3 Hidden Signs Natural Ladies Men Always Look For To Know When A Hot Girl Secretly Wants To Hookup


I’m going to let you in on a secret that few guys know.

It’s probably why you think of some guys as being “naturally” good with women… and how they can seem to easily “connect” with every girl they come across.

What these “naturals” do is pretty simple… and actually quite clever:

They’ve learned to pick up on the subtle signs that a woman gives off to tell a guy that she’s interested in him… and even that she wants to sleep with him right away.

This makes his life a LOT easier! He can avoid the girls who aren’t into him… and focus on the ones who are.

And once you know these same subtle signs, it means a few big changes for you too:

  • You’ll minimize rejection, since you won’t waste time on girls who have no interest in you. This means fewer flakes and girls who conveniently “have a boyfriend”
  • You’ll have more options than most guys, since you recognize the girls who might appear to be “shy” or “cold” on first glance… but who are actually really interested in you. And most importantly…
  • You’ll start to relax and enjoy talking to women. Once you can pick out the girls who are interested… you can simply say “hello” to the right girls… or put yourself in a situation where she can start a conversation with you. You can lean back and relax while she chases you… letting her natural desire for you do all of the work.

Talking to girls won’t be a “chore” anymore…it’ll be fun! You can actually “be yourself” and know that she’s already attracted to YOU. And you can let her chase you all the way back to your bedroom since you know she already wants THAT too…


3 of Her Most Important “Interest Indicators”

Before you can start living this exciting new lifestyle… where dating is fun and leads to sex more often than not… you need to know what to look for.

And while her “Interest Indicators” can be a little bit subtle… the good news is that they’re not too tough to figure out if you know what to look for.

Here are 3 of her biggest “tells” that she’s interested in you:

1) She Makes Extended Eye Contact With You

She might start out kind of shy… making eye contact with you… then looking away… and then making eye contact again. If she goes through that sequence in 30 seconds or less… or makes longer eye contact, like a minute or two… you can be pretty sure she’s interested in you.

2) She Casually Touches You Early and Often

If you’ve just met and she starts putting her hand on your shoulder or chest… or even if she playfully hits your arm after you tell a joke… it’s a pretty good sign that she wants you.

3) Her Feet Are Pointed Toward You (Even if She’s Not)

In the book What Every Body is Saying, an ex-FBI profiler reveals a bunch of cool body language tricks and tells. One of the most telling is which direction her feet are pointed. If she’s pointing them at you… you’re almost definitely in.

Best of all, this is easy to check with a quick glance downward… you can be subtle yourself and she’ll be none-the-wiser…


More “Advanced Interest Indicators” She Gives Off

Of course these three signals are just the tip of the iceberg. In my near-decade as a sex and dating coach, I’ve discovered a lot more of these “secret signs”…

…and I’ve “cracked the code” of what to do when you see a woman giving these off.

And this secret wisdom is life-changing enough that TV News Star Anderson Cooper recently invited me on his show to talk about it.

His producers tried to trick me into revealing all of these “Interest Indicators” on national television… and you won’t believe what happened once his audience got involved…

I’ll show you exactly what happened on Anderson’s show… plus I’ll reveal more of these powerful “Interest Indicators” to you. The more of them you know… the quicker you can know if she’s into you or not… and the more sure of it you can be.

Just click the button below now and you’ll get immediate, free access to this short presentation I made about my appearance on Anderson’s show… and the secret “Interest Indicators” he so desperately wanted to wring out of me:

P.S. – Believe me, I’ve made some enemies with this presentation. Anderson’s people are understandably a little embarrassed and angry… and all sorts of radical feminist groups have threatened to sue me to get it taken down… so it might not be up much longer.

So click the link below now to watch it before I have to take it down for good…

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