When You Meet a Woman–DO THIS FIRST!

Are You Setting Yourself Up for Sexual Success?

How To Make a Good First Impression on a Girl You Just Met–And Get Her in Bed With You Fast…

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Fact: Your image isn’t everything.

Especially for a man, a great part of why you are attractive to women has to do with your personality and identity.

Sure, some of it is visual — however, most of it is demonstrated by what you do.

So when you first meet a woman, you’re presented with a dilemma:

Which parts of your personality do you show her, and which do you maybe “save for later”? And how do you make sure she perceives you in the way you’d like to be perceived?

A lot of guys will just say “be yourself”… but this is incredibly vague.

Of course, it’s absolutely true that you should spend your time and energy on people who truly like you as you are. I would never suggest you do otherwise.

This doesn’t really tell you, however, how to make a lasting first impression & attract a woman you’ve just met.

2 Dangerous Assumptions Women Make From the Moment They See You (& Why It Matters)

A woman you’ve just met does not know you — so her prejudices, expectations, and mood may all influence how she perceives you, as well as the situation in which you two meet.

There are two major assumptions that women make as a result of this:

1) She thinks that who you are as a person is what people see when they first meet you. And…

2) She thinks that when she meets you, she sees who you are.

Of course, both of these assumptions are wrong.

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Your first impression is certainly a big part of how a woman perceives you and whether or not she’s attracted to you… however, her perception of you may be extremely different from who you are.

For example, a “rockstar” on stage is different from that same person being arrested for drunk driving. Similarly, a fireman carrying a child out of a burning building is different from that same person doing yoga.

In case you feel that the weakness in any of these examples is still a flaw of personality, substitute for the second scenario in any of them:

  • “…on the toilet.”
  • “…suffering from food poisoning.”
  • “…grocery shopping.”
  • “…at a moment of weakness.” 
  • “…at their worst.

When you first see the main character in a story, the scenario is usually designed to showcase that character in a good light — perhaps in his best light.

So can you do that too?

How can you show your personality in its best light? Not faking it, but shining in the spotlight?

3 Tips to Set Yourself Up for Sexual Success When You First Meet A Woman

While you can’t control every component of your first impression — like the woman’s mood…

The weather…

Or what everyone around you is doing…

You can, however, control some very key things that will ultimately set you up for sexual success.

So let’s talk about them:

1) Have a Masculine, Commanding Voice

The most sexually attractive voice a man can have is deep…


And, overall, commanding.

It’s the opposite of the “implied question mark” that a lot of women use at the end of their sentences. And it’s masculine because it suggests you have a secure, authoritative voice.

Suffice it to say that a masculine voice will make women notice you before they even see you.

They’ll try to hear what you’re saying and will be more interested in your conversation — whether or not they’re talking to you.

2) Use Your Clothing Wisely

I wrote about your clothing in my last article, but let’s add to that discussion the point that your wardrobe is about more than what you look like. It’s also about who you are as a person.

First, realize that what you wear not only affects the image women see when they first meet you…

It also encourages women to make assumptions about who you are.

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When your clothes fit perfectly, for example — not too loose, not too tight — you end up looking rich and fashionable.

A conservative suit in a dark color with a tie, on the other hand, may suggest that you’re a successful businessman.

T-shirts with band names on them paired with some jeans may give the impression you like heavy metal; snug jeans with high-top sneakers may suggest that you’re a D.J.

So take into consideration what your clothing says about who you are — and dress accordingly.

3) Bring a Good “Supporting Cast”

You can also, to a large extent, control your environment when you first meet a woman.

Going out with your favorite wingman, for example, means stacking the deck in your favor.

In fact, you can even go out with a group to have even more control over how women perceive you.

For example, you may feel like “king of the nerds”… but when you’re out with your nerds, you are king.

The head of the smallest company usually looks like a VIP when out with staff. The same goes for department heads and lead singers of bands.

With these tips, women will perceive you as a high-value guy, and that should make getting her to stick around a lot easier…

But what should you do once you’ve reeled her in… and decided that you want to take things to the next level?

how to make a good first impression on a girl

How To Tell if She Wants to Go Home With You…

Fact: A woman WILL let you know when she wants to go home with you… but not with her words.

Especially if you’re talking to her in a public place (like in a cafe, or at a party)… she won’t want to come off as “easy” or too “forward”…

So instead, she’s going to show you a few subtle body language clues… that she only wants you to see.

There are 3 of these main clues that that most women give off when they want same night sex… and as you may have guessed, they’re easy to miss…

Though once you can spot them… it’s usually (like 7 out of every 10 times) her way of inviting you back to her place for a “drink.” 😉

Look for these clues on your next night out–I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you find:

3 Subtle Body Language Clues Women Show You When They Want Same-Night Sex…

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