How to Use Touch to Make Things Sexual With Her

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How to Turn a Girl On With Touch

In the first video in this series, I taught you a lot of things about how to start building opportunities to touch a woman. Almost every woman responds well to touch–as humans, we like being touched, as long as it’s done in an appropriate way at appropriate times. It’s one of the easiest ways how to turn a girl on.

More importantly, starting to touch her sends her a message that you are interested. You’re a man, and she’s a woman–it’s perfectly natural for you to want to touch her as a means to sexualize the conversation.

But how do you start sexualizing the conversation in a way that won’t get you labeled as “creepy” or “too forward” with her?

This video deals with that and a bunch of other topics:

In the video, I’ll show you:

  • How to effortlessly close the distance between the two of you in a way that’s completely natural, and won’t seem “contrived” at all.
  • How to get to the proper energy level to touch her in a relatively intimate spot very quickly, and do so without coming off as a “creep.”
  • Why you can use the simple act of laughing to get closer to her and touch her more.
  • How to turn her on effortlessly through touch.
  • Examples of how not to touch a woman–see for yourself the difference between “natural” and “creepy.”
  • The proper frame of mind that you should be in, and why confusion in her mind can actually be your best friend.
  • Why girls usually reject your kisses–just knowing this alone will instantly improve your success with women!
  • What you’re ultimately building up toward–how to keep touching her and building through the interaction to your ultimate goal.

Once you learn and internalize that it’s not touching women that makes you “creepy” in their eyes, but rather when you don’t touch them, and then all of a sudden go from “afraid to touch them” to “trying to make out with them.”

That’s what women absolutely hate.

Instead, have the following mindset:

“I’m a man. I enjoy the company of beautiful women. I like this woman–she is attractive. I will let her know I’m interested by touching her and having fun with her.”

Once you can internalize this, you’ll notice yourself having a lot more success with women, I promise you.

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