Why “Teasing” Makes Her Want to F**k You

How to Tease a Woman Into Your Bed (In a Way That Won’t Ever Offend Her)…

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If you’ve belonged to the community for a while, then you’re probably familiar with the concept of “negging.”

In “pickup” terms, negging is basically when a guy uses backhand compliments to demonstrate his value (and eventually get a girl in bed).

I won’t lie:

Negging works sometimes.

But the truth is, it’s not a good way to treat women. And most of the time, it doesn’t work.

Especially these days, women can pick up on these manipulative tricks guys sometimes use to get them in bed.

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Which got me thinking…

Is there a way to tweak the concept of “negging” in a way that makes it useful (and ethical) to use on hot girls today?

And after a lot of brainstorming, and collaborating with experts… I think I figured it out.

So today, I’m going to show you the easiest way to “tease” a woman in a way that turns her on, and gets her in bed with you (without ever offending her).

But before I show you this technique, I want to introduce myself.

Hi, I’m Ruwando. As a sex expert, I’m sharing my best pieces of advice to help you become a true “sex god” in bed — the kind of guy who keeps women coming back for more.

And today, I’m answering this common sex question guys have:

Why “Teasing” Makes Her Want to F**k You

“How do you show a woman your playful, dominant side without ‘negging’ her?”

Why “Teasing” Makes Her Want to F**k You

In this video, I show you how to easily “tease” a woman into bed, PLUS:

  • The #1 difference between “skillful teasing” & negging (and why teasing her gets her in bed WAY faster)…
  • A step-by-step guide to showing a woman your playful, dominant side without offending her…
  • My “secret” to finding the perfect topic to tease her about (even if you’re shy, or don’t usually make a ton of jokes)…
  • How to tell if she’s getting turned on and wants to go home with you…
  • The bizarre reason why teasing hot girls can be such a turn-on (but only if you do it like THIS)…

Why “Teasing” Makes Her Want to F**k You

Beyond Teasing: Do THIS to Get Her to Sleep With You…

OK, so now we've got her attention. Your teasing has her excited, intrigued, and attracted to you.

The next step is escalating things. Getting her from, “God, this guy is cute. I really wanna get to know him.” to…”Oh my god. He's making me so horny. I need him to take me home and f*ck me right now.”

That’s where THESE 3 simple (and very subtle) touches come in.

Touching her like this triggers a primal reaction that makes her wet and horny within minutes.

What’s great about these touches is they’re not obvious, and they seem kinda “friendly” at first…

But a couple minutes after you use them, you'll notice that she smiles at you more… touches you back…

…or even that her body literally feels hotter to the touch.

(These are all signs she’s getting super turned on, and is eager to go home with you!)

The truth is, I can’t take credit for these 3 simple touches… I first learned them from my mentor Magic.

He’s the master of using touch to turn a woman on…

… which is why he filmed this short, free video to show you these touches, and how to use them to sleep with hot girls fast:

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P.S. This video is a little controversial, because it has hidden camera footage of Magic using these touches to take home a hot stranger right after he meets her… so click here now to watch it (before it gets taken down).

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