Hot Bisexual Pornstar Reveals What Makes Her CRAVE Penis Constantly… Plus How to Make Any Woman Crave Yours [NSFW!]

how to increase sexual desire in a woman
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How to Increase Sexual Desire in a Woman & Make Almost Any Girl Thirsty for Your D**k”

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As Gotham Club’s resident sexologist, I have to admit, there’s something I’ve always wondered:

For really hot women, who have sex for a living…

With both men and women…

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Are there some things they find that women do better in bed… and also some things that only men can do to get them off?

So today, I went to Dee Siren, a prolific star in the industry, who is bisexual, has an open marriage with her husband, and craves sex with both men AND women, all the time.

And I asked her: 

“Honestly, in your experience, what are the pros and cons of sleeping with men vs. sleeping with women?”

And her answer was pretty shocking… 

Read on to see her best sex tips… from both women and men… and start using them as soon as tonight:

Catch The Full Q&A Session Below…

Dee Siren: “Women are just more sensual in general. 

I actually have learned… I like to be dominant. 

I actually like to be dominant over both. However, I definitely am more dominant over women than men, so I do enjoy that aspect of it. 

I do enjoy the fact that it’s more sensual with girls. 

Girls are just gentle with each other. They’re not as intense as men…

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When it comes to shooting with girls, it’s fun, it’s silly, there’s just a different vibe. 

Trust me, when it comes to the sexual part and orgasm, I’m very multi orgasmic, so lots of things make me come. 

I love toys. 

Playing with girls with toys is so much fun because a lot of times girls know how to play with toys. 

If girls really like girls, they know how to play with a toy. 

I have a favorite toy. It’s large and red. If you watch my videos, you’ll see it. It’s just a huge, large, red dildo.

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Boys, aren’t as good at using toys… 

They already have a toy, so they’re better at playing with the toy that’s attached to them! 

When it comes to boys, I love penises. 

I can’t say anything more than that, but I just love penises. 

The rest of the man, it really doesn’t matter. They’re all my toys…

As long as they’ve got some penis for me to play with, then I’m a happy woman!

how to increase sexual desire in a woman
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You Don’t Need to Be Huge to Satisfy Hot Girls…

Some women, like Dee, really love toys… but me personally?

I’m a much bigger fan of when a guy can use what he’s got to keep me satisfied. 😉

And no, that does NOT mean being super well-hung…

It just means getting ROCK-HARD, so you can give me that “fullness” feeling that I (and so many women) crave during sex.

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Of course, I know this isn’t always easy to do… if you’re with a new woman your nerves might get the best of you…

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