He Couldn’t Get It Up For FOURTEEN YEARS… Now He Can Get Hard at the Drop of A Hat (Here’s How)

how to get hard fast
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If you’re a man living in the modern world (if you’re reading this on your iPhone, that’s you!) you’re probably familiar with erectile, um, problems.

Many men, especially men over 50, experience erection problems.

These range from occasional trouble becoming erect to full-on erectile dysfunction, or ED.

Erection problems have lots of causes in today’s world. From smoking to sitting too much to eating too much sugar, your modern life can take a toll on your love life.

But there’s another modern habit that can cause ED, which you may never have considered.

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Believe it or not, it’s porn.

Wait a second—isn’t porn supposed to improve a man’s sexual function? I mean, if a man is watching porn, he’s obviously interested in sex.

The more porn he watches, the more of a stud he must be—right?

Not necessarily.

Porn-induced erectile dysfunction, or PIED, is a real thing.

If you have a hard time getting aroused for real sex—if you find yourself visualizing your favorite moments from porn instead of paying attention to a real-live woman right in front of you—you may be suffering from PIED.

But don’t worry, you’re not alone—and you can recover from this problem and reclaim your life between the sheets.

One man recently shared his story of overcoming PIED. If you think you might be struggling with this, lessons he learned can help you, too.

How One Man’s Interest In Porn Transformed Into a Limp D!ck-Inducing Addiction For Over A Decade…

This man came across an adult graphic novel when he was only eight years old.

He expected to find superheroes destroying villains, as in his favorite comic books.

Imagine the poor kid’s surprise when instead he found pictures of naked people doing, well, very adult activities.

This little boy grew into a teenager, and then into a man, who was addicted to porn.

Basically, when porn wasn’t involved, he couldn’t get it up.

That’s called porn-induced erectile dysfunction: PIED.

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For 14 years, this man’s addiction created problems in his relationships and prevented him from having satisfying, real-life sex.

It also prevented him from having healthy, fulfilling relationships with women.

He suffered from social anxiety, bad self-confidence, and shame because he spent so much time reading and watching porn and couldn’t function in real-life situations.

He had a hard time relating to women face-to-face as human beings because they instantly became objects in his fantasies. This made his life lonely and unfulfilling.

How did this man overcome his porn addiction and start having great sex with a real partner?

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3 Key Steps That Allowed Him to Beat His PIED & Get His Boners Back For GOOD…

First, he started spending less time staring at his computer and more time exercising. Working out releases feel-good chemicals in your brain that are similar to watching porn, but in a healthier way.

He also started eating better to support his workouts, which made him feel (and look!) better all-around.

On top of that, he got in touch with his emotions.

Does that sound silly?

Well, he revealed that porn made him worse at empathizing.

In other words, he wasn’t good at reading people’s emotions and feeling what they were feeling.

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Any guy who is good with the ladies can tell you empathy is a really important tool—even more important than how you look.

So every morning, in an effort to overcome his addiction to porn once and for all, this man wrote about his feelings in a journal.

While that might not sound like the manliest of hobbies, it helped him become more of a man.

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Getting in touch with his emotions helped him develop meaningful emotional and sexual relationships with women, because he was able to see them as people instead of sex objects.

After a year of working on his addiction, this man revealed that he cured himself of his PIED.

He no longer has to imagine scenes from his favorite pornos to have sex, and he can get it up fast, and completely naturally when he’s with a real woman.

Of course, this case is an extreme example of the negative side effects of porn… but it's an example nonetheless.

And the reality is, there are lot of things you can do to protect your boners right now… so you don't have to deal with these issues in the future.

Here's what I mean:

how to get hard fast
Learn how to get hard fast with these all natural tips…

Here’s Some Foods You Can Eat To Protect Your Boners…

Fact: An erection is simply blood flowing into your penis.

And in the case of the guy above, too much porn caused his hormones to get out of whack… making it difficult to get enough blood flowing *down there.*

But other things can slow down your blood flow too… for example lack of exercise… eating too much junk…

Not to mention “silent” factors like stress or sitting for too long, that can really mess with your blood flow and circulation…

Luckily… there are certain foods you can add to your diet, that can help expand and clean out your blood vessels… which in turn may increase blood flow to your penis.

(Click here to watch a short, free video that shows you what these foods are)

This will not only help you get hard a hell of a lot easier… but it can even keep you harder for much longer periods of times, and your lady will thank you for it. 😉

And as a matter of fact several Gotham community members have tried these foods, and had their sex lives do a complete 180 as a result:

Just look at what Brian had to say.

[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on April 6, 2020.]

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