The Ultimate Guide to Getting Physical With a Woman

How to Turn Her On Without Saying a Word…

Hey, it’s Magic. The video above should help you to make out with a lot more women you just met when you’re out.

And while making out with a girl is a great first step to having sex with her… it’s just that: a first step.

In my experience, once you’re making out with a girl (& before you’ve had sex)… that’s when her defenses can shoot up like 20 foot tall concrete walls within seconds.

That happens for a couple reasons.

First, she’s “testing you.” She wants to see how far you’ll go to have sex with her.

Second, she doesn’t want to come across as “a slut.” When her brain starts telling her, “Don’t be a slut!”…

…that’s really her logical brain’s last gasp before she gives in to the powerful emotions that are screaming “I want to have sex!” in her head.

I developed an easy shortcut to supercharge her emotions with a few simple, well-timed touches in the right places… and it works really well to keep her in that “Yes!” state of mind…

So if you’re ready for this “sex shortcut”…

…and you think you can handle something just a little bit more advanced…

… then click the button below right now to watch a short, free video where I use this shortcut to take a hot girl home really quickly after meeting her:

P.S. – For whatever reason, this works especially well on girls who “have a boyfriend” or are otherwise taken. Probably because it disarms her logical “excuses” so well lol… so click the button above to see how to have sex with these girls really fast.

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[Exclusive Video Recipe]
[Exclusive Video Recipe]