3 X-Rated Sexual Fantasies She’s Dying For You To Fulfill (And How to Make Her Your Kinky Little Sl*t Tonight!)

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Hey, I’m Ruwando with Gotham Club, and this is another episode of Ask Ruwando.

This question comes from Paul, and Paul writes:

“What are some kinky things that I don’t know about that girls are secretly into?”

Well Paul, I’m not a woman, as you know, so I’ll throw some ideas at you based on my experience.

I will say that women tend to have fantasies that are beyond what most men imagine they’d be into at least… right?

So let’s dive right into it.

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A lot of women, because of culture, or maybe it’s just how women are–I do think a lot of it’s cultural–they kind of hide their inner sl*t for various reasons:

Fear of shaming, sl*t-shaming, all that stuff.

But if you create a safe environment for women to share what’s on their mind, you’ll be surprised by how much crazy stuff most women are willing to try.

They’re into some seriously wild taboos.

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I’m not the one to answer those things though, I’d go out and ask women.

However, there are some great books you can read.

There’s a compilation called My Secret Garden by Nancy Friday.

It goes through a bunch of women’s fantasies–and some of them are what you expect, but some of them are very far out.

If you really want to know what’s on women’s minds, I’d read that book because some of the far out fantasies in that book… well, I’ve asked women about them…

And more often than not, they’re into these really extreme sexual fantasies.

I’ll throw a few at you that maybe you didn’t know, that maybe a lot of guys aren’t aware of that are very taboo, but somewhat common.

1) The Daddy-Daughter Fantasy

One is the daddy-daughter fantasy (I’ve mentioned this in a different video).

It’s particularly common and it’s not just with women who have daddy issues, although I think that’s pretty common. I think most people have parental issues.

It’s something that touches on a person’s childhood development, and if there’s any pain from childhood, this is what a daddy issue is.

If there’s pain from childhood related to your development, or related to a parent, we tend to eroticize these things.

Because eroticizing a past pain is a way we can kind of reclaim it.

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That’s one reason why the daddy-daughter fantasy is so common.

It’s true even for women who don’t have daddy issues necessarily, but it’s common.

Side note: I just want to say that I’m not trying to shame the concept of daddy issues.

Most people have some sort of parental issue because we’ve all had parents, and we’ve all had past pain–but this fantasy is something that’s pretty common for women.

2) THIS Controversial “Abduction” Fantasy…

Another one that’s common is the “rape” fantasy.

And I’ve found this is true with many women, especially if they’ve had some sort of rape trauma in their life.

But even women who haven’t, also have the rape fantasy, I found.

This is of course not all women, but this is a common one, so I’m sharing this.

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Again, it’s probably the most taboo thing to be raped.

A lot of these fantasies are kind of a way of reclaiming a fear or reclaiming a past pain.

3) Total Domination

A lot of women like the idea of being dominated or being taken.

Not that they actually want to be raped, but that they like the idea of being submissive.

I mean, in my experience a lot of women like to say “no” during sex, not because they don’t actually want it… but because it IS so taboo.

This is a good thing to communicate that you, as the man, understand these things and don’t judge her for her desires.

Because if you start judging her–if you start thinking it’s weird, or if you start being weird about her expression of her desires–one, she might not want to sleep with you anymore, because it’s not comfortable to be judged like that.

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And two, even if she does still have a relationship with you, she’s not going to want to share her real self with you, right?

Just like you probably have some taboo desires or rude stuff that you want to share, you don’t want them to be judged.

If you can learn how to be a judgment-free, you will exponentially increase the pleasure available in your sex life, because she’ll be able to let out more of herself.

And ultimately, this will get her to do a LOT more wild things with you in bed.

Here’s how:

her sexual fantasy

So How Do You Get A Woman To Act Out Her Fantasies With You?

With a lot of things sex-related, there needs to be a buildup.

For example, one of my ex-girlfriends was REALLY into the daddy-daughter stuff, and getting spanked hard… like so hard I left handprints on her a**…

But I had NO idea she was into that… until one night after a few glasses of wine, we were getting hot & heavy on the couch… I grabbed her butt, and she said:

“Daddy I need a spanking…”

This was a girl who had never even said one thing to me during sex, not even, “Oh yeah” or “I like that.”

And it made me realize something…

Most women ARE pretty f**king kinky, but as a man it’s your job to bring her kinky side out.

And you can easily do this using a few simple rough s*x moves, enjoyed by the majority of women around the world…

… including the one my ex used to go WILD for, the “S&M Spank.”

Unfortunately, I’ve come across many men who are too afraid to try these moves… because yeah, they are a bit rough in nature…

Don’t be.

Women desperately want men to be rough and take control in the bedroom.

And once you can get her to open up, and feel comfortable letting you dominate her…

She’s going to come back for more and more, because men like that are just too rare to pass up on:

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