Study: Women Want More SEX Than They Get (Use This To Get Laid Tonight!)

Study: Women Want More SEX Than They Get (Use This To Get Laid Tonight!)

How Often Do Women Want Sex? Even More Than You Think…

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Listen up guys, I’m going to tell you about how many relationships have fallen apart because I wanted more sex than I was getting…

Women don’t like to ask for sex — it makes us feel unattractive. 

Every woman wants to feel like you get wood just looking at her…

That you have to stop yourself from bending her over the nearest table and tearing off her panties, just because her shirt was riding up as she reached for something…

So, if you’re not doing that, women feel unattractive and unwanted.

And like I just said, most women won’t tell you she wants more sex…

Nope, she’ll just ditch you.

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Not fair, I know. 

But that’s why I’m going to talk about how much sex the average woman wants, and how you can tell if your woman isn’t getting enough (there are signs!)…

Before you get dumped.

As a woman, I know that there are partners that have satisfied me because they have known what I want and how much I want. 

And, there were certainly others who fell short, which caused tension, stress, and frustration in the relationship. Not to mention the constant need for self-satisfaction. 

Don’t take just my word for it. It’s a scientific fact.

So, now, let’s break down how much sex women really want… 

And how YOU can be the only man she wants satisfying her:

Typical Sexy Times…

According to a 2017 study which was published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, the average American has sex approximately 54 times a year — that’s about once a week, plus birthday and Valentine’s Day.

Sounds pretty standard, right?

But, we all know there are ups-and-downs in relationships. Dry spells are pretty common and they can threaten any relationship — if they are not addressed. 

Of course, dry spells can be caused by external stressors or internal relationship issues, but…

What if it’s being caused by the man in the relationship just not knowing how much sex a woman needs?

Sex has great benefits for both men and women and it definitely helps with the stress and anxieties of everyday life. 

Using the study above, men should take notice of how much they are “trying” for sex to make sure they are giving their partners the opportunity to get off. 

Typically, society portrays men as being the ones with the higher sex drives… but what if women really want more sex, too?

They just don’t want to initiate it…

how often do women want sex
How often do women want sex? Keep scrolling to find out the answer…

Her Side of the Story

As women get older their libidos change (just like men), but that doesn’t mean they’re dead to the world of sexual intercourse. 

Women of ALL ages really like to have fun and get their rocks off. 

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A recent survey from the fertility app, Kindara, surveyed a vast and diverse group of women and shockingly discovered that over 50% of women want more sex than they are currently having

In fact, over 60% said they would like to be experiencing some toe-curling O’s with their partners 3-5 times a week. 

At least…

Now, let’s do the math.  If they’re having sex an average of once a week, and they’d rather be having sex 3-5 times a week…

The average woman is having ¼ of the sex she wants.

Not good.

how often do women want sex
How often do women want sex?

To go even further, almost 90% women believe that a healthy and satisfying sex life is vital to a romantic relationship. 

That means, guys, that if she’s not getting it, the relationship can go south real fast, so be prepared and take action…

Study: Women Want More SEX Than They Get (Use This To Get Laid Tonight!)

The Signs You’re Ignoring (Means You’re Missing Out On Sex…)

Now, you might be thinking about your own relationships and wondering if “not enough sex” was ever a problem… 

And, to be honest, it’s definitely a possibility. 

But, how did you miss the signs?

Well, a lot of women like to be the submissive partner in the relationship. That means that they want the man to do the chasing, initiating, and take control. 

I’m going to be honest here — it’s sexy! 

It doesn’t make women passive or uninteresting. Some women just vibe with the traditional image of the man being powerful, sexual, and strong.

If you notice that your woman is masturbating more, then that is a surefire sign that something is missing. 

Masturbation is fun… However, if she feels the need to masturbate more and take control of her own sexual desires, then chances are she is craving you more than you know. 

A lot of times women will tie emotions to sex. 

If a woman is not feeling sexually desired by her man, she will get emotional and maybe even detach herself. 

Letting your woman know on a daily basis how sexy she is to you will only heighten your sex life and make sex happen much more often…

Keeping her happy, AND keeping you happy.

Study: Women Want More SEX Than They Get (Use This To Get Laid Tonight!)

How to Give Her What She Wants

Now, men, I am going to give you my golden piece of advice: come onto her often. 

If you are with a committed partner, it’s almost certain that she wants you to make the first move to make her feel sexy. 

Giving her the chance to experience sex on a regular basis will create a greater sexual bond between the two of you. 

Plus, you’ll no longer have to wonder if she is satisfied or not. 

So, whenever you are feeling “in the mood” maybe take that opportunity to stroke her thigh a little bit or lean over and kiss her neck to feel out her reaction. 

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Don’t worry about being too persistent — she likely won’t care as long as you’re respectful about her answer. 

This works for men in relationships or just meeting new women: make your desire for the woman you are attracted to evident.

Your girlfriend wants more sex. 

So does the woman you just met.

Let them know how much you want them, and pretty soon you’ll BOTH have a much better and more satisfying sex life…

how often do women want sex

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I know plenty of hard working men who just lose their edge as they age, and aren’t in the mood like they used to be.

Now this might seem rough, but I’m going to be honest with you.

If you’re not giving her sex, or satisfying her as much as she needs, she WILL feel unwanted, unfulfilled, and unattractive. 

This is the quickest way to push her into another man’s bed (I’ve seen it a bajillion times).

Now you don’t wanna be the kind of guy who makes his lady feel unwanted and lonely right?

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