9 Simple Tricks To Make Her Orgasm Faster (& Help You Last Longer in Bed)

how to make her orgasm faster
Discover the proven method on how to make her orgasm faster…

How to Make Her Orgasm Faster–Including 3 Specific Oral Tricks That NEVER Fail]

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Us men are lucky.  It’s pretty simple:

See hot woman –> want sex.  

Women, as we know, are a little harder to get in the mood, and then (sometimes) even harder to please…

A study by the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that it takes women an average of 14 minutes to orgasm during penetrative sex.

Some women almost NEVER climax.

And while there is no one-size-fits-all way to make every woman come…

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There are a lot of best practices.

In this article I’ll lay out for you how to give your woman a dripping, pulsing orgasm.

The type that will make her crave more and beg you for sex every day… because YOU are the only guy that has made her come like that…

Today I want to talk about EVERYTHING, from how to get her in the mood to specific sex positions… and more.

So let’s dive right in:

Set the Mood

Numerous studies have confirmed that an increase in anxiety levels in the female brain leads to sexual dysfunction, particularly difficulty achieving arousal

So, in order to help your woman orgasm, you’ve got to start by helping her feel relaxed. 

Make her feel safe and secure… 

This can allow her to shut off the parts of her brain associated with stress and anxiety.

In turn, that will lead to a higher likelihood that she can get and maintain arousal and achieve orgasm.

So start with talking to her, touching her gently… then you’ve set the emotional scene.

To set the physical scene, make sure you’ve got a relaxing space… candles are lit, there are soft pillows nearby… (The classics are classic for a reason…)

9 Simple Tricks To Make Her Orgasm Faster (& Help You Last Longer in Bed)

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

It’s not exactly top secret that women love talking…

They are more speech-driven than guys — we tend to be more visual and literal.

Way before Fifty Shades, women have been interested in narratives about sexual fantasy, while men tend to prefer graphic images. 

And this impacts how men can turn women on:

In fact, couples who talk about sex outside of the bedroom report much higher levels of sexual satisfaction.

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That’s because, for women, talking about sex leads to more comfort with sex.

So, going back to the earlier point about helping her feel relaxed… talking about sex can make women feel more at ease — again, increasing the probability that she can have a toe-curling orgasm…

(Bonus Tip: Don’t Skip Shoulder Day)

While we’re on the topic of preparation, a study from the University at Albany found that in addition to general good looks, women find broad shoulders super attractive.

Apparently, much like we find a particular waist-to-hip ratio sexy, women find our shoulders-to-hip ratio a source of attractiveness.

Broad shoulders appear to be linked to higher levels of testosterone, so she’s subconsciously making that connection…

Just something to remember, next time you are pumping iron…

9 Simple Tricks To Make Her Orgasm Faster (& Help You Last Longer in Bed)

Become a Master at Foreplay

A lot of guys can jump right into sex and go from “hello” to penetration in about 7 seconds.

But women require a lot more pre-penetration playtime.

The reason is fairly straightforward:

For a woman to really enjoy sex, she needs to be totally mentally in the mood.

But her body also needs time to get wet and lubricated so that she is able to enjoy it.

Plus, as a man, you’re going to get much more enjoyable sex from a woman who’s 110% into it.

So, foreplay is key.

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I recommend starting things off with some light, playful kissing.

Gradually make things more intense by adding a little more tongue.

If she’s into biting, try giving her a firm nibble on her bottom lip.

As the kissing becomes more intense, let your hands and mouth wander a bit.

Focus on what are known as “erogenous zones.”

These are located behind her ears and on her neck and nipples and are proven to increase arousal and sexual desire. 

9 Simple Tricks To Make Her Orgasm Faster (& Help You Last Longer in Bed)

Foreplay Continued – Going Downtown

When it comes to giving oral, here are three personal favorites that will get her to cry out in pleasure something like “Oh my god” or “Holy sh*t.”


Before your tongue ever touches her vagina, kiss all around it.

Kiss the insides of her thighs a couple of inches from where her legs meet her torso. 

This will drive her crazy with anticipation….


Once you do give her your tongue, focus on the clitoris. 

In fact, I find that sucking her clit into your mouth, holding it between your lips, and flicking it up and down with your tongue can really make her eyes roll back.


Especially if this is a fling or a girl you’ve never gone down on before.

Subtly let her take the lead. 

Extend your tongue and grab her underneath her hips or buttocks and gently push her into you in a slow, rocking motion.

This will signal to her that you want her to rub on you.

And she’ll rub on the areas that give her the most pleasure — which is where you can now focus.

9 Simple Tricks To Make Her Orgasm Faster (& Help You Last Longer in Bed)

Sex Positions to Make Her Orgasm

1) 90-Degree Doggy Style

One of almost every guy’s favorite positions deserves tops on our list.

It can also be great for getting a woman off:

To give her maximum pleasure, try this variation on classic doggy style.

First, stand at the end of the bed while she’s laying across the mattress. 

Have her legs spread and stand between them.

This will be a super comfortable position for her and allows her to play with herself while you penetrate her.

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2) Missionary or Lifted Missionary

This position is underrated. 

Because it’s seen as the boring “default” position.

But it’s truly great at getting women to come.

In lifted missionary, you can hit her G-Spot by lifting up her hips slightly so you’re entering her at an angle and hitting her upper wall. 

In standard missionary you can rub your body up against her clit with each pump. 

3) Spooning

This position is perfect for early morning sex or when you don’t have much energy. 

And as netdoctor states, this can be a great position to achieve female orgasm because both of you are free to use a hand and give her clitoral stimulation.

The combination of penetrative and clitoral stimulation will make it much more likely that she can come.

9 Simple Tricks To Make Her Orgasm Faster (& Help You Last Longer in Bed)

Trial and Error

In any of these positions, get a feel for what she wants through trial-and-error.

Some women like it slow and deep.

Others want to be straight up pounded.

Figure her out by trying a little bit of everything and see what she responds to.

If she moans when you go harder and harder, then try doing that more often…

And remember, no matter what position you use, you do need to last long enough to get her there.

Need a little help with that?  Keep reading…

9 Simple Tricks To Make Her Orgasm Faster (& Help You Last Longer in Bed)

What If You Still Struggle to Last Long Enough to Make Her Come??

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