This 7-Step Checklist Makes First Dates Easy As Hell

how to have a great first date

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A first date can be a “make or break” kind of situation.

If things go well, you might get that end-of-the-night kiss (or even more)…

Though if things go sour, she might storm away mid-date.

It's nearly impossible to predict what she'll do…because it's a first date! So you don't quite know this woman yet.

That puts you in a bit of a bind. It's a catch-22…but it's not without a solution.

I've developed this checklist that will help you prepare for any situation in a first date.

Why Use A Checklist?

A first date can feel a lot like a job interview. And because of that, it's best to prepare for it like it is one.

Except in this case, your reward isn't a high salary with health benefits and a 401k…it's going home with her. 🙂

So before you ever go on that first date…it's good to make a list.


Lists are a great way to stay organized, without spending much time or effort (plus, it's free).

The checklist I'm about to help you make is all about knowing what to say, and when to say it. Because if a woman sees you as a smooth talker…chances are she'll think you're smooth in other ways, too.

(You and I both know what that means.)

So to get started, think of 15 things you like to talk about, and write them down.

If you can't think of 15 things right away, then here are a few good questions you can ask yourself to figure it out:

  • If you could be doing anything right now — and someone else would pay for it — what would it be?
  • What would you collect if you had all the time, money, and space to do it?
  • What channel do you watch most often on TV?
  • What's your favorite period in history?
  • Which genres of music do you like the most?
  • And finally, what makes you stop dead in your tracks when you're walking down the street?

These are the things that you find inherently interesting — and so, they'll be the most fun for you to talk about.

That's great! But what about the things that your date wants to talk about?

Which brings me to my next point…

How To Craft Your Own Personal Checklist To Ensure Success On A First Date

The reason I had you list 15 topics is because now we're going to trim it down to 7.

How do you accomplish this?

You might think the best way is to pick your 7 favorite topics, and stick with those…don't do that.

Now is when you have to think about the logistics of your date. It's best to remove the list items you think might put her off.

Is there a topic on your list that could push her away or offend her? Examples: Violence, religion, politics, racism…etc.

Remove those items.

If your favorite music is heavy metal..I'm sorry to say this, but you might want to take that off too. Statistically speaking, most women are not fans of heavy metal.

Finally, the last thing you want to do is remove the “niche” items on your list.

These are super specific topics, like “Star Trek fan fiction,” or “distributor caps.”

If you'd rather not remove these things, you can also broaden the topic. For example, you could change “distributor caps” to “modern innovation.”

That way, the woman you're out with will have an easier time relating to you.

Hopefully now you are left with a list of about 7 things that you enjoy talking about, and that other people enjoy talking about also.

So what?

The truth is, this list will help you paint yourself as the best version of you — to show your date that you truly are compatible, and that you're a good match.

How? It's all about changing the subject.

When Should You Change The Subject (If At All)?

The only way to truly get to know a woman (without reading her mind, of course) is to talk to her about many different things.

And rather than spend your time worrying about the “right” things to talk about, an easier way to show her who you are is to simply use your list to transition from subject to subject.

On a first date, you want to stimulate the woman you're with as much as possible — so you should change the subject about every 10-20 minutes or so.

If you have 7 topics, that's over 2 full hours of talking material! And that's not even including the topics on her list. (And trust me, she has a list.)

Because a woman trusts her emotions more than her logic, if she feels like you're interesting, she'll be much more likely to want to get to know you more.

And if you regularly change the subject, she's much more likely to feel that strong desire and interest.

Beyond that, there's one more thing you have to do to “seal the deal” on a first date — it's a woman's sexual kryptonite:


How To Seal The Deal On The First Date: Use The “Covert Caress”

Is she seriously kissing him right now? Is she really gonna take him home tonight?

That’s how I felt about my client, Samuel, and the gorgeous girl who was making out with him.

After all, this guy usually turned beet red at the mere sight of a beautiful woman… was the “Covert Caress” really that powerful?

Here’s how to do it:

You pick an “innocent” spot on her, and touch her like this

It’s subtle, though it seemingly unleashes a frenzy of sex hormones…

And when Samuel’s date practically dragged him out of there 17 minutes later (I clocked it…lol)…I knew the “Covert Caress” had worked its magic.

Check it out — you’re gonna love it:

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