What’s the Deal With This New Gotham Club Website?

So maybe you’re wondering…what’s the deal exactly with this new Gotham Club website?

I figured this question is somewhere in the back of your mind, maybe even in the front.

So here’s my best answer…

About a year after my dating life hit “rock bottom”, I started on a rocky road towards making sure these pains and failures I’d faced would never happen to me again.

When I first started walking that path (I’m still walking it), I met a lot of bad “experts” and people who just generally shouldn’t be giving advice to anyone. When you’re just getting started, it’s tough. You really can’t tell the difference between someone who’s just making it up and a real expert.

So I got a lot of terrible advice and I gave a lot of these men money in exchange for their terrible advice.

This is the kind of thing that, even today, makes me want to go back and politely tell that person in the nicest way possible, that they really shouldn’t be giving out their two-cents to anyone (dating or otherwise) just because it can cause so much harm.

But not all my experiences were bad…

Far from it. Eventually, I found people I could trust. Things took a quick turn for the better. And as my own life improved, I suddenly found I could now easily spot the “fakers” from the guys who were the real deal.

Over the course of the next few years, I met so many experts, gurus and guides that I set up a monthly seminar just to help them get their message out. The seminar grew in popularity until it reached over 150 people at one event. Even CNN and the New York Times emailed me, out of the blue, to ask me if they could stop by to cover one of the events.

By this time, I had every “expert” under the sun contacting me about speaking at these seminars.

Which caused a new set of interesting challenges…

Some experts who reached out to me seemed to have bad intentions, so it was easy to turn down their request to come and give a presentation.

However, others were much harder to turn down.

Many men with great intentions and a whole lot of optimism approached me, but I had to turn them away because I knew their message either wasn’t honed enough, or that they risked giving advice that would just lead men in the wrong direction, which was the single biggest pitfall I fought to avoid.

But keeping the standards high at Gotham paid off quickly…

Soon the number of men showing up grew even larger.

And it occurred to me that all the diverse men walking into these seminars (doctors, bankers, “average joes,” the recently divorced and even ambitious college kids) were actually looking to me to tell them who they could trust and what advice was credible.

Most of these men had come across advice in books or online that had failed them. Usually attempting to implement said advice lead to some serious pain… I mean getting embarrassed in public or losing a girl they really cared about…

In general, I found both for myself and for other men, these bad experiences just left us feeling burned and less confidant then when we started.

Now just over a decade later, with nearly anyone being able to publish an article or video online, there’s more of a need than ever for a reliable, trustworthy path to success.

But that’s not all, there are really three key parts to the mission of this site….

  1. This is about connecting you with the newest and best ideas. Thought leaders and extraordinary men who have discovered secrets to success. A pristine environment where only the best, most effective information survives, to make sure you’re never lead down the wrong path again, a threat that can delay your progress by months or even years.
  2. This is about connecting you with other open-minded, ambitious men who can support you and aid you on your journey. Sometimes trying to go it alone can itself guarantee failure.
  3. This is about providing a clear and actionable path to reaching your goals. A tip here and a trick there can only do so much. My goal is to lay out everything you need all in one place while at the same time, giving you a choice of which “styles” or which expert’s advice best jives with you.

And most importantly, this website is still taking shape, always improving, and far from perfect.

Which is why I encourage you to write me your ideas, questions and feedback. I’ve setup an email address just for this. Just hit me at [email protected], and I’ll make sure I’ll read it.

Now, much like the men walking into my seminars for the first time, you’re just “showing up” here for the first time too, and I know that can feel confusing and disorienting. Where should I start? What should I read? What’s actually going on here? How do I take what’s on this site and use it to get what I want?

That’s why I’ve created two simple steps for you to get started…

First is my “Three Part Action Plan,” which is essentially the top three most important things I recommend all my clients do immediately. These are those high leverage steps that will get you the fastest progress.

Second is my “Rejection Proof Way To Start A Conversation With Any Woman.” I know, sounds too good to be true, but read it and I’m pretty sure I’ll convince you otherwise. You wouldn’t be the first person to challenge me on this one 😉

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