How To Make “It” Bigger in a Way That Lasts & REALLY Works (From A Popular Male Enhancement Coach)

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Hi, I'm AJ “Big Al” Alfaro, and I've been a leading figure on the internet male enhancement scene since 1997. 

I've been featured on MSNBC, CNN,, The “Jon Melichar Show,” The Boston Phoenix, PE Magazine, AltPenis Research, Weekly Wire, MEL Magazine, and Men's Wellness News.

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I'm the author of several books, guides and newsletters, including “For Men Only”, “How To Get Incredibly Huge and Super-Strong Naturally” and my most recent release,  the “Ultimate Guide to Male Enhancement.” <<< Click that link for a discount exclusive to Gotham Club readers–just use the code “GOTHAM10” for 10% off!

And today, I'm going to answer this question from a reader:

“How can you grow your size in a way that lasts and really works?

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Catch The Full Video Transcript Below…

In order to make maximum and lasting gains, male enhancement should be seen as a lifestyle endeavor.  

Most important among the factors for maximum results is health- especially heart health.  

If your cardiovascular fitness is very poor, then you're going to have problems maintaining erections- especially during vigorous sexual activities.  

Make sure that your cardiovascular health takes priority in your training outside of male enhancement work.  

When you do start a male enhancement routine, make sure to prioritize your Erection Quality above all else. 

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You're going to make much better gains with good EQ than with poor EQ.  

Stress management should also be included in your efforts.  

The penis does not function well under negative emotional stress, so engaging in regular meditation, physical exercise, and positive emotional visualization techniques will be most helpful towards this end.

(You can also try eating this sex snack before you get down to business to stay rock hard for hours)

Once you achieve your size goals, you can maintain your results by cementing your gains.  

This is where you gradually taper off on the volume of your routine over a period of several weeks.

From there, be sure that you're maintaining good EQ. 

The regular forced tissue expansion which comes from inducing regular, rock-hard erections will help your penis maintain its size. 

But what if you can't get “rock-hard” erections all the time?

How To Make “It” Bigger in a Way That Lasts & REALLY Works (From A Popular Male Enhancement Coach)
This is a great way to increase penis size and stay rock hard all night long…

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And the LAST thing I want is for all your hard work you’ve put in to get your “size gains” to go to waste…

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