Tantric Sex Expert: 3 Ways to Last Longer In Bed (Video)

how to last longer during sex

How To Last Longer During Sex–Do You Know the Secret to Giving Her the Pleasure She Craves?

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It’s something that every guy thinks about at one point or another:

How to last longer during sex.

The idea of a woman being left unfulfilled can make sex feel stressful and intimidating–so it’s only natural if it crosses your mind.

Of course, most guys who come to me with this dilemma are looking for an overnight cure… and that’s simply not realistic.

However, with a little time (and some elbow grease, so to speak), you can last longer during sex without investing in any weird “prescriptions.”

Hi, I’m Lawrence Lanoff.

As a tantric sex expert, it’s safe to say I know a lot about sex and improving your sex life. So every week, I’ll be answering your most difficult, burning questions you have about sex…

And this week, I’m answering this one:

“How do I last longer during sex?

Catch The Full Video Transcript Below…

If you’re like most men, then there may be some discrepancy between your sexual pattern, and the sexual pattern of the woman you’re with.

So let’s talk a little bit about the “sex dance” and what you can do to make your body more in tune with hers.

If you’re somebody who “dances” too fast (this is basically a metaphor), then what you want to do is this:

Learn how to spread out your sexual energy and sexual desire over time.

Of course, this is a lot easier said than done…

Which is why I want to give you 3 solid techniques that can help you accomplish this.

Beginning with strategy number one:

1) Spread The Focus Away From Your Pleasure Center

So the first technique is to take your sexual focus and spread it all around your body (and the body of the woman you’re with).

This can be accomplished in 5 different ways:





And sound.

So if you tend to orgasm too quickly, you should stay away from her vagina for as long as possible. Instead, play with other parts of her body.

Use your sexual desire to really stimulate her erotic imagination.

The key thing for men–whether you last a long time or not–is to learn how to expand your pleasure capacity.

Because when you learn to expand your pleasure, you’re also learning to fill the space with pleasure, regardless of your orgasm needs.

So what you want to do is tap into your own pleasure, and learn to extend your pleasure and match it more to hers.

Which brings me to my next technique to last longer in bed

2) Train Your Brain to Delay & Expand Pleasure

My next technique is to literally train your brain to delay pleasure and satisfaction.

Focus on the thought that if you’re going to come really fast, then you need to just slow this “symphony” down.

So spend more time with foreplay… and more time with touch. Spend more time with discussion, even!

Taking some time to just simply hold her hand, move with her, and breathe with her can feel super amazing.

Do all of these things before you get to the actual sex.

The same is true in reverse:

If you last longer than you’d like during sex, you can communicate with her and say, “Hey, how are you feeling?”

Just have a discussion about that–talk about what you’d like to do with each other.

Because the truth is, it’s very rare that two partners are on exactly the same page sexually.

Usually, one person will consistently orgasm before the other.

So you need to communicate. It’s just life.

3) Remember–It’s About The “Journey”…

Lastly, what you want to do is remember to savor the journey.

Enjoy the act of having sex.

In fact, I was just talking with one of my female students about one of the worst things a guy can do.

She was describing this guy who had sex with her, and when he came, he literally turned over immediately and just ignored her.

She didn’t even know what to do with a guy like that!

Part of the sexual experience is simply learning how to communicate about what your needs are. And it’s also important to get in tune with your partner’s needs.

Because if sex is only about getting off, it misses the point.

It’s like trying to climb Mt. Everest and not enjoying the travel and the process to get there.

So learn to enjoy the process of sex as much as the act itself.

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