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how to have meaningful conversations

How to Have Meaningful Conversations That Leave Her Wanting More…

Last week, I showed you the “Interview Trap” most men fall into during conversations with new women.

To recap:

The “Interview Trap” is what happens when you find one thing in common with the woman you’re talking to…

And you hang onto that subject for dear life until you’re so far down the rabbit hole that you can’t get out.

The consequences of this are twofold:

First, you establish an artificially deep connection. When you focus on one subject and milk it for all it’s worth, you’ll feel closer to her than you actually are.

And that means that when you change the subject, things will feel really awkward.

The second consequence of this is that you won’t be able to continue the conversation. It will end awkwardly, and you can basically guarantee she won’t be calling you.

So how do you:

a) avoid this trap, and…

b) lead the conversation so you never have to worry about it in the first place?

If Conversation Is a Game, Here Are the Rules…

When you fall into the “Interview Trap” with a woman, you establish a rapport with her that feels too deep and creates tension as a result.

So if you aren’t trying to establish a deep rapport with her in your first conversation, what are you trying to do?

When you meet a woman for the first time, it’s OK to “um…” and “er…” your way through small talk.

Small talk gets a bad rap, but here’s the truth: Small talk is good. Small talk is your friend.

The purpose of small talk is to collect information. At the end of the day, the goal of your first conversation with a woman is to figure out what lights her up.

A couple weeks ago, I showed you how to make your very own “Conversation Cheat Sheet.” It’s your list of 7 or 8 things that you:

1) Love talking about…

2) Are good at talking about, and…

3) Know that other people will enjoy talking about.

And just like you have your list of talking points…

So will every woman you meet. Your goal is to figure out her topics.

When you can figure out any woman’s 7 or 8 favorite things to talk about, then you’ve essentially figured out what makes her tick.

This gives you a ton of control and will allow you to lead your interactions with her exactly the way you want.

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How to Play the Game of Conversation Like a Boss

Here’s an example of what your first conversation with a woman should NOT look like:

You: My chocolate lab is hilarious — he thinks he’s a lap dog!

Her: “Wow — that’s a big coincidence! My lab is chocolate too! His name is Boba Fett!”

You: “Mine is Bobby Brown! He’s so great, my whole world.”

Her: “But I don’t really spend any time with my Boba Fett. I realized he was a big mistake. Too big! Too playful! My mom takes care of him.”

You: “…uh . . . er . . .”

This is an example of the “Interview Trap.” Looks pretty easy to fall into, right?

So if the goal of your conversation is to discover her 7 or 8 talking points, how do you do that?

Change the subject.

Rather than dig a hole in your first conversation, you instead want to plow the field. You’re just going to turn over the topsoil.

So when you find a point of rapport — something you have in common with her — don’t dig into it. Instead, switch things up.

Here’s what this looks like in practice:

Her: “Wow – that’s a big coincidence! My Lab is chocolate too! His name is Boba Fett!”

You: “Star Wars Fan, huh?” (Because Boba Fett is a Star Wars character)

It’s actually quite simple. When you find something good to talk about, talk around and away from it instead.

Here's another example:

Her: “You grew up in the South? I spent my first seven years in Georgia!”

You: “You must have a big family, then.” (Because people often associate big families with the South)


Her: “I know this is not common with girls, but Scarface is my favorite movie!”

You: “Really? Have you ever been to Miami?” (Because Scarface takes place there)

That's Not All…

Notice how you’re completely changing the subject. You are not expanding the topic.


When you expand the topic, you might feel like you’re changing the subject, but really you’re staying on the same general talking point.

Here’s what that looks like:

Her: “I know this is not common with girls, but Scarface is my favorite movie!”

You: “Do you like Serpico? Or how about The Godfather?”

While this might look like it’s moving the conversation along, in reality you aren’t going to discover another one of her talking points by doing this.

Remember, you’re playing the game to figure out what makes her tick. Not to feel comfortable in your conversation.

If this conversation goes well, this game of hunting and exploring can go on for as long as 45 minutes or more.

At a certain point, it should stop feeling like “information gathering” and start feeling like real, natural conversation.

And the longer you talk with her, the better you’ll become at spotting her favorite subjects (and subsequently exploring them).

You’ll be able to recognize her excitement…





And eventually, you can take those emotions and mold them into her sexual desire for you.



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