How to Make Her Drop Her Panties Again… AFTER Lousy Sex!

How to Make Her Drop Her Panties Again… AFTER Lousy Sex!

When He Can’t Get It Up… This Is What Women Actually Think… (It Will Shock You!)

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There’s one place just about every man on this planet has visited, at least once in his life. 

And no, I’m not talking about Disneyland. This place is a little bit less…happy. 

In fact, it’s a place that can be frustrating, and more than a little confusing. 

(Maybe like Disneyland on a super crowded weekend.) 

What’s this place? It’s the land of troubled erections… 

Every man I’ve ever met has had it happen…

When you’re messing around with a hot woman and you’re totally feeling it — but something just isn’t working right.

Maybe you had a little too much to drink. Maybe you’re tired. Maybe you’re stressed, or nervous. 

Or maybe you have no clue what’s going wrong! 

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Whatever the reason, you’re at half-mast. Or, worse, no mast. 

No matter what you try, you just can’t catch a break and get it going. 

And it’s embarrassing… 

You might (if you’re like the guys I’ve talked to…) be wondering what she’s thinking.

Lots of guys are worried that women will think they’re less of a man. That it will make her not be attracted to you…

Well, I’m here today guys to bust that myth and tell you EXACTLY what women are thinking… and why it’s all GOOD news for guys.

Read on to find out why:

It’s a Crowded Party

The good news, gentlemen, is that you’re not alone. 

Just about every human being who is also the proud owner of a penis has experienced this problem. 

Young men, old men—it happens to everyone, for many different reasons.

In fact, the medical condition Erectile Dysfunction, or ED, is extremely common. 

Whether your trouble getting hard is random and rare or a sign of ED, it’s a normal part of the human experience. 

In fact, studies reveal that as men get older, the percentage of dudes experiencing trouble with erections increases. 

By the age of sixty, for example, sixty percent of men experience this problem at least some of the time! 

So, whether this is the first time it’s happening to you, or whether it’s a common problem, know that you aren’t alone. 

And that means…

How to Make Her Drop Her Panties Again… AFTER Lousy Sex!

She’s Been Here Before…

That your lady, therefore, has likely experienced this before. 

In other words, she’s not going to hold it against you. She knows things can get complicated in the bedroom. 

She’s probably even experienced some of her own hang ups. 

Women can struggle to get in the mood too, you know, even if the signs are less obvious. 

Us girls are just as capable (probably MORE capable) of getting in our own heads and messing up a romantic moment. 

In fact, almost half of women report some kind of bedroom problem. 

But what does this have to do with you?

It means that she understands. 

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Back to the question of feeling embarrassed, of wondering if she’ll think you’re not much of a manly man…

Will she want to call it quits? Go looking for some guy who can rev his engine on a moment’s notice, in a blizzard, in the battle trenches, sleep deprived, sick with Covid-19, right after downing a handle of Everclear? 

Definitely, definitely not. 

I know women are the great mystery of life, at least for most men (and sometimes for ourselves, too!). 

What is she thinking? What does she actually want? 

How to Make Her Drop Her Panties Again… AFTER Lousy Sex!

Here’s the Crazy Truth

When there’s trouble down there, and you’re really wondering what’s going on in her head… 

I can tell you for a fact, she’s blaming herself.

Let me give you a little example from my own life. 

Back in college I had this boyfriend who was absolutely gorgeous.

I mean, he wasn’t a Calvin Klein model or anything, but he was totally my type. I found every little thing about him super attractive, and we had great chemistry. 

Usually, the sex was mind-boggling, out-of-body-experience-great.

As it should be! We were in our twenties, he was an athlete, it was a dream come true. 

And yet. 

Let’s say he had a big game coming up, or a big test. 

Even if he didn’t feel nervous, there must have been anxiety about these things lurking in his mind. 

I remember the first time it happened. We’re making out in his dorm after watching South Park. I’m expecting things to start heating up, and: limp noodle. 

No matter what I tried, he just couldn’t get hard. 

My reaction was never (not once): something is wrong with him. 

In fact, at first I thought something was wrong with me. 

“Maybe he no longer finds me attractive,” I thought. “Maybe he doesn’t like my new perfume. Maybe he’s bored of me. Maybe he met someone else.” 

Wrong, wrong, wrong. It turns out he was distracted by a big economics exam he had the next day! 

After the test was over, he was back on track. And after that, I knew not to take this issue personally, or to hold it against him. 

Even if the cause of his problem had been medical, or even if we never figured it out, I still wouldn’t have judged him for it. 

And chances are your lady won’t either—if she’s worth taking home! 

How to Make Her Drop Her Panties Again… AFTER Lousy Sex!

Women Are Self-Blame Machines

Yeah, sometimes women blame their guys for things.  Like when you leave your socks on the floor and dishes in the sink…

But 99% of the time — we blame ourselves.

So most women will take the blame on ourselves first.  Like I did.

But eventually, women stop, think and get rational. 

(Especially if you reassure your girl that it’s not her, you find her super hot, and you can’t wait to try again…)

The right partner understands that the human body is complicated. Things aren’t going to function perfectly all the time. We all have on and off days. 

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After all, that’s some complicated plumbing down there. 

Seriously, most women are basically just impressed. 

(Not jealous. No jockstrap envy here. But very impressed!) 

Problems getting it up can have a lot of causes, and some surprisingly easy solutions. 

And it’s no one’s fault. Not hers, and not yours. 

Once you can both accept and realize this, you’re well on your way to getting those pistons pumping…

Here’s one way to make sure you can get it up next time:

How to Make Her Drop Her Panties Again… AFTER Lousy Sex!

Case Study: Do What This Guy Did (& F**k Her Like a Raging Bull All Night Long)

One of our hot younger Staff Writers, Ali, had met an older guy she was SUPER attracted to…

But when they headed to the bedroom for their first night of passion…. he couldn’t get it up!

Aside from a bad case of “blue lips” (you think guys are the only ones who get so worked up and horny… only to be devastated when they can’t get off? lol)…

She blamed herself for everything…

Which is a very common response from women, including me in the past.

Ali immediately questioned how attractive she was…

(Her pic is right here — you’re telling me this girl doesn’t think she’s hot enough? Crazy!)

She wondered if he didn’t find her attractive…and considered breaking things off so she didn’t get hurt.

But then one night she got a text from this older guy… it was kinda cocky… playful… and showed a boost of confidence, despite problems getting hard in the past.

Against her better judgment she went over to his place and… well… let’s just say she’s glad she gave him a second chance!

Here’s the full inspirational story…

Including exactly what this older guy did that had this hot young thing’s eyes rolling back in her head with pleasure until 4 am… (no juicy detail is spared):

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