How To Get a Girl to Kiss You

how to get a girl to kiss you

How To Get a Girl to Kiss You, Even if You Think She Doesn’t Like You Right Now…

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When you kiss a girl for the first time… the raw energy that comes with it is tough to match.

All of that sexual tension, electricity, and intrigue are finally resolved as her lips meet yours — it’s a great feeling to experience.

However, until you know how to get a girl to kiss you first…

You may be passing up dozens of girls who really want to kiss you (but who are just too shy to make the first move).

I’ve had enough clients and friends ask me, “How do you do it David? How do you get a girl to kiss you?!”

So I decided to make the “ultimate guide” on how to get a girl to kiss you right here.

Let’s start it off with a quick video where I demonstrate a few different techniques:

1) Start By Using Some “Innocent” Touches…

That’s the first part. You have to be touching her — it doesn’t have to be sexual.

No, it’s not necessarily sexual at all.

You want just a few simple touches so that physical contact starts to become natural. It becomes easy. It becomes what she expects from you.

Plus, it feels good for her too. It’s not like you’re pawing at her or “groping” her.

These are friendly, innocent touches that build a connection between you.

Magic is great at showing you how to do this — you can check out the videos he made on it here.

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2) Get Closer To Her

The next step is to get physically closer to her.

Because at the end of the day, if you can’t get closer and closer to her, you’re not going to get the kiss…

So you have to be within kissing distance to her.

That makes it easier for you both to close the distance and make the kiss happen.

For example, one woman, at that moment where I was trying to get closer, she backed up.

I grabbed her and pulled her forward, because she still had to be close enough to kiss, or it wouldn’t work. She had to be within kissing distance.

You don’t have to forcefully grab her — just gently take her by the arm or the elbow and “guide” her forward toward you.

That way, you’re showing her your intentions in a way that’s not like “forceful.”

It helps her get in the mindset to kiss you if she’s not 100% onboard with kissing you yet.

3) Use “Triangular Gazing” to Subconsciously Get Her to Want to Kiss You

You may have heard of this idea of “triangular gazing” somewhere else. Regardless, the idea is that you’re going to look at the features of her face in a way that resembles a triangle:

a) Start by gazing at one of her eyes…

b) Then gaze at her other eye…

c) Finally, gaze at her mouth.

If you want to watch me demonstrate it, you can watch the video above.

It’s really not much — it’s actually nothing, really. But she feels it — almost like she feels your intention to kiss her.

And a lot of times, that’s enough to be effective.

You may think this “triangular gazing” isn’t the best way to get her to want to kiss you. Maybe it’s a little “hokey” for you.

That’s OK. Another method that’s been working really well for some guys I know is to look at her mouth and think of kissing her.

It conveys the same kind of intent, but it’s a little more subtle than going through all of the steps above.

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4) Use My 6-Word Conversation “Trick” That Gives You an Opening

I use this trick at any time during a conversation, whether there’s a pause or things are flowing well. And it works almost all of the time.

Here’s how it works:

She’ll do whatever she does, and in response, I’ll say, “I like when you did that.”

It works like a charm to generate that “moment” or “opening” that you’re looking for to make the kiss happen.

Here are a few helpful pointers that are going to make this work all the better:

a) Make sure the conversation is going “not bad.” It doesn’t have to be especially great, but it shouldn’t feel like you’re drowning in the deep end, either.

b) The other thing that makes this pretty much bulletproof may seem kinda counterintuitive, but hear me out:

You want to back away. Take a step back, or lean away from her.

This is part of the “action-reaction” sequence:

If you lean in, she’ll probably lean away. If you lean away, she’ll probably lean in. It’s like clockwork.

One of the ways I like to do this is by first standing close to a wall. Then I lean back so that literally, my back is against the wall. That way I know I’m leaning back.

And when you do that, she tends to step forward — one of her legs will step forward automatically.

And when she does that, you say, “I like when you did that.”

Always, every single time, she says the exact same thing:


Now, this is a special kind of “what?”

She won’t say, “What?” Like, “I did what? You like when I did what?” She won’t say that.

Instead, she’ll go, “What?” Like, “I didn’t hear you.”

But she always hears me!

That’s when I know to say:

“For a second there, I thought you were about to kiss me.”

5) Her 3 Possible Responses (& What to Do With Each One)

When you say that, she has one of three responses. Every single thing you do with a woman has one of three responses:

a) Yes…

b) No, and…

c) Maybe.

In this case, she will give one of two responses, either yes or maybe.

If she says “no,” she will literally tell you no: “Why? No, I wasn’t going to kiss you,” or something like that.

But here’s something interesting: I have never gotten that response, ever, with any woman.

(And if she does give you that response, it’s usually a sign to try again later to see if she’s moved to the “maybe” camp.)

Now, she might outright say “Yes” (and that’s about as green as that light is ever gonna get. Go for it!).

But 90% of the time, you’ll get a “maybe.” And what maybe looks like is this:

She’ll kinda look around… and she won’t know what to do. (If you want to see what this looks like in action, check the video above out at [4:06]).

Now, this move requires a lot of confidence. And it works on a few different levels.

First, if you say “Go ahead,” and she kisses you, it means she was about to kiss you… but not really. You kind of “invented” it.

Which is pretty amazing when you think about it!

So when you say “Go ahead,” and she does it, she is agreeing: “I was about to kiss you and so I will.”

Second, the masculinity of you telling her what to do sexually, and her doing it, means that you’re an authority in her sexual world. That’s very powerful going forward.

And third, 20-30% of the time, she won’t do it, for a number of reasons.

She could be too shy, or confused, or isn’t used to this kind of powerful masculinity.

If that’s the case, and she kind of gets a blank look on her face… you just need to kiss her. Just complete the action for her.

You don’t want to leave the site of this moment and not kiss her now.

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6) What to Do if She Rejects That Follow-Up Kiss

If she rejects that kiss, it’s uncomfortable.

Most of the time, I know I’ll never see her again.

So if she pushes me away or whatever, I’d wait for her to call me. Because that means to me she wasted to my time.

I gave her the opportunity that she wanted. She wasted my time. She’s a waste of time. I will not see her again.

Now keep in mind, that hasn’t happened to me, so I can’t tell you exactly what I would do. But if that happened, I would never see her again.

And that’s because most of the time, she just doesn’t know what to do. So if that happens, I’ll just lean in and kiss her. I’ll just take the job myself. Somebody has to do it!

7) The Fastest Way to Turn a Kiss Into Sex…

One thing I personally struggled with for years was turning an interaction sexual…

Even when I got a girl to kiss me, I still had trouble turning her on, and getting her ready to hop into bed with me…

… that was until I realized I was missing ONE thing all along:


Because when you touch a girl in the right way, she WILL get turned on…

She will start thinking about you in a more sexual way…

… and from there, all you have to do is take her by the hand and lead her to your bedroom…

… and she will be more excited to ride you than a drunk girl on a mechanical bull (speaking from experience lol).

There are 3 of these touches in particular, that get hot girls soaking wet, really quickly…

You can use these touches while you’re kissing a girl to get her WILDLY turned on, and have her wanting to sleep with you, even if it’s the first date:

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