Where Should You Take Her on the First Date? (QUIZ)

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Discover Great First Date Ideas for Any & Every Guy–Do You Know How to Plan the Perfect Experience?

Before a woman ever learns anything about you, there’s one easy way to set yourself up for success on a date:

Find the venue that best flatters your personality.

Certain spaces will be more flattering to your personality than others — an athlete, for example, will be shown in his best light in a stadium or arena (or wherever he plays his sport).

The same can be said of regular guys. Every guy has a particular place that showcases him in his best light.

So today, I’m going to help you figure out what place that is for you…

And show you what you should do once you get there to maximize your sexual success.

How I Developed the “Quiz” to Determine Where You Should Go on Your First Date

In my experience, the easiest way to determine where you should take a woman on your first date is to do some introspection.

Who are you as a person? And how do you interact with other people based on where you are?

These are the questions I aimed to answer when I developed this quiz. So with that in mind, check out the following prompts.

Find the one (or two!) that fit your personality type best, and then you’ll see exactly where you should go on your first date.

Beginning with….

If You’re a Talker or Storyteller…

That showcases well in a bar or al fresco (outside) dining.


In a bar or restaurant with a bustling scene, there’s lots to comment on. So if you’re a talker, you’ll never run out of interesting things to say.

And if you’re a storyteller, you’ll always be spinning new stories about the people surrounding you. It’s the easiest way to set yourself up for an interesting and fun first date.

If You’re Well-Built & Athletic…

The beach, the park, and the gym are in your favor.

This one is pretty obvious — you want to show yourself off doing what you do best — being athletic!

You could even turn it into a competition for an added flirtatious element.

Pro Tip: Tell her that the loser has to give the winner a kiss when it’s over.

If You’re Well-Off…

Expensive restaurants, members-only clubs, resorts and exclusive events are in your favor.

If you’ve ever traveled first class, then you know how inner-circle it can feel.

So what?

Take a woman to one of these “inner-circle” venues, and she’s bound to feel special. And that’s never a bad thing.

If You’re Intellectual…

Readings, talks, bookstores, university events, and well-chosen cafes and bars can showcase your strengths.

Really, any place or event where you can speak about what you know is going to showcase you in your best light. So it’s important to use your judgment wisely here.

Are you a book nerd? Then try a reading or a library.

Into war history? A museum could be a good bet.

Show off your smarts, and she’s bound to be impressed. Trust me. 🙂

If You’re Artistic…

Galleries and museums may show you in a good light depending on your media.

If you know a lot about pop art, for example, then the MoMA (the Museum of Modern Art) is a great choice.

Or if you live in a smaller city, then a local gallery could be cool — especially if you know the person who owns the gallery.

If You’re Musically Inclined…

Live music venues and open mic events might give you great opportunities to shine.

Most women love listening to music — hell, this is true for most people.

So bringing her to a music event you think you’ll enjoy will not only give her a taste of who you are…

But it also gives her an opportunity to ask you questions and get the conversation going.

Choosing a good venue doesn’t stop there, however. Once you have had the presence of mind to settle in on a venue that shows you in your best light, make it yours.

How to Own the Venue & Have an Amazing Date Once You’re There…

Depending on the venue, there are several ways to work it to your best advantage.

Just having that intention, you’ll get better and better at doing it, but what follows are some general tips:

1) Think About Where To Sit

First, consider where you’re going to sit or stand once you’re in the venue.

For example, if a bar or restaurant showcases you in your best light, will you sit at the bar or at a table/booth?

If you’re good at starting conversations, then the bar is probably best — or if you’re more of a “one on one” kind of guy, then an intimate table or booth is probably best.

Depending on where your table is, you can also get the opportunity to comment on the action that’s going on around you.

For example, when I was at a two-top in Mercer Kitchen in NYC, the servers and staff seemed really on edge.

I was confused about this… until I noticed Nicole Kidman and her husband seated beside my date and me — and there was my conversation piece!

2) Have a “Regular” Spot

Once you know what kind of venue showcases you in your best light, then find one particular venue where you can become a “regular.”

You’ll have a specific table or seat you always go to when you’re there, and that will ultimately help you feel more comfortable when you bring your dates there as well.

Plus, when you become a “regular” somewhere, there are a lot of added perks — but more on that in a moment.

3) Plan Your Timing Wisely

This one mostly applies to bars and restaurants.

Perhaps there’s a “perfect” time to go on your date. For example, a lot of restaurants get busy from 6-8:30 or so, and then there’s a witching hour.

It’s easy to get a reservation at 9:00, but around 9:30 — when the “cool kids” are sitting for dinner — it’s impossible.

To combat this, I always get a 9:00 reservation and just sit and wait until the rest of the crowd shows up. Works every time!

Knowing your place means you also know what to order.

When someone asks you “what you’re drinking” for example, it lets a charismatic personality shine in front of a date — other people will want to talk to you two, and the way you answer can show your wit and social skill.

4) Get Familiar With The Staff

Back to the perks of being a “regular” somewhere — this means you get to know the employees and staff at the venue.

So what?

When you get to know them, you’ll not only look more friendly and social in front of your date (“Bill! Isn’t it your birthday?”)…

But they’ll make you look more important and like more of an “insider.”

Fact: If you regularly go to the same places — whether restaurants and bars or church socials and library readings — the staff will treat you like a VIP.

This improves the impression you make on the woman you’re with, and it also improves your first impression on the people there that you’ve never seen before.

But let’s take things one step further — so you’ve got your venue down pat, and you know you’ll make a great first impression…

How do you take things to the next level once you’re ready?

Where Should You Take Her on the First Date? (QUIZ)

BONUS: 6 Questions That Reveal When She Wants You to Make A Move

A buddy recently came to me with this dilemma:

“David… I have the perfect date planned, and I’m pretty certain she’s into me. But how do I tell if the date went well enough to make a move at the end?”

And well, the truth is, unless I can be there on the date, watching the woman interact with you, moment by moment… then I can’t give you a straight, one-word answer.

That’s why I helped develop this quiz.

It’s only 6 questions… though it uses hard science & female sexual psychology, to reveal the exact moment when a woman is secretly wishing you’d make a move…

And the questions are designed specifically for men, so all you have to do is answer them truthfully, and you’ll know right away if she’s interested in getting physical.

This quiz is sorta like having a dating coach by your side when you can’t have one there in person… and all my clients agree, it’s been a total confidence-boosting game-changer.

Use this on your next date to find out, once and for all, if she’s ready for you to kiss her… or even more ;-):

6 Questions That Reveal When She Wants You to Make A Move…

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