10 Simple Steps to Giving Her the Best Sex She’s EVER Had

10 Simple Steps to Giving Her the Best Sex She’s EVER Had

If You Want to Make Her Addicted to You… You've Got to Give Her the Best Sex of Her LIFE

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Relationships are the most exciting during the early days… 

There is always a lot to look forward to… so many things you haven’t done together…

Whether it’s laugh at one of your favorite movies, eat at that amazing hole in the wall with the killer breakfast burritos, or have sex in the park at night…

Emotions and passions are at an all-time high. You savor every moment…

And at the heart of everything is the sex.

With time, however, the spontaneity starts to fade. Things become routine.

Spending all your time with the same person robs you of variety and excitement.

However, there are things you can do to spice things up and get that old spark back in your sex life.

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Whether you’ve been together 15 days, 15 months, or 15 years, I want to talk about things you can do to bring the passion back into your bedroom…

And out of it as well…

When you up your game, she’ll feel challenged to do the same…

So don’t be surprised if the next time you come home from work, your woman is waiting at the door… wearing nothing but some skimpy lingerie and a big smile.

From the basics to down and dirty bedroom play, here are 10 ways to make a woman look at you (again) like you’re the only man in the world:

1) Flex Your Way to Better Sex

It might be your lack of fitness that is bogging you down in bed. You might find yourself getting tired…

This can turn sex into an obligation. A chore. Something that you would rather get over with than enjoy.

Exercise can be a great way to beat this. Improve your fitness with the right exercise routine and you can not only last longer but feel more at ease during intense sex sessions.

Proper exercise can be great for your heart. It can also improve circulation, and that means a better flow of blood to your sex organs when it is the most needed.

Exercise can also help you maintain a happier, more positive outlook due to the generation of endorphins.

Check out these 7 exercises that will help make you the best sex she’s ever had…

2) Huffing and Puffing OUTSIDE the Bedroom Has to Go…

I said we were going to start with the basics, and it doesn’t get more basic than this:

If you’re still smoking, quit.

Smoking causes vascular disease. Effectively, this stunts the flow of blood to many areas of the body. This can include the clitoris, vaginal tissue, and the penis.

Quitting smoking is a great way to improve blood flow to these important areas.

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And bloodflow may be the single most important factor when it comes to erection health… you know, staying harder, longer — and really satisfying your woman.

You would also be benefiting from the many other health benefits that come with quitting smoking…

10 Simple Steps to Giving Her the Best Sex She’s EVER Had

3) Control Your Weight

Obesity is a contributing factor for many serious health conditions. It can also be a damper for your sex life.

Feeling good about your body is very important if you want to feel confident and relaxed with your partner. This can be a great thing for intimacy.

When people get comfortable in a relationship, they stop being as worried about how they look. Men and women alike gain an average of 17 pounds in the first year of a relationship.

10 Simple Steps to Giving Her the Best Sex She’s EVER Had

Not only does it make you not feel like having sex, it can make your partner not feel as attracted to you…

Controlling your weight can also be a great way to reduce the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes, which can lead to erectile dysfunction.

10 Simple Steps to Giving Her the Best Sex She’s EVER Had

4) Avoid Excessive Alcohol

A drink can help you and your partner relax and get in the mood. However, too much alcohol can harm your sex life.

Good old Whiskey d!ck…

Excessive drinking can hamper your ability to reach and maintain an erection. It can also trigger hot flushes and hamper your sleep, making you tired and turning you off from sex.

Too much alcohol can also be a cancer risk. Cutting down on alcohol is bound to have a positive effect on your sex life.

However, if you want to woo your woman with a romantic drink before bed that you share together, check out this list of manly drinks that still let you bang her all night long…

5) Eat Your Veggies…

Changing your diet for the better can not only improve your sex life but your quality of life in general.

Eating smart can help you maintain your weight better. It can also help prevent several serious health concerns like diabetes and heart disease.

Specifically, eating fruits and veggies that help promote bloodflow can really boost your boner health. Check out these tasty fruits and vegetables that are proven erection aides

10 Simple Steps to Giving Her the Best Sex She’s EVER Had

6) Get Creative… And Surprise Her

Think of things that you have not yet tried in the bedroom. Why not try them out and see how it feels?

If your sex sessions have become similar, getting creative can make them tantalizingly different. 

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You can throw some mutual masturbation, sex toys, sexy clothing, or porn into the mix and see how things play out…

Check out this guide to introducing sex toys into the bedroom

Or how about figuring out which porn will really turn her on?

10 Simple Steps to Giving Her the Best Sex She’s EVER Had

7) Try New Positions (Deep Ones…)

Different sex positions bring different sensations and opportunities to the bedroom. 

If you have been stuck with a couple of go-to positions, it can be the right time to start experimenting. These 15 sex positions are a great place to start…

Explore sex positions that bring you out of your comfort zone and allow you to explore these new sensations and opportunities to the hilt. 

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Trying a new position every week can be a great idea.

And if you’ve never experimented with one of these “Deep Spot” positions, they’re amazing for hitting her G-spot and her A-spot (haven’t heard of this? She probably hasn’t either…)

The beauty of these positions is that they’re great for even guys who aren’t do big *down there*… because it’s all about the angle.  Read all about these deep positions here, to really wow your woman tonight…

10 Simple Steps to Giving Her the Best Sex She’s EVER Had

8) Variety is the Spice…

If you have been stuck doing the same things over again in the bedroom, it might be time for a change of scenery. Choosing new locations for sex regularly can bring the spice of variety to your life.

Experiment in different areas of your home. You can even take things outside if you are feeling adventurous (while avoiding any public indecency).

Other ways to change things up is to think about role playing or experimenting in light BDSM…

9) Focus on Foreplay

Often, getting your partner properly primed decides the quality of your time in bed…

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One of the things that really falls away with time is courting, setting the scene and playing… 

You can spend more time on foreplay, focusing on explored and unexplored ways to get your partner hungry and excited for you.

These foreplay tips from a pornstar are a great place to start…

10) Consider Medical Help

If your best efforts are not proving adequate, you can consider seeking medical help. 

With the right medication or physical therapy, anything hindering your sex life can be treated.

Medication for erectile dysfunction or hormone therapy to treat problems with hormonal imbalance can certainly help you enjoy your sex sessions. 

However, check with your doctor, as pills are expensive and can be dangerous… but there is a better way:

10 Simple Steps to Giving Her the Best Sex She’s EVER Had

Doctor Prescribed ED Pills Can Be Pretty Dangerous…

You’ve done everything on this list.

You're ready. She's ready. So ready…that you can see how obviously wet she is as she writhes on the bed…just begging for you to slide yourself inside her…

And then…. LIMP NOODLE!

Bang! With no warning…your d*ck collapses like a Grandpa with narcolepsy.

It happens to most men, (including myself, in the past), so I know how embarrassing it is, how it can ruin a man’s self esteem, and how it can make women feel rejected and unattractive…

But just because ED is common… doesn't mean you should have to accept it.

But those “blue pills” you can buy online aren't just expensive (and who has the money to waste on that these days?) but they are dangerous.

Really dangerous!

Taking these pills can LITERALLY make you go blind..

These pills can also be responsible for way more serious side effects like heart attacks and strokes — which can freaking kill you…

Before you take any prescription “d!ck pills”… please read this first.

I’d feel awful if you didn’t and something happened to you (especially when there’s a much safer, and quite frankly more effective, option on the market):

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