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Hey, it's Monika, Gotham Club's Managing Editor.

This is the third installment of our brand-new series where adult film stars get to answer Gotham Club readers' most burning sex & relationship-related questions.

Yes, that's right(!).

We asked pornstars the questions you've been dying to have answered…. and they really delivered.

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So today, Ryder Skye is answering a question from Gotham Club readers.

Ryder Skye is a prolific star in the industry, and recently released a line of clothing called Slutwear.

In her words, “Slutwear is a concept, redefined, to encourage empowerment, self-love, and freedom of expression through statement driven fashion.”

And today, Ryder is answering the following question for you:

If a guy is with a woman who's maybe a little more reluctant to give oral, what would be a few things he could do to make her more excited about it?”

Catch The Full Q&A Session Below…

Ryder Skye: “Coming from someone who didn't like doing it before… well, it's weird, and I don't even know why I even started to like think this way, but I turned it into kind of an art form, 

Because every single time I give a BJ I come up with new moves…

… I would turn on music, too, and basically do a BJ to music and you're almost dancing with your mouth.

It's really kind of… I don't know if that makes any sense, but you move to music and you just go slow and just… I don't know, it's weird.

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You just try to have fun with it, you try to be creative with it, try to do different things with your tongue.

Like get into the music and you almost forget what you're doing when you do it that way. 

What's crazy is that what seems to be consistent is that if you enjoy giving a BJ, no matter what, you're going to give a good one.

Because that's what guys like the most, is someone who's enjoying doing it. 

I think that that's almost a guarantee that it's going to be good. 

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But people who hate doing it or treat it as work, they end up not giving good ones, because it translates, you know? 

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The guy can read that you're not wanting to do it and you're just doing it because you have to, or you feel like you have to or whatever reason it is. 

If you enjoy doing it and you get into it, you almost forget what you're doing, especially when you play music and stuff like that…

… it turns into something that's kind of fun, and yeah.”

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