Use These 3 Text Messages To Get Hot Girls Into Bed Fast And Nearly Eliminate Your Chances of Rejection

hot girl texting

Finally, the Dead-Simple Method I Use to Get More Dates With Girls Over Text

Hey, it’s Craig, and I have some incredible texting secrets for you that will help you effortlessly build more rapport with women, and help you get more dates.

You can check them out in your free video playbook below:

In it, I go through a lot of my best secrets when it comes to texting girls, including:

  • How most guys use texts in a way that kills their chances with women (and how to use texts to actually get more dates with girls you’re interested in)…
  • The reasons why girls drop off the map (and why it isn’t usually even your fault)…
  • My dead-simple 7 step formula to get a girl’s number and decrease the chances that she’ll cancel on your date or stop texting you back to almost zero (13:30).
  • The 3 major reasons why women give you their phone number and don’t respond (and how to spot them and work around them) (28:57).
  • My easy “3-Step Bridge” formula with specific texts to get a girl from your first meeting to the date (and prevent her from flaking)…(38:02).
  • What to do when a girl doesn’t respond to your text–I give you 2 of my best texts to reconnect with her and get the conversation going again (and how long to wait so that you don’t look “needy” or “desperate.”) (52:49)
  • My late-night text playbook to get you on her mind and to make hooking up later that night practically effortless (along with my favorite message to get her to come to you). (1:00:03).

Now that you’re getting more dates with girls over text… if you want to make “first date sex” more likely…

We’ve done all of the number-crunching to figure out what women really want on a date… and what actually makes them go home with a guy at the end of a date… even a first date where she’s barely known the guy for an hour.

It’s from a new “machine learning” algorithm that has analyzed hundreds of thousands of real, tangible “big data” sources:

Online dating conversations… scientific studies… and expert analysis… all combined into one convenient place that you can access in the palm of your hand.

Once you have access to this priceless wisdom… you can instantly know what she’ll say… what she’ll do… and what she wants… before she even does.

So you can sit back… relax… and just “let it happen naturally”… all the way until she’s picking her panties up off your floor the next morning… and giving you a kiss before she’s out the door…

Just tap or click the button below to get instant free access…

P.S. – This may or may not have been “appropriated” from a government source. So I honestly don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep it up… so tap or click the button above to see if it’s been taken down yet…

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