

touches that turn girls on

Ruwando: She just touched on something that I think is a key statement. In an interaction with a woman you aren’t looking for verbal “consent” necessarily, you’re looking for active engagement

Like if she is not only okay with my hand on her shoulder, but is actually leaning in or engaging with me…

She's actively engaging back with me.  She's cool with this interaction.

Whereas, obviously, if she brushes her hand away, that's not the best thing. Don’t keep going…

What are the Two Types of Touch

Ruwando: So there's two types of touch that people have spoken about a lot. 

There is explicit touch and implicit touch. 

Explicit touch is like if I put my hands on her shoulder, there's no way either of us can deny that my hand is on her shoulder. Either she's okay with it or not. 

But if I brush her arm or our legs are touching… it's not in anyone's face.  I can test the waters a bit. This is implicit touch.

The reason why this matters, I want to make sure that nobody is watching this thinking, “Oh, the incidental or implicit touches is to sort of try to trick her into getting touched without her realizing…”  


It's that women don't come to their sexual decisions as quickly as men. They might want to feel you out and test to see if you're safe. 

Are you somebody they want to actually engage with or be vulnerable with?

The Fastest Way to Make Her Say “No” (So… Don’t Do THIS)

Ruwando: Something as explicit as, “Hey, do you want to have sex with me tonight?” puts so much pressure on her… 

Fred: Yes, then it’s very easy to just put barriers up. 

You feel like, “Oh, I didn't have time to think about it… The answer has to be no.”

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Ruwando: Yeah. Because if it's a gray area, she'll probably put up a no as a default.  

But in reality… maybe you as soon as you said hello she was already thinking, “Maybe this is a guy I want to sleep with…” but she needed more time to figure that out…

And if you put everything in her face or go for explicit touch or explicit sexual communication too quickly, it's just going to default to “no” because how could she feel safe saying yes?

innocent touches that turn girls on

If She Brushes Her Breasts Against You…

Ruwando: So that's the purpose of incidental touch is that it’s something people do naturally. Like when you are interested in someone, maybe you sit a little closer. 

Engage more or maybe naturally touch more. 

A lot of my female friends will say this (I don't know if this is true), but when you’re into a guy, you're more likely to brush him with your breasts. 

(Try using this 3 step touch sequence to have her dripping wet fast.)

Fred: I think in general, with body language, if you’re comfortable with someone, you’re likely to be closer.  Right? 

You’re more comfortable with letting someone in your personal space… even if you’re not touching…

Ruwando: So here's where you have to listen to your feelings. 

I can’t tell you exactly what number of inches is intimate. Like, that's not useful. 

Even if you come up with a number, it's not useful to think about. 

But when you get to a certain point, like you'd notice discomfort, that's something you need to pay attention to. Because if you're feeling it, she's probably feeling it too. In fact, she might be feeling things that you're disregarding.

Throw Out the “Old School” Rules

Fred: It's definitely kind of like allowance — is she allowing you to be there?

Ruwando: You want to give opportunities for her to feel what it's like to be at a certain level of intimacy before you go further. And this can be as simple as touching and not touching.

Fred: Fixing somebody's hair or like maybe getting something like that's not quite right. Like, oh, you have something there? (Leans in to touch…)

Ruwando: Yeah. Only if it’s true… you don’t want to be doing tricks too much. 

They used to call it the “kiss test” and in old school dating rules, if you touch her hair and she's cool with it, she's probably okay with you kissing her too. 

Fred: This is too old school!

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Ruwando: Back to the important differences between implicit and explicit touch:  implicit touch gives her an opportunity to feel her level of comfort and for you to get a read without anybody having to be like, yes, this is cool. No, no, this is not cool. 

Because, like one of the big differences between touch, like if I touch with the back of my hand, it's typically implicit.

But anytime you're using the actual palms of your hands or the front of your body or obviously your face…

Fred: It’s more intense isn’t it?

Ruwando:  Yes.  So if I touch her with my palm, there's no way either of us can deny that I'm touching her with my palm, which means she needs to give some sort of signal.  Is she OK with that or not?

And if it's really early in the interaction, she might not know yet, you might have just said hello. 

This is a good time to test the waters, by implicitly touching her.

See if she seems to engage with you, if your legs touch and she seems to lean in, it’s probably a good signal that you can at least go one layer deeper with your explicit touch…

Let Go BEFORE She Wants You To…

Fred: Yeah, I would say that just having one yes doesn't just allow you to jump straight in.  It’s building steps.

Ruwando: And if you're touching a certain way, you don't want to linger too long. 

Maybe she actually likes your hand on her thigh, but if you're there for 10 minutes… That's just weird.

When you let go before she needs space, you're demonstrating some level of respect for her space.

innocent touches that turn girls on
These are the best innocent touches that turn girls on fast…

Also, you show that you’re trying to listen to her body. You’re not going to steamroll, because even a woman who wants to sleep with you needs time to decide.  

If you take too much, too fast, she's gonna default to no, as Fred mentioned.

Fred: And make it genuine, like you said. Don't make these tricks just making things up so you can touch somebody. 

There’s many instances where you can touch another human without having to go in there with a direct intention. 

Ruwando: It's so important to listen to your feelings moment to moment, because that's what's going to inform you that something is actually natural.

Build Up… Slowly… (Like an Orgasm…)

Ruwando: This is the last point, but it's also very important. People platonically touch, as Fred said, we hug each other, you can high five, you can touch each other when you talk, you can emphasize points. But there is a certain point, if you have the intention of sexuality — that barrier has to be crossed by someone, it could be her, but someone has to cross that.

And if you go from cold to fire, it's gonna be jarring. But this kind of touch that we're talking about creates that level of comfort, whereas everything seems to be vibing, we're cool with this regular touch. We're cool. 

Fred: And it’s so much more exciting. Like a build up.

Ruwando: Yeah, you get to the point where you're getting kind of close and no one's pulling back. 

Then at some point, someone has to be bold. 

And if you're waiting for her to be bold, you're both losing. 

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If you feel that desire, it's okay for you to be bold at some point. It's important to break the barrier and if you feel confident with the level of comfort, it could be something physical. 

People have been leaning in for kisses, for forever. It's not a weird thing. 

Lean in, and if you're not sure about your intuition, if you're not sure of the situation, if you’re not sure if she’s ready for a kiss — that's when you should ask. Right? You don't lose anything. 

That's when, you ask. If you don’t trust your intuition.

But if you ask, don’t do it as if you’re hoping that she grants you this favor… 

You're saying, hey, I want to kiss you right now. 

Yes, breaking the barrier puts you in a space where you might get rejected. But, that's also part of creating physical intimacy..

Fred: Don’t be scared to make the first move.

Take it slow and steady, but somebody kind of has to make that first physical contact, whatever it is…

You have to make a move…

innocent touches that turn girls on
Keep scrolling for the best innocent touches that turn girls on…

Here’s How to Make the First Move (In a Rejection-Free Way)…

A lot of guys “freeze” before making a move.

After all… you don’t want to risk rejection that’s going to hurt your self-esteem… and lower your confidence…

Resulting in even more rejection in the future.

That’s why you should take the risk out of it and use these 3 “under-the-radar” touches from my mentor Magic.

Each touch is part of a specific “friendly sequence” that ramps things up from friendly to sexual smoothly…

It takes her from curious about you… to interested… to BURNING with desire for you…

To her trying to blow you like a cup of hot soup in the back of an Uber.

Now… It’s kind of subtle, and I actually felt a little weird doing it at first… I didn’t think it could work…

But it works so damn well that I pretty much use it on every hot girl I meet. 

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