Why Women LOVE Biting During Sex (& How To Do It Properly)

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It’s true that 50 Shades of Gray may have gotten a lot wrong about kinks and fetishes…

But it did open the door for many women to feel comfortable opening up about the “rough” sex they secretly crave.

I recently wrote about rope bondage, and how one study found that more and more women are open to trying it. But what about other kinks and fetishes — for example, sensual biting?

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Yeah, you heard that right — biting.

Many women enjoy slightly rough sex on a pretty regular basis, and this includes the act of biting during foreplay or intercourse.

So if this sounds like something you’d be interested in exploring, read on to learn more.

What Exactly Is Sexual Biting?

Sexual biting, otherwise known as odaxelagnia, can be roughly defined as this:

The act of creating or enhancing sexual arousal through biting.

Because “odaxelagnia” is quite a mouthful to say (no pun intended), I’ll keep things basic and just refer to sexual biting simply as “biting” moving forward.

This form of sexual biting can range from minimal biting to increase a woman’s arousal… all the way to intense biting that draws blood.

“Bloodplay” is a separate topic for another time, so for the purpose of today’s articles, I’ll just focus on biting that you can use to increase a woman’s sexual arousal.

How To Arouse A Woman: https://www.tsbmag.com/2011/01/28/how-to-arouse-a-woman-part-one/

Why Do Women Enjoy Biting During Sex?

It might sound counterintuitive, but biting can be extremely pleasurable when done correctly.

One recent Men’s Health article explains that biting can lead to a fast escalation in arousal, causing the woman you’re with to get turned on a lot faster than she would otherwise.

Knowing that, it’s no surprise, then, to hear that most women fantasize about incorporating biting into sex. But why exactly does biting turn her on so quickly?

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The way it works is pretty simple — when you bite a woman during foreplay or sex, the shock to her body catches her mind off guard.

It takes a few seconds for her mind to figure out what’s going on, and that can trigger a powerful release of sexual pleasure or excitement.

This can be further enhanced by biting in different areas, which can vary greatly depending on the woman. But more on that in a sec — first, let’s talk about how to tell if the woman you’re with is into sexual biting.

How to Tell if a Woman Is Into Sexual Biting

Sexual biting is a kink that’s pretty easy to “test out” without scaring her away.

If you’re not sure how to tell if a woman will be into sexual biting, here are a few ways you can figure it out:

1) Try biting her lip during an intense make-out session

Make sure you’re really going at it hot and heavy before trying this and see how she responds.

If she bites back, it’s a great sign that she’s really into it.

She may also moan or suck in her breath quickly — these are pretty good indicators that your biting is exciting her.

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2) Try nibbling before biting

The next time you’re going down on a woman or even when you’re on top of her in bed, try nibbling or lighting biting her thigh and/or neck.

Some women are extremely sensitive to touch, so you’ll be able to tell pretty easily if what you’re doing is “too much.”

(For example, if she backs off or says “Hey, what are you doing?” Then she probably needs you to take things down a notch. Otherwise, forge ahead!)

3) Ask her during sex

Some women get shy when talking about what they like in bed, so the best way to find out is often to ask her during sex.

When you try nibbling on her neck, if she seems to enjoy it, ask her outright:

“Does that turn you on?”

It’ll be easier for her to answer when she’s caught in the moment and feeling sexual already.

The “Right” Way to Start Experimenting With Sexual Biting

If you suspect that the woman you’re with might enjoy incorporating biting into sex, then you have a few options.

Whether you want to just jump into it or would rather introduce it slowly, here are a few ways that you can start having hotter sex with sexual biting as soon as tonight:

1) Concentrate on her erogenous zones

You may already know that there are a few spots that absolutely drive women wild.

These include her neck…



And thighs…

And which spots drive women the wildest depends on the specific woman you’re with. However, don’t start biting her here right away.

Instead, nibble around those areas first, and wait until she begs you to start going harder.

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2) Incorporate biting with foreplay

Fact: Women are not wired to just start “going at it,” so foreplay is very important.

Wait until she’s a little aroused (you should be able to feel if she’s wet or not), and then slowly incorporate biting into your routine.

For example, after kissing her or throwing her down on the bed, try touching her body all over as you nibble her neck.

Work your way down her body, but move slowly and only bite her here or there every couple minutes or so. Too much biting could end up hurting her.

Pro Tip: Using dirty talk during this stage can also get her very, very excited for the oncoming sex. 😉

3) Bite and release quickly

Most women enjoy biting when it’s done quickly, rather than drawn out. The best way to test these waters is to bite and release a second or two later — just long enough to shock her body without actually hurting her.

Once the two of you become more comfortable with biting, you can try prolonging it or playing with the pressure of your teeth.

And remember — there’s a world of sexual experimentation beyond biting as well! So even if the woman you’re with isn’t into biting… or she seems really “vanilla”…

There are some easy ways to ease her into this sort of hotter, rougher sex.

Here’s how:

Why Women LOVE Biting During Sex (& How To Do It Properly)

How To Unleash Her Inner Nympho if She’s Shy Or “Vanilla”…

Jeff was just an “OK” kisser.

My plan was to freshen up, make up some excuse about an “early meeting”… & never call him again.

Then he changed all that…

He looked into my eyes, took my hand & pulled me closer to him…

Then he kissed my neck, and pushed me onto the bed. Hard.

I couldn’t get up… and I didn’t want to, either. The way he touched me… how he was juuuust rough enough…. It was like he was a completely new man!

“OMG, Jeff… I think I came like 6 times haha!!! How’d you turn me on so quick?” I asked him afterward…

He grabbed his phone from the nightstand… gave me a sly smile, and said, “Here, watch this”:

How To Unleash Her Inner Nympho if She’s Shy Or “Vanilla”…

[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on October 19, 2019.]

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