Study: 67% of Women Crave THIS Kind of Sexy Text…

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These days, texting is one of the biggest ways men & women communicate with each other.

From making plans…

To setting up a date…

To everyday conversation…

We're all doing it, and we're doing it a lot.

But let's take it one step further… and talk about–you guessed it–sexting.

“Sexting” has been thrown around as a trendy phrase for quite some time now. However, it hasn't been super clear just how many people are doing it…

Until now.

Sexting: Why More Women Are Doing It (& How)

Researchers at the Kinsey Institute teamed up with Clue (an app that tracks women's cycles) to survey over 140,000 people in 198 different countries about their sexting habits… and the results were pretty incredible.

For example, the survey found that 67% of all respondents had sexted before. That's nearly 7 out of every 10 people!

But why is sexting on the rise?

Well, it all boils down to the rise of technology in our society.

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Because so many of us are using online dating… a lot of relationships begin to develop online as well. So it only seems natural, then, that certain sexual aspects of the relationship would develop online too.


Sexting isn't just the exchange of raunchy pictures, though; it's also the act of texting out a scenario that ends in sex. And more and more women are using it as a way to feel closer to the guy (or guys) they're seeing… without them actually having to be there.

It Doesn’t End There…

Previous research from 2012 reported that only 21% of people were sexting at the time. So it's clear that sexting is becoming popular in a very big way.

However, the sad truth is that a lot of guys simply don't know where to start when it comes to sexting. And as a result, they never even try to experiment with it.

So with that in mind, today I'm going to show you four simple steps you can follow to ease a girl into sexting… and have a conversation that leads to some hot naked pictures (or more). 😉

Let's begin with step #1:

1) Create A Story

The first key to successfully transitioning into sexting is to slowly develop a story:

Set the scene…

Describe where you are, what you're wearing, and what each of you is doing…

And let it go from there.

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The main reason this is necessary is because, in order for a woman to truly feel sexually “in the moment,” all of her senses need to be stimulated.

So when you describe what she's seeing, hearing, feeling, touching and smelling–then getting into it with you becomes a lot easier.

For example, let's say you want to sext about a scenario where the two of you get down & dirty at work.

Instead of typing, “So we're in an office and I take all your clothes off…”

You could say something along the lines of, “It's 5:01 P.M., and I walk into your office to ask about a certain ‘file' you were supposed to send me. You say you don't have it yet… and then I tell you you've been a bad little girl and need a spanking. What do you do next?”

Not only will you encourage her to get even more sexual with you… but the two of you will share an experience that she likely hasn't had with any other guy before. 😉

2) Don’t Send a D**k Pic Unless She Asks

The next key is to not jump the gun with the d**k pics. Trust me–no woman wants to receive an unsolicited d**k pic.

Especially because a lot of guys make this mistake, it's even more important that you know she wants it before sending.

In fact, I'd argue that unless she directly asks you to send her one, then you probably shouldn't do it.

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And if she does ask for one, you don't need to show her everything right away!

It could be even hotter if you tease her a little–send her a picture in your boxers, instead of fully undressed, for example.

3) Use Snapchat to Your Advantage

You may have heard about girls sending guys naked pics on Snapchat.

This isn't just hearsay–according to the Kinsey study, 43% of 18-20-year-old girls have used Snapchat to sext, and 31% of 21-24-year-old girls have done the same.

However, if you don't use Snapchat, it can feel a little awkward to suddenly bring it up out of nowhere. So first, get yourself set up with an account. Familiarize yourself with it a little bit.

Then, rather than text her to ask if she has Snapchat… simply add her through the app. That way you can start a conversation, or start sending pictures on there, without having to go through the extra “work” of making sure she uses Snapchat first.

A lot of girls use Snapchat for this reason because the pictures go away after a certain period of time. And be aware–if you take a screenshot of what she sends, she will be notified. So while the images may be more transient, you may also get to see more than you otherwise would through regular texting. 😉

What's great about sexting is that it's an easy way to transition into a late-night booty call, or in-person meetup. So if that's what happens, and she's coming over to your place…

Then it's time to do this:

Study: 67% of Women Crave THIS Kind of Sexy Text...

4) If She’s Coming Over to Your Place…

Then it’s no secret… you’re probably getting lucky. 😉

And if you really wanna give her the kind of performance that leaves her panting & hungry for more…

Then I’d like to introduce you to a little something we’ve been calling the “Sex Snack.”

It’s a potent combination of 5 all-natural foods… ginger, ginseng, stuff you can find in any supermarket…

…and according to many of our community members, if you eat them before you have sex… they help you get hard & stay hard for as long as you damn well please.

When I first heard about this “Sex Snack” I’ll admit I was a little skeptical… if it’s so damn great, then why hadn’t I heard about it before???

Well, after speaking with the ex-marine who discovered the recipe, Dave Cummings I got my answer.

He’s been keeping the “Sex Snack” under wraps, not because he’s afraid it isn’t effective…

… but because he personally uses it at work, and doesn’t want his little secret to get out.

(His “work”? He gets to f**k 18 & 19-year-old chicks daily. And as a pornstar in his 70’s, he uses the “Sex Snack” to make sure he can please them the way they want.)

Anyway, I finally convinced him to let me share the recipe with you (after practically begging him LOL)… so you can check it out here:

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