Expert Answers: “How Do I Make Her My Girlfriend?”

how to make a girl your girlfriend

How to Make a Girl Your Girlfriend–Will You Win Her Over?

Dating is no longer a game of black and white.

Remember back in middle school? When things were as simple as asking, “Will you go steady with me?” in a note?

You were either dating, or you weren’t. You were exclusive, or you were nothing at all.

Now, we have “casual dating”...

“Hooking up”

“Seeing each other”

“Waiting to see where things go”

Ugh! What happened to the way things used to be?

Today, I’m going to attempt to answer that question — and I’m also going to show you how to make a woman you like into your exclusive girlfriend.

Attraction Vs. Affection: What’s The Difference (And Why Does It Matter)?

First things first: Let’s establish the difference between attraction and affection. Because the only way you can understand how to make a girl into your girlfriend is to understand this crucial difference.

Attraction is what happens when a woman goes from “I see you”….to “I like you”…and eventually, to “I want you.”

As for affection, there are a few different ways to define it. But for the purpose of this article, affection is what happens when a woman goes from the “I like you and want you” stage, to the “I’m so proud to be around you, and I ONLY want you” stage.

So when you first start dating a woman, your connection is based on attraction.

And when you transition into being an exclusive couple, the two of you are experiencing affection.

So what?

So…if you want to make her your girlfriend, you first have to have that initial attraction.

If you have that attraction, you can skip the next part. But what if you don’t?

If you don’t even have that initial attraction, the idea of making her your girlfriend can sound pretty difficult…if not downright impossible.

Well, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be.

The First Step: How to Generate Attraction

I’ve written a lot about generating attraction — it’s one of the basic building blocks of mastering dating and relationships.

There are a lot of ways you can make a girl feel that special “spark” with you…but here are a few of my favorites:

1) Mirror Her Negative Body Language

I wrote about this last week — basically, mirroring a woman’s negative body language all about doing exactly what she’s doing so you both build rapport, and get closer without scaring her away.

2) Use My 3 Step Sentence Generator

I’ve written about this fun little tool several times. It’s something that brings you into the moment with her, and it also helps you tame your nerves and be confident during conversation.

3) Be Present And Switch It Up!

Finally, this last trick is something I’m going to write more about in the coming weeks, but it all boils down to being as “in the moment” as you possibly can with her.

These will all help build that initial “spark”…

But by far the easiest way to quickly generate her attraction? Do it when you first meet her.

The easiest way to establish lasting attraction is to do it within your first 4 dates or “meetings” with a woman.


Because if, after 4 dates or “meetings,” a girl doesn’t feel a “spark” for you…chances are she’ll get bored and walk away.

During these first 4 meetings, she’s wondering if she really likes you…

She might be telling her friends about you…

She’s wondering if you like her back…

And ultimately, she’s deciding if she wants you sexually.

It’s also during this time that she’ll do things to make you like her — things like smiling a lot, touching your arm, and possibly even making a move on you.

So beyond that, how do you take it a step further? How do you go from attraction, to affection, and to eventually making her your exclusive girlfriend?

So You Have That Attraction…Can You Take It a Step Further?

After you have that attraction, the next step is to earn her affection.

Earning a woman’s attraction gets you the “audition”…you’re trying out for the part of her exclusive boyfriend…but it’s not until you have her affection that you get the official “role” as her leading man.

But before you start putting in the work to earn her affection, it’s important to ask yourself one question:

Is this a woman you actually want as your girlfriend? Or do you only want sex from her?

Because if you only want sex, than her attraction will get you that (usually within the first 4 dates).

But if you want more — if you seriously want to spend all of your time with her, and make her a big part of your life — then you’re ready for the next step.

My Best Tips To Earn Her Affection

Here’s the truth: Most of what we consider “affection” is generated by your personality.

Unlike attraction, which you can produce with effective strategies…producing affection is not so simple.

A woman will feel “affection” toward a man because of things he does all the time:

Like he always wears black socks on Wednesdays…

Or he brushes his teeth for exactly 1 minute and 34 seconds…

Or he always pushes his hair back in the same way…

It’s about who you are as a person.

Of course, I’m not telling you to change your personality to earn a woman’s affection — this will only end up hurting you in the long run.

The truth is that you can’t fake the personality traits that generate affection. So what can you do instead?

Well, you have a few options — here are a few things that, in my experience, work to show her you have that kind of “boyfriend material” personality:

  • Be present when you’re with her. Like I mentioned above, the “3 Step Sentence Generator” helps with that…
  • Repeat the last 3 words she says when she’s talking to you. This gives her proof that you’re listening, and it also helps you listen to her even more…
  • Look at her when she’s talking to you (and vice versa)…

Beyond that, there’s one more powerful trick you can use to turn basic level “attraction” into strong, solid “affection”:


Now Make Her Yours: Use The “Turn-On Touch”

It could hardly be a coincidence that Lily’s hand was inching up Stewart’s thigh, closer and closer to his groin…

After all, I had just shown him how to use the “Turn-On Touch.”

A few months back, Stewart and Lily were “just friends”…but here she was, whispering in his ear…asking for the check…

And when she practically dragged Stewart out of there 5 minutes later…I knew the “Turn-On Touch” had worked its magic.

Here’s how to do it:

Pick an “innocent” spot on her and touch her like this… it’s subtle, though it seemingly unleashes a frenzy of sex hormones. So she’s turned on before she knows it…

And she might even look like she needs a sexual release RIGHT THEN AND THERE!

(And guess who gets to give it to her?)

This “Turn-On Touch” is so powerful I figured it was deserving of its own article. So check it out — you’ll love it:

Discover How to Use The “Turn-On Touch” To Make Her Yours…

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