The 5 Stages of Sexual Escalation: How To Turn Her On & Take Her Home

The 5 Stages of Sexual Escalation

How To Seduce a Woman All the Way Back to Your Place–Do You Know How Easy It Can Be?

A lot of guys come to me with excuse after excuse for why they can't sexually escalate with women:

“It's hard…”

“I feel awkward…”

“It's too dishonest…”

“I just don't see anyone I actually like…”

“There's jus tnot enough time…”

And so on.

The truth is, I get it. But these excuses aren't the real reason that escalating with women is so difficult:

The real reason this feels so hard is because the unknown can be very scary.

It's frightening, confusing, and often, it's downright overwhelming.

So in an attempt to make this process less scary, I'd like to break down the first hour or so with a new woman into 5 simple steps. And that's what I'm going to show you today.

Baby Steps Vs. Big Leaps: Which Works Better With Women?

In my experience, the easiest way to approach sexual escalation is to think about it in terms of baby steps.

Sure, it helps to have your eye on the “prize” so to speak–but the way you get there is by taking small, tiny steps.

That way, you minimize the uncertainty, and you maximize your odds of sexual success.

Additionally, after you practice these steps dozens of times, you'll just get better and better each step of the way.

Maybe you have no problem getting started, for example, but struggle with moving from step one to step two.

By breaking it down, you can pinpoint exactly where your “problem area” is, and then you can focus on getting past it.

It’s kind of like rehearsing a play or memorizing a poem.

You can get up to some line and then it gets shaky, but the line you’re up to keeps moving forward.

It keeps moving forward, and in this case, your rehearsal is not in a vacuum, but in front of a live audience–a real woman.

That means that in addition to practicing what you’ll say and how you’ll say it, you’re also working past the natural stage fright that makes talking to someone you don’t know uncomfortable.

And for many guys, this leads to nervousness and anxiety.

What If You’re Struggling With Approach Anxiety & Nerves?

The first time you practice these steps, you might feel anxious or nervous–and that's perfectly normal.

It's a new environment…

A new woman…

And because of the uncertainty, this can cause a lot of stress.

After the second or third time you approach women and follow these steps, however, I promise:

You will feel better about it.

In fact, you may even find it comfortable to approach and talk to women.

Extrapolate this over dozens of encounters at different places, and you'll find that interacting with women, in general, becomes a lot easier.

It Doesn’t End There…

Eventually, you will feel comfortable in the venue, and the people there will feel comfortable around you as well.

Soon, you will realize that this comfort you're feeling becomes “generally” comfortable.

New places will feel less uncomfortable, even the first time you walk in.

And by the way, “dozens of times” really only takes around two weeks of talking to 10 or so people a day.

It's actually even easier than that, because you can talk to 10 people in less than an hour.

Remember, most of your conversations won't keep going and will wrap up pretty quickly. 🙂

So, without any further ado, here are my 5 simple stages of sexual escalation.

My 5 Stages of Sexual Escalation: A Step-By-Step Breakdown

Let's start out with simply listing the stages:

1) Interrupter

For example–“Hi…”


“Excuse me…”

“Hey guys…”

And so on.

2) Opener

This gets the conversation going:

“Do you know where…?”

“That's a nice dress…”

“You look like my friend…”

“Is Carl working…?”

3) Subject Change

Changing the subject is the easiest way to keep a conversation flowing and keep her interested in you:

“I like the way you said that…”

“Woah–slow down Nancy Drew…”

“Oh no, you're a Gemini…?”

4) Touch

Get closer…

Approach her “personal space”…

Use covert and overt touches…

And so on. This will help turn things sexual.

5) Move

Change location within the venue…

Change the venue altogether…

Or go home with her.

Remember, your goal is not to go through all 5 stages right now.

Your goal is only to start at stage #1.

Work at breaking into her world.

Don’t work too hard at what you say next. Just work on getting into that conversation, and observe which interrupter works best for you.

Stil feeling stuck? I get it–even getting past stage one can feel stressful.

So if that's the case, here's something that I think will help you a lot:

how to seduce a woman

Shy Or Introverted? Use These Eye Contact “Tricks” to Reel Her In (No Words)…

Countless men in our community have asked me how to get over their “approach anxiety”… and I used to always tell them the same thing:

“You just have to suck it up and go talk to as many women as possible. Because the more you do it, the less scared you’ll feel.”

And while this works “pretty alright” for guys who are naturally talkative… for the men who are maybe a little on the quieter side?

Time and time again, I would give them that same piece of advice… and saw ZERO results. And that was a huge problem for me.

I knew I had to do something… so I approached fellow Community Expert, Magic. Magic’s on the “shy” side… though he seemingly has no trouble talking to women… so I figured I’d pick his brain for some better tips to help these guys out.

His best piece of advice?

Forget about “approaching” her… forget about words altogether… and focus instead on your eye contact.

Because before you ever say “hi” to a woman… you can start seducing her with your eyes.

That’s when Magic showed me this video… of 8 of his best “eye contact tricks” to get women to approach you.

I’ll admit I was skeptical at first… because I had always relied on my words to escalate with women… so as an “infield test,” I showed the video to a couple of the “shy” guys in our community who had asked me for help…

Jackpot!!! Finally, a way for “introverts” to sidestep approach anxiety & get real results with women:

Get the 8 Eye Contact “Tricks” That Get Girls to Approach YOU…

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