5 Easy Ways to Give Her More Powerful Orgasms (Study)

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The mystery of the female orgasm is one that most men think will remain unsolved… well, forever.

Sure, study after study has found that there are many different ways to make a woman orgasm — but there's no one technique that's going to work on every woman.

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On top of that, this recent study discovered that straight women experience fewer orgasms than straight men, and even lesbian and bisexual women.

I know — as if you didn't have enough to worry about already, right?

But what's interesting about the data in this study is that it revealed something else:

There were a few things that the women who experienced the most orgasms had in common, that the other women didn't.

And if you know what these things are, then you can use them to your advantage…

So the odds that the next woman you take home will have an orgasm with you skyrocket.

With that in mind, here are 5 of the easiest and most effective techniques that will help you give the next woman you sleep with an orgasm:

1) Be Generous With Oral

The first one is likely a piece of advice you’ve heard before — but it rings true nonetheless.

Always, always, always go down on her during foreplay.

According to the study, the women who experienced the most orgasms also received more oral sex.

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This is probably not a coincidence.

Even if you don’t feel like you know what you’re doing, necessarily, the fact that you’re making the effort will a) turn her on more, and b) encourage her to return the favor.

It’s a win/win.

5 Easy Ways to Give Her More Powerful Orgasms (Study)

2) Communicate As Much As Possible

I know we here at Gotham Club mention this piece of advice more often than probably any other… but there’s a reason for it.

Communication is the #1 key to a happy and healthy sex life — for both you and the woman you’re with.

You don’t even have to take my word for it; the study backs me up as well. The women who experienced the most orgasms also communicated with their partners in several key ways.

These women:

  • Praised their partners more often…
  • Asked for what they wanted in bed more often…
  • And incorporated dirty talk into their routines…

So basically, they were more open in bed — and because of that openness, their partners were able to give them the pleasure they truly wanted.

If your lady is on the shy or quiet side, then communication is definitely not out of the question.

All you have to do is ease into it. Don't make her feel like you're putting her “on the spot.” You could say something like,

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“I really loved what you did to me in bed last night… is there anything like that you want me to do to you?”


“What are some of your favorite turn-ons during sex?”

It's simple, but it's also incredibly effective. And because most men don't think to ask their partners about what they want in bed, she'll be impressed that you're making an active effort.

5 Easy Ways to Give Her More Powerful Orgasms (Study)


3) Send Her Naughty Emails/Texts

It might not make the most sense, but stick with me for a second:

One of the easiest ways to give a woman orgasm during sex is to have a long, slow buildup of pleasure beforehand.

Most men assume this only means foreplay, but the truth is that this “buildup” can begin even earlier in the day.

For example:

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Let's say you know she takes her lunch break at 1 p.m. every day. At around 1:15, you could text her:

“I know you're on your lunch break right now, but all I can think about is eating you. ;)”

While not outright saying, “Let's have sex tonight,” this reminds her of your sexual desire for her, and will almost certainly get her revved up and ready to go for the next time she sees you.

If you're more of an email-minded kind of guy, you could also find an article about sex and send it to her. She'll get the point — trust me. 🙂

5 Easy Ways to Give Her More Powerful Orgasms (Study)


4) Act Out Her Sexual Fantasies

Another shared commonality between the women in the study who orgasmed most often?

They acted out sexual fantasies with their partner.

Now, this doesn't necessarily mean that they went all out — costumes, role-play, the whole shebang — and it doesn't mean that these fantasies were super “cliche” either.

It also doesn't mean that acting out a sexual fantasy is required for a woman to have an orgasm.

However, acting out a fantasy together can make the two of you feel closer to each other, and more intimate — and that increases the chances that she'll have an orgasm.


Because study after study shows that women are more likely to have an orgasm if an emotional connection involved. And acting out a fantasy is a great way to establish that kind of connection.

So the next time you're about to get intimate with her, why not ask:

“Hey, do you have any wild fantasies you want to act out?”


“I had this really hot dream the other night… would you want to act it out with me?”

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You might be surprised by how open she is to the idea, and how much better the sex is as a result.

These are all really great tips and tricks to make her orgasm more likely… but you might be wondering:

“Is there something more specific that I can do during sex to take her over the edge?”

In my experience, the answer is definitely “Yes”… here's something that works really well on me:

5 Easy Ways to Give Her More Powerful Orgasms (Study)
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5) The “Deep Spot” Technique for MEGA-Powerful Orgasms…

When you’re having sex with a girl…

… there’s something you can do that gets her to come way faster… and it makes her orgasms WAY more intense too.

It’s called the “Deep Spot” technique… and it works like this:

When you’re inside her, you do this simple “grinding” move with your hips…

… and because you’re hitting her from a very specific angle, this works to stimulate her “Deep Spot”… which is COVERED in orgasmic nerve-endings…

… so if you keep doing it, after a few minutes, it’s kinda like opening a bottle of champagne…

… you’ll start to feel the pressure build inside her, and then <POP>, surging ecstasy explosion. 😉

It’s the easiest way I know to give a girl more powerful orgasms, and better orgasms in general…

And you can check out this video to see more detailed instructions about how to do it–but be warned: you might want to watch this somewhere “private” 😉 :

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how to give girls more orgasms
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If you’re a human being who has sex, or who talks about sex, or who reads about sex, or watches films about sex—you get my drift…

… then you probably already know that it’s darn hard to get women to orgasm.

Okay, I’m not talking about porn, where everyone is screaming and rolling around within seconds of penetration.

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That’s all fun and games, but any real woman can tell you it’s rarely real life.

In real life, it’s tough for women to orgasm! They need your help and attention to get there.

Science backs this up.

According to a recent survey of 52,000 women and men, heterosexual women orgasm less often than heterosexual men, homosexual men, lesbian women and bi women.

So basically, straight women get the short end of the stick–not literally, but you catch my drift.

In fact, stick size has little to do with whether or not a woman has an orgasm. Instead, it all has to do with the moves her partner uses.

The survey revealed that there are 3 specific moves that almost always give hot girls an orgasm.

In no particular order:

1) More Foreplay

Trust me…  if a woman has an orgasm during sex, she’s much more likely to come back for more.

So how can you make sure your partner has a happy ending?

First, I have one word for you:

Foreplay, foreplay, foreplay.

Yes, that’s one word repeated three times—because it’s that important.

Foreplay isn’t only fun—especially for women—it’s necessary. Just ask physics.

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Foreplay gives a woman a chance to get wet.

If she’s not wet, and you’re trying to cram something in there, it’s going to hurt.

You might not mind it, but she will, and she’s very unlikely to have an orgasm that way.

Foreplay makes everything work better mechanically. But it also gets her closer to orgasm mentally.

For many women, having an orgasm requires a lot of concentration.

She can’t just go from 0 to 100 in five minutes. She’s not a sports car, even if she is as sexy as one.

Instead, she needs to be warmed up. How can you do this?

Maybe you’re worried your foreplay skills aren’t up to par.

(By the way, if you want an easy way to turn foreplay into full-on sex then click here now…)

Researchers show that one method of foreplay is almost guaranteed to help a woman have an orgasm:

5 Easy Ways to Give Her More Powerful Orgasms (Study)


2) “Deep” Kissing

Ready for it?

This trick is called “deep kissing.” And it’s exactly what it sounds like.

Pretend you’re 17 sneaking off in the back of your Ford and spend some time making out.

If you do, the payoffs for her, and therefore for you, are guaranteed to increase.

What else can you do?

Use your hands. Or your mouth.

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That’s right. Women who received some extra stimulation, either by their partner’s hand or mouth, are more likely to orgasm once you move on to the real deal.

Women in this study listed some other things that helped them achieve orgasm.

(Note: This 5-finger “tantra” technique is known to give girls multiple O's… click here to see exactly how it's done.)

These included being satisfied with the relationship (if you had a great date beforehand, the sex is guaranteed to be better!)…

Teasing via call or email about sexy plans in advance…

And trying new positions.

Yet the women asked always came back to one thing:

5 Easy Ways to Give Her More Powerful Orgasms (Study)


3) Lasting Long Enough In Bed…

Something else very simple that helped women reach the big O every time?

Longer duration of sex.

That’s just what it sounds like–having sex for longer.

While you might be eager to race to the finish, if you do, you’ll leave your lady in the dust.

So pay attention to her while you’re having sex.

Not only will taking your mind off your own pleasure help you last longer, but you’ll also be able to tell what she’s really enjoying.

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If she seems really into a position, stay there for longer.

Staying in a position that’s working really well is usually how a woman can have an orgasm. If you just go blasting on to the next one, she might miss her chance!

In fact, that’s another thing women reported:

When their partner asked what they liked, and then did it, they were a lot more likely to climax.

Remember, it’s not a race, and you’re not a jackhammer doing construction on concrete.

But at the end of the day… there is ONE surefire way to make sure your woman is always satisfied between the sheets, no matter what…

And here's what it is:

give her more orgasms
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It Doesn’t Matter How Many Orgasms You Give Her, If You Can’t Do This…

So let’s say you use a combination of oral, and certain fingering skills to continuously get a woman off… that’s great!

But… we need a little more than that.

Women will ALWAYS desire the feeling of a penis inside them, especially if it’s from a man who has already made her come. *mmmm*

This is why sexual stamina is so important.

Even if you made her come 20 times, made her squirt, and gave her such intense orgasms that she fainted…

… the experience WILL be cheapened, if your manhood doesn’t perform to the best of its abilities…

Luckily science has discovered certain foods that can easily get you hard… keep you hard… and potentially even boost your sex drive. 😉

These foods have been used in an ancient Vietnamese virility dish, that’s been around for THOUSANDS of years…

And in fact these foods work so well, that they were even a well-kept secret among male porn actors, to help get harder faster & perform like a stallion…

… DECADES before that little blue pill was invented:

You can see what these 5 foods are right here.

[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on December 4, 2019.]

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