5 Great Conversation Starters to Use On Women In Cafes [UPDATED]

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Cafes Are Full of Attractive Single Women Just Waiting to Meet You–And These 5 Great Conversation Starters Can Get Her Interested In You Fast

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How many times have we seen it in Hollywood: a guy walks up to a girl and uses some great conversation starter to get her chatting with him.

It puts the hero and the heroine in an awkward situation (that, of course, is much cuter than it is embarrassing) that causes them to click and ultimately end up together.

How often does this really happen off-screen, though?

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The truth is, it doesn’t happen all that often — however, that’s mostly because a lot of guys just don’t know how to talk to girls in coffee shops and cafes. Or rather, most guys don’t even try.

So today, with the help of a Gotham Club expert, I’m going to show you a few easy ways to start talking to girls in coffee shops and cafes. These are simple, easy-to-use conversation starters that you can pull out of your pocket whenever you want.

The #1 Key to Successfully Approaching a Woman In Public

You can blame it on the internet, or on cell phone use, or on anything else you’d like, but if you’re getting the impression that people (not just women) aren’t as open to a random conversation as they used to be, then you might be onto something.

But as a woman, I have to tell you:

We want you to talk to us in public!

That’s the #1 key to successfully approaching and talking to a woman in public — realizing that she likely wants you to talk to her.

But I get it. It’s nerve-wracking to approach a complete stranger. And as a guy, you’re left doing most of the work, which can feel unfair.

All that aside, with the right tools and tricks up your sleeve, approaching an attractive woman in public can be a complete breeze.

5 Great Conversation Starters to Use On Women In Cafes [UPDATED]

It Doesn’t End There…

Here are a few simple strategies that will ensure your day goes as planned when you do this:

First, be low-commitment about it. Don’t instantly engage her in a deep topic while she’s trying to study a menu, for example.

And if she’s not interested, you’ll basically know right away — she won’t insult you or say anything rude, though, because what you say to her will be very innocent. She’ll probably just give you a one-word response and go back to whatever she’s doing.

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Hey, it’s not your fault if she’s busy. So keep that in mind.

And if she is interested in talking? You can just pick a conversation starter that lets her take the reins after you’ve delivered your line right on cue.

Your timing matters, too. According to Gotham Club expert David Dupree:

Go between 2 P.M. and 4 P.M., when women have a natural rush for sugar. These are women from offices in the area and even college students.”

So now you know when to go and the gist of what to say, let’s get a little more specific. Here are 5 simple and original conversation starters you can use on just about any woman in a coffee shop.

1) Comment on Her Drink

This first one is pretty basic, but it’s extremely effective — just comment on her drink.

For example, if she’s drinking something sweet, you could say:

“Is that a coffee or a dessert?”

You’ll get a quick laugh, and then she’ll probably respond with a question about what you’re drinking too.

2) Feign Disappointment

This next one will be sure to get the conversation flowing:

“You got the fancy drink. I was betting money that you’d get a double espresso.”

Why does this work?

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It shows her that you were observing her and paying attention, and it also incites a bit of a challenge (“betting”).

Plus, it’s a statement that requires more than a one-word answer, so you’ll get at least a few minutes of solid conversation out of it.

3) Turn the Tables Back On You

Another easy way to approach women in coffee shops is to be a little bit self-deprecating.

For example, if you see a woman order something healthy, and you decide not to order something not-so-healthy, you could say:

“No, that’s too healthy! Now I feel like garbage about my vanilla latte.”

(You can even say this if you don’t actually order vanilla lattes — she doesn’t have to know.)

5 Great Conversation Starters to Use On Women In Cafes [UPDATED]

4) Compliment Her Ordering Skills

A simple compliment can go a long way when it comes to meeting new women.

Pay attention to what she orders, and then say, “Now THAT’S how you order a [whatever she ordered]!”

She’ll be impressed that you were paying attention, and she’ll feel good about the compliment. It’s a win-win.

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5) Keep It Simple

Finally, this last conversation starter may not seem original, but most guys don’t ever use it:

“Hey, I’m [your name]. Do you work around here?”

She’ll appreciate that you’ve taken an interest in her, and because the question is so simple, you’ll know right away whether or not she wants to engage in conversation with you.

Beyond that, if the conversation is going well, then you’re going to want to escalate a little bit.

I don’t mean going in for the kiss right away or anything like that — but she has to know you’re interested if she’s going to give you her number or say “Yes” to a date.

And here’s the easiest (and low-risk) way to do that:

5 Original Openers to Use on Girls

Once the Conversation Is Flowing–How to Turn Things Sexual…

If you’ve been talking to a cute girl in a cafe for a few minutes… and you want to kick things up a notch, & sexually escalate with her…

Then it’s practically essential that you touch her.

Because a woman relies on her feelings to get turned on… touch is the easiest way to make her feel that *tingle*… (or as some people like to call it, “sexual chemistry”).

But what kind of touch is “appropriate”? And where should you touch her?

(After all, you don’t want to risk being called a “creep,” or worse, getting kicked out of the cafe.)

Enter–the “Shy Guy Sleight of Hand.”

It’s a simple, 3-second touch that you can use at just about any point in your conversation with a woman to turn things sexual… and because it’s so subtle, often, she won’t even what you’re doing…

Though a few minutes later… you may notice her getting closer to you… smiling a lot more… or even playing “footsie” with you under the coffee shop table…

And it’s perfect for more reserved or “introverted” guys, because what you say to her really doesn’t matter a whole lot… just as long as you use the touch properly, of course.

This cool little guide will show you how–I think you’re really gonna like it a lot:

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