3 Questions to Determine Why She’s REALLY Ignoring Your Texts

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Think She’s Ignoring Texts You Send? Here’s Why (And What to Do)…

So you got her number and are feeling pretty good about it.

You decide to send her a text,  and….


Maybe you got her number the night before…

Or maybe you’ve been texting her for a few days…

Maybe you’ve even gone on a date or two and thought they went pretty well…

Whatever the case, you’re shocked by the silence and you become more and more frustrated as time passes with no response.

If the waiting turns into days with no response, you’re left thinking:

“WTF is going on with this girl!?! Is she ignoring me on purpose? Or did she just forget?”

And it’s an excruciating situation to handle.

But before you can even think about what to do now…

It’s important to understand the real problem — why she ignored your text (or texts) in the first place.

The Ugly Truth About Why She Isn’t Responding…

Here’s the bottom line:

If you send her multiple texts and don’t get a single response, it means she isn’t interested.

And if she isn’t interested, then she’ll never agree to meet up with you.


You could stew in your own frustrations…

Or send her angry texts you might regret later…

But the more proactive approach is to think about what actually caused her to do this.

Because at the end of the day, this girl gave you her number.

And that means that at one point, she was interested in you…

So at some point along the way, something happened that caused her to lose interest.

With that in mind, here’s a little quiz:

Ask yourself these 3 questions about your initial interaction with her to determine why she’s really ignoring your texts.

1) Was the conversation interesting?

Maybe the conversation wasn’t a nonstop thrill ride, but you still left satisfied because you got her number.

Well, that doesn’t change the fact that she may have left the conversation feeling bored…

And if she’s already bored, she won’t waste any energy responding to your texts.

So what can you do to “fix” this?

Look back for clues to help you figure out things you said that you might want to change the next time around.

Were you keeping the conversation fun and interesting? Did she seem fully engaged?

Check out David’s latest piece to learn more about mastering the art of conversation.


2) Did you feel a physical connection?

It’s hard to focus on how you feel when you’re just worried about getting your words out right…

But to the girl you’re talking to, a connection means everything.

You may have seemed like a nice and friendly-enough guy…

But if there wasn’t anything sexual about the interaction between you…you’re probably out of luck.

And that’s because if she can’t picture you as a potential romantic or sexual partner, she’s not going to be interested in meeting up with you again.

And that means she won’t be interested in texting you back.

Did you reach out to touch her at any point during your conversation? The power of touch is proven to spark her sexual interest.

When you show a physical interest in her, then she’ll know you want to be more than friends…

And she’ll be more inclined to see you that way when you eventually text her.

3) Were you needy, desperate, or aloof?

If you’re coming off as needy or desperate, she’s not going to be into you — point blank.

But even if you don’t feel needy or desperate, there are certain actions women pick up on that signal to her brain you might be.

So if you repeatedly buy drinks for her and her friends…

Or you brag and keep trying to impress her…

She’s going to think you’re desperate for her attention and affection.

And that means she won’t want to give it to you.


As Glenn has written about before, women will never value what’s given to them.

And if you keep trying to impress her, she’ll assume you’re just willing to give yourself to her without her having to work for it at all.

But more on that in a second…

On the other hand, you might have acted too aloof.

It’s one thing to refuse to bend over backwards to impress her…

But it’s another to act unconcerned with your surroundings and uninterested in even yourself.

When you’re aloof and disconnected, you can’t participate in the present moment. And she’ll pick up on your “high and mighty” vibe like that.

Remember, she doesn’t need this interaction to go well and lead to something.

And even if you really want it to go somewhere, it’s important to let her know that you don’t need her.

2 “Break Glass in Case of Emergency” Steps to Make Her Respond…

Getting a girl’s number is no piece of cake.

So when you have a number that doesn’t go anywhere…

It’s frustrating as hell.

But it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

In fact, it can help you figure out exactly what you did wrong — and that means you can fix it!

So next time you do get a number, it won’t be a wasted effort.

But if you’re just not ready to give up, there are two steps you can take as a last-ditch effort to make her respond.

Here’s how to handle these uncomfortable situations and get answers without wasting too much of your time:


Step 1: Send a Quick Reminder Text After 2-3 Days

If she goes silent after your initial text, wait two to three days to text her again.

Be patient and don’t over-think her silence.

After two to three days, send a simple text in case she forgot about you or was too busy to respond.

Make it light and playful. Something like,

“Hey, remember that super-attractive guy you met?”

Or something as simple as “Pssssssssst…”

Remember to never reveal your true level of interest.

Any text with things like: “You’re so pretty…”

“I really would like to see you again…”


“I thought you were really cool”…

…is going to signal desperation and end it right there.

You want to text her something she’s not expecting to hear.

And you should have the mentality that whether she likes you or not, you have plenty of other options.

If you don’t hear back from her, you can try one more time in another 2-3 days.

And if you still don’t get anything, it’s time to move on to step two:

Step 2: Switch it Up

A while ago, I met this chick at a BBQ — Katie — total girl-next-door type. I felt an instant connection with her and just had to get her number.

So I get her number and text her…

No response. For 3 days.

Did I bore her? Was I too needy? I had no idea, and it made me so frustrated…

So one night, after going through half a bottle of whiskey, I send her like 20 texts in a row about how much I like her and how I just want to go out on “one little date” with her…

I woke up the next morning in a cold sweat — my hands were shaky, and I was hungover as hell. Then I looked on Facebook….

And she had posted screenshots of our conversation for the entire world to see!

My face got redder than a tomato, and I felt my stomach drop to the floor. I nearly barfed on my computer.

I felt powerless

Until my buddy sent me this — it’s a simple video that shows you how to control your interactions with any woman.

So I’m in the grocery store a few days later, and who walks in? Katie.

She walks over to me, and she’s fuming — her eyebrows are furrowed and her arms are crossed…

But then I use what I learned in the video to talk to her like this…

And look at her in one specific way…

And she turned to putty in my hands. She started eyeing me up and down and biting her lip, almost like she completely forget about my mishap and wanted to rip my pants off right there!

And I ended up taking her home that same night, all thanks to this crazy video…

Just click here to learn how to make the next woman you meet see YOU as a potential lover…

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