How To Make Your Penis Bigger: 5 Proven Ways to Get “Magnum-Sized”

how to make your penis bigger
Get a bigger penis with these proven techniques…

How To Get a Bigger Penis Naturally–Discover The Effective & Proven Boner-Boosting Techniques That Really Work…

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Do you ever look at penis and think, “I wonder how to make my penis bigger…”?

You see ads making promises that you figure aren't true, and you probably think that short of surgery, there's nothing you can do to make yourself bigger and harder.

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Well, the good news is:

You're wrong.

There are actually many ways for you to make your penis longer, stronger and girthier.

Read on, and I'll show you–or at least describe (no d**k pics here)–how to make your penis bigger. I'll also mention a few things to avoid.

How To Get A Bigger Penis Naturally (Without Tricks Or Gimmicks!)

In print, on TV and online, you see all sorts of ads for pills, pumps and gadgets that promise to pump up your penis:

“How to make your penis bigger fast!”


“How to make your penis bigger naturally!”

Or any number of other claims.

For the most part, though, these gimmicks are just that: Gimmicks.

They simply don’t work. And even worse, in some cases they can do some really serious damage.

If you want to see just how barbaric pumps can be, search online for “long-term side effects of penis pumps” and get ready for the horror show.

Rather than the purported solutions you see in pop-up ads or worrying about how to make your penis bigger fast, you should be focused on 3 things when it comes to building a firmer, more effective penis:

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1) Muscular exercise,

2) Blood Flow, and

3) Making the most out of what you already have.

These are the only true ways to make your penis bigger naturally. And they work without causing irreparable damage.

how to get a bigger penis
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How To Make Your Penis Bigger: The Basics

The first two key components to making your penis bigger and harder are simple:

Muscular exercise and increased blood flow.

It's also crucial to make the most out of what you already have. Let's take a closer look.

What You Need to Know About the Anatomy of Your Penis

Your penis is largely composed of muscle.

Three muscular “cylinders” form the shaft of your penis:

The corpus spongiosum and two corpi cavernosa.

Muscles surround all three cylinders. They are encased by the bucks fascia on the outside and are held together internally by tissue known as the deep fascia.

The corpus spongiosum is the smallest of the three cylinders and runs along the underside of the penis.

This is where most of the erectile tissue is located, so its function is to make your penis harder and support erections.

Above the spongiosum, arteries run through the center of each corpus cavernosum.

They contain the vast majority of the blood in your penis–about 90%–when it's erect.

How Can Muscle Exercises Make Your Penis Bigger?

Like other muscles in your body, you can increase the size and strength of the muscles and connective tissues in your penis with regular exercise.

Your penis' muscles support your erections and contract when you ejaculate.

So, stronger penis muscles mean harder, longer-lasting erections and stronger ejaculations.

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Unfortunately, “exercise” does not just refer to sex or masturbation.

Rather, you must perform exercises that are specifically intended to work out your penis.

To strengthen and build up your penis, you'll be focusing on the spongiosum, the two cavernosa and the deep fascia–the bucks fascia, as you probably have noticed, will stretch as needed.

Just like when you do a curl to build bigger biceps…

Performing these exercises (which I’ll get to in a minute) will, over time, give you a bigger penis.

The reason?

How To Make Your Penis Bigger: 5 Proven Ways to Get “Magnum-Sized”
Learn how blood flow affects your size…

It’s All About Bloodflow…

The amount of blood that reaches your two corpi cavernosa–and the strength of the muscles that controls the flow–affect just how engorged your penis will become when you have an erection.

Think of a water balloon:

The more water you squeeze in, the plumper and fuller it becomes.

Your penis is like the balloon. The more blood that flows into your cavernosal arteries and is held there, the plumper and fuller your penis will be.

There are several exercises you can do that will help you to increase your muscle size and strength, as well as your bloodflow.

In turn, you will notice bigger, harder erections.

In addition to exercise, though, there are some proven shortcuts to increasing bloodflow to your penis.

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When combined with the exercises, you'll see dramatically-boosted results.

We'll dig deeper into that after we take a look at the exercises.

These 4 Exercises Will Help Make Your Penis Bigger

1) The warm-up “stretch”

Before doing any exercise routine, it's important to “warm up” the muscles you're going to be working out.

And you want to be particularly careful when it comes to your penis (a penile injury can be really painful).

Warming up will help you to avoid injury while making your muscles and tissue more susceptible to stretching and growth (that's a good thing).

At the same time, it will help to make the following exercises more comfortable for you.

To begin, find a hand towel or washcloth to a temperature that's just a little above your body's temperature.

You want it to be hot to the touch but not so hot that it will burn you.

Use the cloth to physically warm your entire groin area–not just your penis–until you feel your muscles all starting to relax.

Do this for a few minutes. If it starts to cool down, go ahead and rewarm the cloth.

Once your groin is warm, you're ready to start stretching. Do so right away.

a) Start with a warm, flaccid (soft) penis.

b) Grip your penis behind the head and pull it gently downward, toward your feet. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds or so.

c) Continuing to grip your penis behind the head, pull it gently to the right and hold the stretch for 30 seconds.

d) Repeat and hold the stretches, pulling upward, pulling to the left, and then pulling it straight out away from your body.

The stretching motions of this exercise create micro-tears in your penis' muscles and ligament tissues. As the tissues heal, new cells grow to fill the microtears, elongating the muscles and tissues.

Through stretching alone, some users have reported flaccid length gains of up to one-quarter of an inch!

How To Make Your Penis Bigger: 5 Proven Ways to Get “Magnum-Sized”

2) Jelqing

One of the foundational penis enlargement exercises when it comes to penis enlargement is “jelqing.”

Jelqing is similar to the motion one makes when milking a cow.

Some guys like to use lube when jelqing–prevents chafing–while others do it “dry.”

As far as the exercise goes, it doesn't matter: Do what's most comfortable for you.

That being said, lube can be better for your penis' skin and make the routine a little easier and more comfortable.

On the other hand, it's messy–but the benefits of the lube generally outweigh the hassle of cleaning up.

If you do choose to use lube, pick a good, water-based one (any pharmacy will carry it). Then lube up (or not) and start jelqing:

a) Grab the base of your penis–as close to your body as possible–using only your thumb and index finger.

b) Apply light squeezing pressure–it should not be painful–and slide your thumb and finger toward the middle of your penis' shaft. You're pushing blood along the length of your penis, toward the head.

c) End the jelq by moving your thumb and finger in a “milking” motion toward the end of your penis but stopping just before you hit the head. Each jelq should take two or three seconds. Repeat several times.

Jelqing works on a couple of different levels.

First, it helps to stretch and expand your penis' capacity for bloodflow because you are forcing blood down the length of your penis under pressure.

Second, jelqing works similarly to the stretching exercise: It creates micro-tears that stretch and allow your muscle tissues to stretch and elongate.

Check out how jelqing can help to make your penis bigger.

3) Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises (“Kegels”)

You can work out your pelvic floor muscles with an exercise commonly referred to as a “kegel.”

The muscles of your pelvic floor are instrumental in both getting and maintaining strong erections.

In fact, studies have suggested that kegels should be a “first-line approach for men seeking long-term resolution of erectile dysfunction.”

Other research has suggested that kegels are a better orverall solution for erectile functioning than drugs like Viagra.

Once you master the technique, you'll find not only that kegels are easy to do but that you can do them pretty much anywhere. Here's how:

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a) Locate your pelvic floor muscles. These are the muscles you contract when you stop the flow of urination midstream or to tighten your anus. If you can do this, you know how to contract your pelvic floor muscles.

b) Contract your pelvic floor muscles.

c) Hold the contraction for as long as you can. You may not be able to hold it for more than a few seconds (or at all) at first–and that's OK. The more you work out muscles, the longer you will be able to hold the contractions.

d) Release the contraction and repeat. Combined, all of these steps are one kegel. Do them in sets of 10, trying to hold each kegel for the same amount of time.

Start off slow and gradually increase your workout, trying to exceed the amount of time you hold each contraction as you become more practice. Start by shooting for 50 kegels a day at one or two seconds per contraction.

Kegels have helped many guys strengthen their pelvic floor muscles and train themselves to achieve and maintain stronger, harder erections.

How To Make Your Penis Bigger: 5 Proven Ways to Get “Magnum-Sized”

4) Reverse Kegels

As you probably suspect, a reverse kegel is the opposite of a kegel. So, instead of contracting your pelvic floor muscle, you’re going to extend it, then relax it.

a) Locate your pelvic floor muscles. This time, though, you want to extend your muscles as if you’re trying to force yourself to pee harder or to open your anus wider.

b) Extend your pelvic floor muscles.

c) Hold the extension for as long as you can. Again, you may not be able to hold it for more than a few seconds (or at all) at first. But keep working the muscle–you’ll get there.

d) Release the extension and repeat. Alternate between kegels and reverse kegels. For every 20 seconds of kegels you do, do five seconds of reverse kegels.

This will increase your ability to hold off ejaculation so that you can last longer in bed.

If you practice all four of these exercises on a regular basis, you’ll start to see results in both the strength of your erections and the size of your penis.

But there’s still more that you can do to stimulate blood flow to your penis, resulting in longer-lasting, harder erections.

How To Make Your Penis Bigger: 5 Proven Ways to Get “Magnum-Sized”
Check out these proven methods to improve your blood flow…

Go With The (Blood) Flow: How To Get a Bigger, Fuller & Firmer Penis By Increasing Your Bloodflow

Remember those cavernosal arteries we were talking about earlier? They need to fill with blood in order for your penis to become hard.

Besides, if you’re doing the exercises that we talked about, you’re creating the need for more blood to keep your erections strong.

So, any increased blood flow to the area is good.

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Ever wondered how to make your penis bigger with food? Did you even think it was possible?

Well, it is–kinda.

Certain foods contain substances that help to boost bloodflow naturally.

So, if you include foods that contain these bloodflow-inducing substances in your diet, then you will help to boost your bloodflow.

Which Foods Are the Best at Boosting Bloodflow?

To make your penis bigger with food, try ingesting these three “g’s” that have components which enhance circulation (blood flow) in your body: Ginkgo biloba, green tea, and garlic.

(Note: there are two more bloodflow-boosting “g’s” that I’ll discuss in a bit below.)

Gingko biloba, in addition to powerful antioxidants, contains terpenoids.

According to the Mayo Clinic, the terpenoids in gingko biloba boost circulation by causing blood vessels to dilate.

They also cause platelets to become less “sticky” and so serve to make your blood thinner.

The polyphenols in green tea are extremely beneficial to cardiovascular (as well as metabolic) health.

Specifically, studies have shown that the catechins (types of polyphenol) in green tea prevent blood vessels from becoming inflamed and also help to thin out the blood by suppressing adhesion among platelets.

Finally, there is plenty of evidence that substances in garlic increases bloodflow in human tissues–like the muscles and ligaments in your penis.

This is because your red blood cells process compounds contained in garlic and use them to create hydrogen sulfide.

Hydrogen sulfide, in turn, relaxes blood vessels and increases blood flow.

While it’s cool that you can make your penis bigger naturally, it could be a pain to track down and consume enough garlic, green tea and gingko biloba to make a difference.

Fortunately, you don’t actually have to ingest these herbs–or their constituents–as food. You can buy them in concentrated capsule form to make sure you’re getting the dosages you need.

How To Make Your Penis Bigger: 5 Proven Ways to Get “Magnum-Sized”
This can also help you feel bigger…

Making The Most Out of What You Have…

Getting a bigger, harder penis is not about having cosmetic surgery or taking a regimen of pharmaceuticals.

All it takes is making the most out of what you have.

Think about it:

If you fill a sock full of wet rags or if you fill it full of ball bearings, which will feel harder?

Which will seem bigger?

No matter what you put in it, it’s the same sock. The trick is just making the most out of it.

To make the most out of what you have, you need to exercise your penis and boost your bloodflow. Do this regularly and you will see results.

And in fact there is a simple way to boost your bloodflow even more than what I already showed you…

… all you have to do is introduce a few new foods into your diet.

These 5 ultra-healthy plant-based foods have been PROVEN to boost your bloodflow *down there*…

And if you eat them in a specific combination, they will give you fuller, harder erections that allow you to last longer… and blow some of the most pleasurable loads of your life.

(I personally tried them out myself and noticed a BIG difference after only 2 weeks.)

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[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on November 17, 2020.]

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